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On Energy Cords

All contact   creates connections of energy.  These threads can become cords during longer relationships or strong emotional exchange . There can be  both positive and negative effects of cords. These In essence,  are cords of aura light which bind us to each other and events or situations in our lives . They develop on the upper layers of our auras when we form a relationship with another person, and stretch between like chakras - in other words from one person's first chakra to the other person's first chakra, and from one person's second chakra to the other's second chakra, etc.  Repair and nourishment of these cords can cause significant change not only to the person receiving the repair, but also to the other person tethered by that relationship cord.  My kids have called it cosmic taffy  because its sticky ,stretches and get everywhere. The Huna word is AKA the substance or energy or concept is of that material which connects us to each other it is how information and mana -chi  travel.   Anyway all contact whether in the physical or on another level involves  the exchange of these threads , an ongoing relationship will build cords, energy and information is exchanged along these cords and  connections. where the cords are locked in has a lot to do with the  quality of the relationship .
Your aka cords to and from your high and lower selves and spiritual sources  are also how you receive information send prayers convey and   receive healing .

On one level it could be said that what an   attunement does is  create an aka connection with the  source of the energies and functions being attuned for.

 Some  cords between people can dissipate our energy keep us locked into negative relationships etc.  become tangled and distorted but they can also support loving and   spiritual relationships.  For example when A romantic relationship ends abruptly a lot of the pain is from the tearing or severing of the aura cords. other grief and loss also is a symptom of cord severing or tearing
 If you do become aware of a negative connection I find that rather than   pulling it out  or cutting  off with a sharp  blade of energy or image as many suggest . I prefer to  release, return and dissolve, absorb the cords.
This is done by  calling on  spiritual energy, Angelic energy for example .
      First  you fill your aura with energy/light  while holding the intention   that all the energy cord connections that do not serve your highest good be returned to their owners,  Then intend  to release any of your own energy cords and  connections and retrieve and absorb them back into your own being. Some  people like to visualize this energy being cleaned and charged as it returns  Some people make a seperating or cutting gesture as they visualize
.I have had clients who were involved in negative or obsessive   relationships feel the cords just kind of pop off during treatment and  suddenly have a completely different outlook on the relationship.  Obsessive people have just lost interest on more than one occasion and people have found it easy to disolve their own obsessions as well.

Cords are also are described on pp. 183-202 of Barbara Brennan's "Light
Emerging" book. in great detail

"There are five types of these cords - soul cords, cords from past life experiences, genetic cords (connection to birth parents), parental relationship cords, and cords for relationships with others.  Since these cords are formed on the fourth aura layer and higher, the cords remain intact "before and beyond three dimensional physical space". Once they are made, these cord connections never dissolve, although it is possible that they could sustain damage, or get tangled, or "dirty".

Repair and nourishment of these cords will repair the damage done in relationship with that particular cord.  For example, damage to heart chakra cords could eventually manifest in dis-ease of the physical heart, and damage to sixth chakra cords could manifest as headaches, disorientation, brain related diseases, or learning disabilities, etc. Damage to the solar plexus, or third chakra cords is particularly common in people in general.
One source of danger to the chakra   is another type of cord which forms between people's chakras.  Barbara Brennan calls them "bioplasmic streamers".  These are somewhat  more temporary cords which are formed  as we communicate and relate with others.  It is these streamers (among other things) which can cause damage between two people, and their chakras and chakra cords.  These streamers might suck your energy away, or hook into your chakra, or tear open your aura field, dragging your energy field down and possibly damaging the chakra cords.  These are the cords, or streamers that can  be cut or dissolved or released in a guided practice of severing attachments to past relationships, guilt, anger, or whatever feeling or condition is believed to be a problem.   Clearing and releasing negative cords is  very important for our healing and spiritual evolution.

Not all cords are negative .

In Huna creating strong cords between your three selves is the way that energy and information is transmitted too and from your higher self and Spiritual Source  and is the key to manifesting    and " having your prayers answered".
More about Huna Aka cords

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