(Some of this is part of the information included with the Companion Angel Empowerments  and attunement workshop I teach)

The angels are messengers, guides and teachers and have many other tasks and missions as well. they are another order of being , just as people, dogs, fish, plants ,birds rocks, trees are all physical so the angels, deva, fairy, elemental etc. are
all beings or spirits of non physical realms that exist in the same space . Angels have no physical bodies and are beings of light and energy. The form we may see, if we see angels is taken from our minds and may vary greatly. all beings have
angels who are partners in our spiritual evolution even the Sun and the Earth and land formations have overseeing angels
Angels are a separate order of being from humankind .They are energy beings who live in the non physical realms that surround us. They are messengers of Source and Spirit .
They are real, and they are universal. They appear to, work with, and love all beings and extend their energy ,information, and assistance to all .
They are not exclusively affiliated with or to any single religion, life form, planet, Solar System, or Reality .
Humans do have spiritual bodies and may become guides out of body but contrary to legend, humans do not become at least usually, angels after death though as the appearance of a human spirit or an angel is taken from the thoughts of people a human spirit may appear to be an angel and an angel may appear to be a human.
It is of great importance to know that angels must be asked or invited to help and to work with us in order for them to do so.

Your own Angel
You have an angel, this angel has been with you to oversee and assist your spiritual development, not just since your birth, not just since your conception, but from that instant when angels and humanity emerged on the same out breath of the ALL to fill different realms of reality. Angels work to guide us to know our union with the Divine, and we are to guide the angels to an
awareness of individuation of self. Your Angel knows you, absolutely, every thought and action and feeling you have ever had and your angel loves you completely, totally and always .You are always Loved, understood and cherished. Your angel stands ready to guide comfort and protect you in your journey to achieve your soul purpose. This is Your Solar or companion Angel.


Many people are more able to feel the loving energy of their Solar angel rather than hear them this is the angel more commonly called the guardian angel. We all have a personal angel who oversees our evolution . The term
Solar angel more accurately describes the angel's energy and demphasizes Protection in favor of personal spiritual development. Your solar Angel is the most important angel for you to connect with and is more important than any
guide or guru you might seek It will be become a much safer world than it has been, in large part because we are now ready to be active aware partners with the angels , the deva and all the life of this planet and the universes beyond.

I clear, or try to, space in my mind to listen or be aware of my angel at least 5 to 20 minutes a day I often use this simple meditation I envision a sphere in the center of my head and keep my focus there relaxed I bring my attention
back when I notice my mind has wandered And I do not strive for contact just invite and allow . I do often get the feeling of my angel but do not get words clearly all that often.

A.. Be persistent you will achieve communication

B.. the standard process of Angel communication happens in stages

1. doubt that it is real
2. realize quality of information
3. sense the angel
4. awareness becomes concrete
5. process of union
6. trust and the feeling of never being alone

Communicating with the angels is a profound and beautiful experience that can greatly advance your evolution of spirituality. Particularly with your own companion Angel You can have direct experience of your angels love and wisdom Asking . inviting
it is perfectly normal in the beginning to feel uncertain of the contact and wonder if it is your imagination. it is through the creative intuition and imagination that many of us first become aware of the spiritual realms and beings they are indeed real not fantasy it is your continuing experience and communication that will in time help you to be certain of the
reality and quality of the angel and the information and energy you receive from your Angel.

We each and everyone have a personal companion angel who oversees our spiritual evolution and we also have other guides and helpers. angels are not restricted to any one religion or set of beliefs and practices. Most of the time people who have contact with angels continue in the religion they already practiced they will probably find themselves rising above
any restrictive dogma of that church and having a clear understanding of the spiritual interconnectedness of life . I do not think that you can have continuing genuine contact with the angels and remain intolerant or prejudice in your mundane life.

Having met your Angel and High self you will come naturally into the understanding of what it is you are to do with the information understanding and energy you have become aware of. wait a bit and your path will unfold before you for most people becoming aware of the angels does begin a period of rapid release of issues and blocks to spiritual and emotional happiness this can be a somewhat turbulent time in your life your angel will help you learn to deal with these issues and obstacles as they arise . There are a lot of ways to connect so you will find those that work for you. Generally learning to meditate will accelerate your spiritual progress in all areas including angel contact. the Angels main purpose is to oversee our
spiritual evolution.

Your companion angel will also have specialties and interests that are particularly suited to guiding you in your path and purpose . Another important way angels work with us is through sending us spiritual and healing energies. When you feel pulsing or vibrations through your body that can often be energy from the angels. Also observe your surroundings for
signs and omens and information directed to you from the angels . Not everyone will get words as such but the invitation to the angels and the listening feeling for the reply whatever form it takes will pay off for you.
On the matter of angel names remember that the name is for your convenience and is as close to the vibration energy of the angels being and relationship to you that it can get they don't use names as such among themselves as they don't sense themselves as separate from each other in the way we do. so getting a name may not be an important thing for you personally when you do get a name don't be surpassed if its not the kind of name you expected and angel to have .
you might try right now quieting your mind and asking to feel your angel's presence and love. that loving connection is one of the most profoundly moving experiences that is possible your angel is waiting for you to ask now Please invite your angel to work with you.
Welcome your angel and it will become much easier for you to work together. this will create great value in your life . Your angel is not a fairy godmother or "cosmic vending Machine" they can however help us in many ways that are overlooked by
most of us .they are the messengers of the Divine, the All, the absolute Source , and universal Law they are not part of a single church but are of the entire reality. The benefits of communication are wonderful beyond words. the main purpose that angels work for with with us is to help in our personal spiritual evolution . they are able to effect events in the external world but it is easier and preferable for us all that they assist us in changing ourselves , they can help you work through emotional blocks and inspire you to create new circumstances they can help you to see and understand the ways in which you
may be hurting yourself or preventing benefits from occurring in your life.

Angels will not help you to accomplish anything that will harm yourself or others . Angels Help mostly by sending information either communicating directly if you are able to receive orn indirectly with omens etc. (books fall off shelves in my path a lot for example) they can also send information in dreams and as compressed energy that unfolds over time. and by sending
you very advanced healing energies using what is called Shakti, that is, a frequency or carrier of divine or spiritual intelligence and healing energy. If you are able to feel subtle energies you may feel this as warmth or tingling pulses of energy moving through your body . Everyone can benefit from working with angels though some people are more able to connect with the information and energies than others. You do not attract angels into your life with special
rituals or clothing etc. If it is appropriate for Angels to work with you all you have to do is ask , you must be sincere and you must be mature enough to be willing to work with the angels.

Taking classes is not essential to working with angels though many angel workshops ,classes and books are greatly valuable and some angel work uses initiations that do need to be grounded by another human being. This in itself
helps us become aware of our inter connectedness which is an important part of what we humans have to learn from the Angels. 

On Meeting Angels

There are many different techniques for meeting your personal angel and they probably all work. If one method does not work for you persevere in your intent and invitation to your angel and remember that actual physical
visits are extremely rare. Feelings of being embraced or touched or smelling flowers where there are none, high pitched tones in the ear or music or sometimes voices or mental imagery is much more common. A feeling of healing energy running into your body or being wrapped in warm light are also possible signs of an angel visit. Be aware of subtle signs and omens such as books falling at your feet and opening to a picture of a angel etc. You will find that as you raise your vibration through meditation and the practice of loving yourself and others It will become more easy and natural to communicate with the angels and other beings of spirit. They choose to work with you naturally you can not compel them to be known to you .Raising your vibration is also the way to eliminate the possibility of contacting any "harmful" being.

The simplest meditation for meeting angels is to set aside some time daily to go into a silent listening state where you simply invite and allow and be available for information and energy from your angel . Some people imagine a sphere of light in
the middle of their head while they focus on communing with the angels .

IS there a difference between solar angels and spirit guides?

Yes ,there is a difference Your Solar angel does guide, oversee and provide help with your spiritual evolution . This is an Angel who has been with you for that purpose since the first instant you existed as a being. This specific angel
always is your Solar angel.
The term solar angel better reflects the angel's energy quality and mission than the older term guardian angel You may only have one solar angel, though as I went to say we each only had one I "heard" that that was not quite correct.
Your Solar angel and your own High self and/or Soul are the most important of your guides and we are all strongly advised to work on raising our vibration to invite and allow contact with them before working on other contacts. Spirit guides on the
other hand are many. You will have many different spirit guides who will work with you during your life time. Some of these will be angels, others may be energetic beings or spirit entities of other orders such as ascended masters,
elemental spirits or gods/goddess aspects, (Tara or Athena for example) or people who having passed out of body are choosing to work on the near energy planes for a while, experts in an area you are working in (such as
artists, healers, musicians). or even plant spirits, animal spirits, crystal beings , and living thought forms . Even some living people, during sleep and out of body travel may act as spirit guides, going to comfort and advise a newly dead
being ,or a sick child, for example.  Some spirit guides will stay with you for a long time and others will be with
you only briefly If you become involved with art you will have artistic creative guides etc. I do not want to over emphasize defense and protection but do caution that not all "guides" are of the highest order or have your soul purpose and highest
good as their top priority, which is not to say that they are bad but that some of them may be so eager to achieve their goal that they override your will . Please ask your Solar angel to bring in guides acting in your highest good and if you doubt a guide send it to the light if it is not of good it will depart if it is good it will not mind the trip to the light .

A Walk With Your angel

Here is one guided visualization that is often effective and is found in many variants in different books (you may want to tape this so that you can close your eyes while doing the visualization) allow your self to Relax, relax completely... imagine yourself yourself walking in a beautiful garden on the edge of a forest... the garden is full of wild flowers, ... birds fly above you singing sweetly... the Sun shines brightly... walk on among the beautiful flowers continue walking across the meadow toward the trees... now from the trees you become aware of your Angel Approaching you, you walk toward your angel who moves forward, to meet you open your heart as your angel meets and embraces you feel the love and understanding of your own angel who has known you always and loves you unconditionally... walk with your angel in the beautiful garden listen and hear, see, feel the message of your angels LOVE and continued presence in your life walk with your angel and receive the gift of understanding from your angel now tell your angel what simple sign you will look for to sense guidance in your daily life perhaps red green and yellow lights, or left ear tickle for yes right ear for no and nose for unclear know that questions with yes and no answers can be misunderstood fairly easily and you will need to practice neutrality to get the clearest answers from your angel. Your angel sees all possibilities and while they are rarely wrong they and your reception of guidance can be affected by your desire for a particular outcome and the future is not an absolute it is influenced by free will.

Now as time comes to return to yourself embrace your angel and slowly gently return to your self in the now Knowing that you can always return to the garden and your angel and your angel will be learning to communicate with you as you learn to be aware of them.


The universe is filled with angels and other beings we are on different planes of existence and while all these Galactic shifts etc.. are making communication easier than it has been for a long time ,I think we on this Earth plane may have chosen to experience isolation deliberately. Sometimes we really need to know that the angels are there and do care. The angels may
touch us then with a gift ,the scent of flowers. You may be alone and suddenly you will smell beautiful flowers where there could not possibly be any and you will know that it is the angels reaching out to touch you. The unexplained scent of flowers is probably among the most frequent sign the angels give to us . The sense of smell is the sense least likely to be blocked by
mental restraints we do not edit the way we may restrict other senses . To me my angel usually smells like Freesia, and kind of apricot like . Marcy, a very psychic friend, says my angel smells to her like Strawberries Her angel smells like roses to both of us. Angels are not limited to the scent of flowers though , once during a somewhat heated discussion with a 9 year old ,my room was suddenly fragrant with coffee! a wake up call! She said that that was her angel for sure. Another time I was speaking, perhaps rather pontifically, about angels and how they would send the scent of flowers into a room when the room was suddenly filled with the overwhelming smell of Pizza! there was absolutely no possible source for the smell and it disappeared as suddenly as it had arrived.

Angels do have a sense of humor," Lighten up" is a big part of the message they want to share with us. So when You suddenly smell flowers where there can be no flowers or perfume to smell think of the angels and know that they
are near. On one of the few occasions when I have "seen" my Solar Angel, during a guided meditation for that purpose the angel emphasized a point by suddenly appearing as a Giant towering Elvis! (had to do with sovereignty, and the power of the angelic realms "the King"). one woman told me that during the very serious angel seminar she went to her angel was turning
somersaults all over the room. this was sent to me to share I believe that it was sent by the author


This exercise is about contacting a presence that loves you unconditionally, that knows everything you have ever been through, everything you have ever suffered and every joy you have ever experienced. This presence blesses you
throughout your life including moments of doubt, ill feeling, resentment and negativity - for that is perhaps when you need it most.
You can either just slowly read the words of the exercise or, better still, record it onto a tape and play it to yourself. It is a worthwhile exercise, in itself, to practice speaking a blessing and you may just as well to start with yourself. Naturally it is best to find a quite time in a quite place to do the exercise, but if this is difficult any time will do. Just adapt the exercise to the places where you have the opportunity to do it. You may visualize the angel appearing in front of you, behind you, above you - whatever seems right to you each time you do the exercise. Some people experience the angel simply as a presence, some as a symbol others as a full-blown winged messenger. These, and any other variations, are fine. When reading the words to yourself it is better not to inwardly "shout" at yourself, or be very demanding with yourself, as if trying to will yourself into
it. Just speak quietly and kindly and take your time, as best you can, as that will bring better results.
Some people may find that it helps to echo the words internally to themselves (e.g. when the angel says "You leave the past behind you", they say to themselves "I leave the past behind me") as that helps them focus and not drift away during the exercise. You can, of course, change parts of the exercise to suite yourself. You can expand on a part that really touches you or if a part really bothers you it can just be left out. However, be aware that you might be tempted to remove the
parts that embarrass you and those are the parts that you might really need. It is usually best to work with the exercise exactly as it is for a while before changing it.
You may find it useful to add a relaxation exercise (gentle stretching or the like) before beginning. It first it may feel that there is not much happening, but then you will start to see changes appear in you life and in your attitude.
You may even start to feel like an angel is using the exercise as an opportunity to bless you and to heal you.

Relax, relax, relax, take some deep breaths [pause for a few deep breaths]

Begin to sense a beautiful presence close to you. Feel a radiant, unconditional love reaching to you and surrounding you. An angel begins to appear in the room. [pause for a few deep breaths] The angel speaks: "I am your angel I am here to help you and to protect you I am always with you Be at peace in knowing this [pause for a few deep breaths] I am here to guide you I bring goodness to you I bring healing to all parts of your life Let doubt and negativity pass away You leave the past behind you You let it all go . I bring you prosperity You accept prosperity in all areas of your life You accept prosperity as your divine right as a child of God I bring you opportunity You accept new opportunities as they arise in your life You will know what is best for you, you will be shown the way I bring you adventure You accept new adventures in your life You know what
to do in every situation, look to me for guidance when you need it and it is there. I bring you love You allow love to fill your heart Loves flows from you Love flows to you You are radiant with love Let yourself be who you are You are your roots down deep You draw from the earth all the nourishment that you need You know that in accepting what you need for your own growth; you serve the greater life Receive, receive, and receive so that you may share with others Now accept my blessings
[pause for a few deep breaths to receive the blessing - the blessing can be silent or you can put words to it] You are content You are content in seeing more and more of the beauty and goodness of life You see the best in everyone and you see the best in every situation You are content in exploring life's mysteries You do not need to have all the answers You have faith that your life and all life stems from a beneficent source that you are not yet ready to fully understand " [pause for a few slow breaths]
Give thanks for the Angel's presence and bring yourself gently back into your

present surroundings. --- > William

Crystals used in angel meditations include Quartz , Celestite, Angelite ,Laramar, Labradorite ,Sunstone , rose quartz , amethyst ,emerald . diamond and many more. Some texts give specific stones for the Archangels and for different orders of angels .

How do we convince others that Angels are real?

Proving anything to anyone who is determined not to believe it is rarely possible however skilled at debate one is or what preponderance of evidence one can marshall, particularly when they have, as most of us have been trained and conditioned to ignore and discount our own memories and experiences. Argument can cause a hardening of attitude rather than
awareness. It is often better to simply smile sweetly and deepen your own connection with angels . Someday the combination of your own deepening understanding and the awakening of trust in their own experiences may convince others of the
reality of angels. When you connect with your Solar Angel you can become a channel for healing energies these can be brought in either directly from your angel or from attunements and classes. While not everybody can feel subtle energies, One thing that convinces people of the reality of Angels is the ability to facilitate contact, to channel an energy
from their angel that allows them to feel angelic Love. This of course is in the realm of the mystical rather that the kind of intellectual datum I think you are questing for.

The rational mind is greatly overrated it is as though one cuts away and ignores half or more of themselves accepting input only in a narrow band. ignoring the reality of Angels and spiritual realms is akin to declaring that the is no color blue does that make the sky and oceans disappear?

You are Loved, You are Beloved, You are vital to the Universal plan, at the moment of your
birth, the Angels sang.

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