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Sensing Energy and Scanning

One of the useful skills that we may develop in our study of energy work and other holistic or spiritual healing,  metaphysical or magical practice is the ability to sense subtle energy.   Perhaps as many as 80% of people will be able to sense energy as heat or vibration or as color or tone with relatively little practice.  This High percentage is one reason why scientific studies of energy healing are often reported as inconclusive because so many of the control group also learns to actually sense energy when they simulate scanning for energy.  Perception of subtle energy is usually written off as " placebo effect ".
Most people have more of the ability to become aware of subtle energies and information than they realize but have either
turned it off or learned to ignore it as it did not fit in to the accepted public culture.

Most of this energy information are pretty subtle and it may take a while to be able to identify the ways real information is different than the imagination.  ( I still reality check pretty often its just that my reality does include these things).
The ability to sense energy is used to help determine where and what kind of crystals or energy is needed.

Generally one key to sensing energy is to pay attention to the entirety of what you experience and sense around and within you . You may be dismissing real messages as imagination.  The imagination is actually a gate to the spiritual  realms.

Meditation and energy work may assist
you in tuning in to information but the main thing is not to automatically
dismiss or block all the little intuitions and omens it may be just an instant of an emotion or a image passing through your mind. Do not be overly concerned about whether you do or do not actively get information, just allow some space in your life for the possibility.

One thing that many people like to do before a crystal healing or energy work session is to use some form of scanning or other method to gather information about what and where treatment is needed .Scanning is a way of exploring an energy field with the energy field of your own hands.

 Many people find that if they rub their hands together vigorously first they can feel energy more easily.  Physical scanning is usually done by holding your hands near or over the person you wish to scan. Keep your hands about one to three inches above the body as you move your hands slowly through the persons energy field while paying attention to what you feel.
You may sense hot spots, cold spots, sticky spots, icky areas ,pulsing or buzzing or absence of sensory information compared to other areas.

Do not expect to feel or not feel any particular thing just allow your self to move your hands slowly through the persons aura. Move your hands upward and downwards slightly to see if the energy field seems different at different levels .
Some people will get visual or sound or even smell sensations when they do this. Make a mental note of anyplace you feel needs extra attention .  Pay attention to the chakra areas and the quality of the energy sensations around them.
you might be able to sense if the are open or closed, torn, congested overactive or depleted etc. .
You could then use one of the subtle touch or healing touch, laying on of hands, modalities to pull out icky energy and fill the area with light or a healing shakti and visualize mending anything we sensed as tears.  We might call on angels or guides or our "Spiritual designator ". 

People using shakti will usually just allow the energy to run to each place they feel needs it. Others will push or flow energy into and pull out gunk throwing it away by tossing it in a bucket or visualizing the transport of removed energy to a energy purifying entity at the center of the Earth or handing it to a disposal angel. There are many other visualizations which could be used.

Some people scan the whole body and then go back and do the energy work or place the crystals where they feel a need . Other people prefer to scan one area and then do whatever work they feel is needed before they move on.
Some right handed people find that the left hand is receptive to energy and the right hand projects energy and that this may be reversed for left handed people. Some people can use either hand for either receiving /sensing energy information and projecting /sending energy.  When you have developed an ability to sense energy fields you can test /"taste" the energy around places and people and books some people use the energy they can project to clear and charge the food they eat .

Here are some techniques that people have used to help themselves develop sensitivity.

Energy Balls of Light

The energy ball is a very common and basic core technique for becoming aware of and directing energy often personal energy but also universal chi or energy and can be used as a way of delivering other frequencies of healing energy too This exercise helps us become more aware of the energy field around us, and the influence we have over it. Begin by holding your hands a foot or so apart, bringing them slowly towards each other, until you feel a slight resistance between them. It will feel as though a mass of energy has built up between your hands (which indeed it has!). Feel all around this energy with your hands,
feeling the shape of the packet of energy you have gathered. Fashion it into a ball shape. the size of the ball may be big or little. This may take some practice to feel. and some people do not sense energy this way at all. Sometimes people don't feel
their own energy ball, but they would feel other people's because the frequency is slightly different.

If you do not feel the energy ball might want to try this slight variant.
Begin by rubbing your hands together briskly until they are warm then starting at about a foot apart move your hands back and forth fairly fast shortening the distance and slowing a bit as you continue to build and form the energy ball you may also try scooping motions from a bit above your head . 
Another exercise  is to place your hands together and  gently intend to
activate your personal chi or ask for spiritual energy and allow it to expand and build up moving your hands apart you can try this with any healing energy but I learned these with chi.

You can use a pumping motion to become aware of and build up your own energy . You can scoop in universal chi from your surroundings. You could also run a shakti such as Reiki into the space or ball you create between your hands and use it as a carrier of healing in many different subtle touch systems many general spiritual healers use energy balls both as collectors to remove imbalances and to place healing energy where it is needed .

The combination of sensitivity to energy and receptiveness to information from spiritual sources via methods like meditation and inner listening is not an extrasensory or extraordinary ability it is simply relearning to use some of the inborn abilities that have been repressed , forgotten or ignored . These and other abilities operate differently in different people . and of themselves do not indicate any personal merit or degree of spiritual advancement. It is not a matter of working at or determining to develop particular skills as much as it is a matter of giving each individual an opportunity to awaken those that are natural to them.


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