Channel building 

Whether you are doing energy work for healing or any other work on self transformation It is possible to greatly increase the ability to work with and carry higher vibrations of spiritual life forces by doing various exercises and procedures to strengthen your energy body in order to build up and expand your ability to channel, carry and maintain a store of the energy known as
Chi, Mana ,Prana or Ki among many other names.These words all refer to the energy of life though they may include different aspects of the energies in their root concepts. There are many ways to strengthen your ability to carry chi. Tai Chi, Chi gong, Yoga, and dance are a few of the physical ones.  Meditation, chanting and toning, the Microcosmic orbit numerous
Grounding, centering and aura filling exercises are some other ways. It is always a good idea to use more than one technique though it is not reasonable to be doing dozens of such things at once. A balance of physical and mental, emotional, spiritual techniques is more likely to produce great and balanced results than putting all our energetic eggs in one basket.When
you have built up chi you will want to be sure that you can use it in a beneficial way .
Sometimes we allow our chi to leak away. Practices like channel building can help you to maintain and increase your ability to stay in harmony

Channel Building

This is a Powerful exercise to help you become aware of your trans personal chakras and helps many to be able to use healing energies more effectively without having pain or discomfort in your hands when doing healing energy work. Becoming
aware of your Soulstar and Earthstar also greatly facilitates spiritual evolution and makes communication between yourself , Your higher self and your angels and Guides easier .It also can greatly reduce any difficulties with lower astral thought forms and entities
This Channel building process Or Triangulation can be done once or twice a day. It will not be more effective if done more often than that. Do not add other Chakras to those on this list for this process. When I was taught this technique I was given heavy duty warnings about over using or altering it in any way. I am not into warnings myself but I mention it here as an
advisory. Most of the work I do and recommend has built in safety but I have been told that it is possible to overcharge your energy field by overusing or abusing this technique I have not experimented to determine if this is so or not.

The Actual Procedure
Start by standing or laying down, spine straight intend that the highest energy you have access
to run, as you do this process but do not actively run it.

Recite the following Mantra to yourself as though you are the Soul.

I am the Soul

I am the Light Divine

I am Love

I am will

I am expanding design.

The Soul Star Chakra is about 6 inches to a foot and half above your head. Your Solar angel sends most though not all energy and information through the Soulstar to you. visualize a glowing ball of light , now bring that ball of light down and out to brow level in through your brow to your spine central channel and back up to it's original location. repeat for a total of
three times in a triangle shape in each location. repeat at the throat , the heart, the Solar plexus , sacral ,root, knees, ankles and at the Earth Star the chakra 6 inches to a foot and a half below your feet Some People Suggest that one only go to the solar plexus the first three days and add a new chakra every three days and some start with the whole process right off.
It is important when you start working with the Soulstar that you also begin to work with the Earthstar. so remember to do the entire procedure .

Other procedures which promote channel building and strengthen the energy body and spiritual connection include the Rainbow disk meditation found in the rainbow file, The Hatsurei-Ho and Reiju practices of Usui Reiki practitioners. The cross of Fire from Huna, antakarana meditations,The Microcosmic orbit and yogic practices, drawing down the moon and similar practices, As well as a multitude of other methods can also assist with channel building. 

  Peggy Jentoft

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