These are some of the most
valuable principles I have ever found for living an empowered life. The work we do is much more effective when we have an awareness of the underlying rules of the Universe we live in.
 Peggy Jentoft

The Seven Huna Principles

From URBAN SHAMAN by Serge King, © 1990
used with permission from Aloha international

IKE- Awareness, The World is what you think it is
(everything is a dream, all systems are arbitrary)

Positive thoughts attract positive people and events, and negative thoughts attract negative people and events.
Corollary: Everything is a dream
Dreams are real and reality is a dream. The only test we use for a reality check is whether or not someone else experiences it. Hallucination means "your dream doesn’t match my dream." "Reality" to a shaman is a mass hallucination, or a shared dream. If this life is a dream and if we can wake up fully within it, then we can change the dream by changing our dreaming.

Corollary: All systems are arbitrary
All meanings are made up and the Absolute Truth is whatever you decide it is.
 What matters is how well the system works for you, not how true it is
. (which is an arbitrary concept).

KALA - Freedom, There are no Limits
(everthing is connected, separation is a useful illusion)
We experience two kinds of limitations: creative and filtered.
 Creative limitation assumes the purposeful establishment of limits within an infinite universe in order to create particular experiences, made by God or our own Higher Selves. These enable us to experience life as humans on Earth (to play by that particular set of rules - breaking the rules changes to
another game).
Filtered limitations are imposed by ideas and beliefs that
inhibit creativity rather than enhance it, like beliefs that engender
hopelessness, helplessness, revenge and cruelty. They generate focus without the potential for positive action.

Corollary: Everything is connected
The usual metaphor is a web of interdependence.

Corollary: Anything is possible
All you have to do is believe. However, because you are not alone in the Universe, the degree to which something can be shared depends on the beliefs of others around you.

Corollary: Separation is a useful illusion
Pure empathy makes you as helpless as the one suffering. Fear make you lose sight of your role as dreamweaver.

MAKIA- Concentration ,Energy Flows where attention goes
(everthing is energy)

Meditation and hypnosis are simply different techniques for doing the same thing - refocusing your attention toward more positive beliefs and expectations. As states, both are identical conditions of sustained focused attention. Those aspects of your present experience which seem enduring are the effect of habitual sustained focused attention carried on by your

Corollary: Attention goes where energy flows
Attention is attracted to all kinds of high energy intensity.

Corollary: Everything is energyThought is energy and one kind of energy can be converted into another kind of energy.

MANAWA- Persistence, Now is the moment of power

(Everthing is relative, power increases with sensory attention)

Karma exists and operates only in the present moment. It is your beliefs, decisions, and actions today about
yourself and the world around you that give you what you have and make you what you are. Thanks to memory we may carry
over habits of body and mind from day to day, but each day is a new creation and any habit can be changed at any present
moment - even if it isn’t easy.

You select out of the immense resources of your gene pool those characteristics that best reflect your present beliefs and intentions. Your parents/social background have nothing to do with your present, but what you believe about them now and how you react to those beliefs does.

Corollary: Everything is relative
You define "now" based on your focus (second, hour, year, lifetime).

Corollary: Power increases with sensory attention
Many people living today aren’t even here - most of their attention is focused on the past or the future. To the degree they diminish their awareness of the present moment, their power and effectiveness in the present also decreases.

ALOHA- Love, To love is to be happy with
(Love increases as judgment decreases, Everything is alive, aware, and responsive)

Love exists to the degree that you are happy with the object of your love. The unhappy part comes from fear, anger and doubt. To be deeply in love means to be deeply connected, and the depth and clarity of the connection increases as fear, anger and doubt are removed.

Corollary: Love increases as judgment decreases
Criticism kills relationships; praise builds and rebuilds them. When you give praise you reinforce the good and it grows. When you criticize you reinforce the bad and it grows.

Corollary: Everything is alive, aware and responsive Your subconscious takes any praise or criticisms it hears to heart, even if it’s directed elsewhere, even if you’re saying it. Each criticism separates you from and decreases your awareness of what you criticize, until you end up responding to a secondary creation of your own that may no longer resemble
the original. When someone criticizes you, praise yourself to counteract it.

MANA - Confidence, All Power comes from within

(everthing has power, power comes from authority)

For every event that you experience you creatively attract it through your beliefs, desires, fears and expectations, and then
react to it habitually or respond to it consciously. This does not mean that you are to blame for your abuse or injury, because
you were probably not conscious of your negative beliefs, attitudes and expectations. It also does not mean the other
person is innocent.

Corollary: Everything has power

You do not have ALL the power in the world - everyone has the same power.

The good news - you can work with these powers.

Corollary: Power comes from authorityConfident authority is the key to
conscious creation.

PONO - Wisdom Effectivness is the measure of truth
(there is always another way to do anything, the means determines the end)

The means determine the end, not the ends justify the means. What is really important is what works.

Corollary: There is always another way to do anything Every problem has more than one solution. If the goal is important, you should never give up, just change your approach.

From URBAN SHAMAN by Serge King, © 1990
used with permission from Aloha international Peggy Jentoft 

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