Reality ( what you see is not all you get)

While we continue the workshop and as we explore the resources on crystal work that are on the net we will often see references to various theories of the origins and methodology of crystal work and varied spiritual modalities .

These may include discussions of Atlantis, Lemuria , Space aliens,
Ascended Masters, Fairies, Deva, Angels, Crystalline Universes, thought forms, non physical realities, alternate histories and numerous other elements of non conventional theories and understandings.

Even on the same subject the different theories often differ and contradict Each other. Here are some thoughts or theories of basic reality, time and multidimensional reality which might assist us in sorting out some of the theories and information or at least give you some idea of what point of view the workshop material is written from.

Some of this is somewhat off topic as far as crystal healing is concerned . Some may find it on the far edge of strange and woo woo, arcane, esoteric and just plain odd. I am not a scientist . I cannot write about physics . I have the occasional vision and write of those kind of experiences .Here are several things I have written previously Some of this may be quite irrelevant to you and this workshop . You do not have to accept what I accept in fact Your reality may differ and that is the point.

Parallel realities, Multiple planes of existence etc.

 Sometimes for an instant we see a glimpse of real reality,
that we are one, that time is an illusion. That not only is this Earth and our bodies a many layered interconnected single life form with each element differentiated in order to perform a function but at essence one beautiful alive glorious brilliantly intelligent and emotionally powerful whole.

The universe we are in is also many layered. Existence and reality is not a line it is more like the soap bubbles in the sink,
bunches of round bubbles touching held together by surface tension. Each bubble a world, each point on each bubble a reality. Each bubble an entire universe popping in and out of solidity. One merging into the other as possibilities become probabilities become the known reality.  Yet all those other bubbles are still there. Or perhaps reality is more like a Koosh ball separate elastic strands held together loosely at the center and wherever one strand meets another is like two universes
meeting. Each one just as real and just as illusory as any other. All the other universes held separate from our conscious awareness by our subconscious agreement. This is what we have constructed as a schoolroom for our lessons, A theater for our performance, a game we have played so long that we have forgotten that is a game, a play ,a construct and NOW
we begin to Remember.
You and the universe and all that is, are not a line or a string of beads or separate things. This what is, may be compared to a
pomegranate, where one fruit is made of seeds touching sharing juices easily if only slightly squeezed, set together in segments, sections only slightly separated by skin and lightly set in a matrix. So are your thoughts, your surroundings, your world, your Galaxy, your universe, the universes and realities .

We create our own reality, constantly. We certainly all see reality differently , colored by our expectations and intentions .
What we get in our lives is what our thoughts, emotions and intentions bring to us. The Solid external reality is only an agreed upon construction of our Collective Minds, Will and Hearts. When we Decide that this is the true way things work.
We accept the power to change our own personal lives and to affect the entire world.

We are all spiritual beings who have chosen physical bodies in order to learn and grow and create .
We have lessons and experiences we have planned on. We also have universal, cosmic, and
world tasks we have agreed to take on. Everything is alive and aware and we are all part of an unfolding, expanding plan.

Why are we here?
A large part of choosing to live in body on Earth is to have the Experience of Individuality and separateness
We come here to experience isolation and the illusion of separateness and it is an illusion the Results of our exploration into this isolation is a return to the interconnected whole with an increase in the wisdom of that all

I do not understand this but I get that it IS a good thing. We as Embodied Planetary beings are now entering a time
of reconnecting with our awareness of our interconnectedness.

A vision of Alternate or parallel Realities

Just a day or so After the Loma Preita Earth Quake in the San Francisco area some years ago (1989), I was sitting in the clubhouse of the condo development where I lived. Wondering about the why of it when I saw before me as though on a wide screen tv. A view from a hill near San Francisco looking out toward the Ocean. The view shifted again and again, it was the same place but a different reality each time. There were worlds of living cities, metropolises, villages ,dead
worlds bombed to oblivion or poisoned, prison camp worlds. Worlds where white man had never come to the continent, some where man had not evolved at all. The shoreline moved in and out. Worlds where dinosaurs still roamed , desert planets , worlds with the oceans entirely gone. Sometimes the view was inside buildings and caves others were outside or even underwater all seen from the same spot. In one the Sun was Huge consuming the sky. I knew that what I was seeing was all real, all now (at that then) the worlds became less clear as they moved further from my
reality one world among the farthest away where the beings lived in what looked kind of like abstract teapots and flew though I could not tell if this was from machine assistance or natural evolution yet the people still seemed human.
Across all these worlds ,realms , realities parallel or concurrent universes the Earthquake had occurred to varying degrees .
I saw that it had released stresses and corrected misalignments across all these realities. Some of the stresses had been
caused by efforts to solve some problem in one tiny area of these realms.

That Earthquake had helped to separate the growing blooming realities from the dead , dying realities so that the poison could not seep into our worlds from other worlds across the barriers and into our dreams . Including some so near to us that they have often come into our dreams as images of war torn and dying worlds and have been taken to be prophecies of this world where we are now.
The Earthquake created major benefit that we could have no other way to create .It could be said that it saved our universe.
When we consider prayers, spells, rituals and manifestations to change the weather and climatic conditions such as El Ninyo, we must be aware that like the ants that panic when we water the tomatoes. We have no ability to comprehend the entire scope of the events. Our thoughts are the lathes of reality. We have a great plan but the momentary actions shift the possibilities and actual structure of the outcomes like the lathe cuts and shapes wood .

Anyway if you have actually made it this far the idea is that there are many realities in many layered realms of existence and that on some level all the different legends can be true whether or not they ever happened in a physical way that time is also
an illusion or rather a convention and Each world or realm or place or time has far more levels and layers than we can ever be aware of and that everything is alive and conscious and on some level we are all one thing rather than many . and it really is not important that your Atlantis differs from mine or whether you see energy or angels all these things are kind of mystic metaphors for what is they give us a way of realizing some expressions of the is that words will never
contain the all of None of us will understand this completely in our mundane lives as individuals on the Earth in linear time except perhaps in dreams . All of us realize this completely when we stand whole as what and who we really are.

Peggy Jentoft ~ pjentoft

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