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We can use crystals to help heighten our sensitivity and awareness to energies, guides, messages from spirit. We may directly receive information as energy or messages from the crystal deva. We may work with and/or program crystals to assist us with communication with other beings or just to help clarify our own intuitive reception and self awareness .

There are many spirits beings and thought forms who may contact you in addition to your own mind and your higher self. You could be aware of, inner selves ,Soul voice, guiding Angels and Deva. as well as spirits animals and other entities. Many people have questions about how you tell a positive spiritual guide from a negative entity and from your own imagination or the telepathic background noise of other peoples thoughts. etc. it may be difficult first to discern the difference but over time and with experience you will develop a sense about the messages you receive and will be able to validate the messages
that are more that just imagination . Imagination is a major gateway to intuitive reception so be aware of your fantasies too they may not all be fantasy.
When you have a contact that you sense is not just your mind chatter, be aware that Generally if you have doubt about a spirit guide send the entity to the light, a true and positive being will not object will leave and return a non beneficial may protest but will still leave but not return .I'm not sure of the source for the lists below if you can identify the author please let me know but here are some tips for recognizing the quality of the messages .

"Lesser Mind , The Voice of Ego and negative entities Personality Level, flatters commands, demands, tests, chooses for you, imprisons, promotes dependency intrudes pushes excludes is status oriented insists on obedience often claims ultimate authority

Greater Mind, The Voice of Spirit, Soul Level, informs, suggests, guides nudges, leaves choice to you, empowers, promotes
independence . respects ,supports, includes, is free and open , encourages growth and development recognizes a greater power, or God." (end quote)

I admit to being slow to trust the voices, in time I have come to know guides ,angels elementals and companions whom I do trust and value but I also know that some ascended Master etc. are very eager to forward their agenda and their guidance may not always truly be for your highest good .

I do recheck often rather than assume that what I'm getting is from my regular contacts . What you hear depends very much on the clearness of your channel your level of inner knowing and things like the knowledge and vocabulary you have to offer spirit beings . and how well you take dictation some of the (few) times I did a formal "channel" the information came in
very fast and was being translated to words from images and feelings it would have been easy to miss a word
the difference between "there will be war" and "there will not be war" is very slight but can make a big difference in meaning .
In my experience the Good stuff is easy to understand, some concepts may be difficult or impossible to express in words but the more high blown high flown psuedo scientific babble babbly the channeled info is the less likely it is to be valid .
another symptom of good stuff is that it holds up over time and does not need a lot of work to be intelligible.

True channeling is usually not full of praise of the chanell sourse either .Why would an Angel or great spiritual teacher need to bs and brag or try to impress you anyway . ?
My true guides are very loving and compassionate and while they are sometimes firm with me or hold a mirror to reveal a blind spot they do not lie , threaten , abuse, True and good guides do not isolate people from society .
Also most messages are subtle, pay attention to everything within and outside actual physical apparitions are rather rare but the presence of your companion angel and your true guides is as constant as appropriate and energy information and protections are there for youI really truly recommend meeting your companion or Solar angel and working on the connection with your high self when you are working in this wonderful harmony the only energetic dangers you will face are
those where it is essential that you deal with it most often to learn that you can deal with it and discern the value from the trash.

I also had this in my files on the same subject

How to Tell True from False Guidance
by Doreen Virtue

TG: True Guidance
FG: False Guidance

TG: Has mature tone and content
FG: Immature tone and suggestions

TG: Says the same thing repeatedly
FG: Switches topics impulsively

TG: Talks about your life's purpose or mission
FG: Talks about how to compete with others

TG: Wants you to be joyful right now
FG: Wants you to delay happiness for the future

TG: Strong, powerful, difficult to ignore
FG: Insidious and sneaky

TG: Has a ring of familiarity to it
FG: Seems out of sync with your interests and

TG: Usually says "you"
FG: Uses the word, "I" constantly

TG: Has a loving and energizing feel to it
FG: Drains your enthusiasm

TG: Surrounds you with warm, loving energies
FG: Makes you feel cold, prickly, alone, or afraid

TG: Sounds supportive and motivational
FG: Uses abusive and critical words

TG: Assures you that you can do it
FG: Tears down your confidence

TG: Empowers you
FG: Weakens you

TG: Direct and to the point
FG: Wordy and full of rationalizations

TG: Comes suddenly in response to prayer
FG: Comes gradually in response to worry

TG: Knows you are equal and one with others
FG: Says that you are better or worse than others


Peggy Jentoft ~ Solarraven

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