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A virtual scrying mirror
 by Peggy Jentoft
Scrying or crystal gazing is to use  a  mirror ,  crystal ball, a seer stone ,or other  divining tool .  Some purposes for scrying  are   to receive  visions or information  about personal issues and get guidance about  the future or review the past , understand or remote view a present situation or  to foretell possible  events , discover  hidden knowledge ,  access knowledge about healing and self improvement , prophecy and perception by  intuition and  instinctive  foresight.
 Scrying   also a method  sometimes used  to contact spirit guides, to commune with loved ones who have crossed over , to organize focus for prayer and for magikal work , help transmit and receive healing and spiritual comfort , to assist with astral travel  or journeying , improve visualization and intuition, and to set the energy  in meditation and ritual.

  The scrying mirror or other tool  is used as a focus while you reach the mental openness  which  allows you to perceive information .  Many people do see visions in the mirror. Some see or sense symbols, colors or shapes that they interpret. Other people actually see images or  events unfolding as though viewing  a movie. The process of gazing is quite similar to other psychic reading and meditation techniques . While tools may help with scrying, the knowledge and ability to do this work lies within the seeker rather than in the tools.

This page extends below as  a  modern  computer graphic version of a classic black scrying mirror . Traditionally black mirrors are made either from polished obsidian or by  painting   a clear convex glass picture cover black and mounting it in a frame. Most  scrying mirrors are round or oval but any  simple shape can be used.  This virtual mirror  is not a completely unvaried black screen because   experience  has shown that the subtle variations  which one may find  in obsidian or painted surfaces  help with the process of entering the mind state which activates receiving information. This virtual mirror has also been connected to  an energy stream which enhances the ability to   receive  information through  scrying. This is made from a photo of a obsidian sphere  that has been used for scrying .

How to Scry 

Many people  try too hard at first when learning to scry. An intense  effort  to see something  can  interfere  with the process.  Relax and allow yourself to be open to the experience. Begin by   grounding and centering  yourself. Connect with your high self and or spiritual source. Deep breathing can help with this connection. This mirror is protected  and set for positive connections only. You may additionally  surround yourself with your own  circle of light,  call in your angels/guides  or use a simple protective method of your choice before beginning.    (energy follows attention).  

Whatever gazing or other divination method is being used people get clearer  results when they have a clear reason for scrying. It  is good to have prepared  a question or questions or formed a clear intention to receive information about a particular  subject or situation rather than to scry just out of curiosity .  Decide your intention and purpose for the reading , (which initially will probably just be to learn how to scry).  Gaze into the dark mirror with a soft visual focus and a mental openness.  This is just like a basic meditation when your attention wanders bring it back gently to focus on the center of the crystal.

 Gaze gently  into the  ball, but do not stare. Blink normaly, blinking will not interfere  with your reading. Do not focus on your blinking while you are gazing.  Just relax and gaze. Some  people need to practice  scrying several times before they achive  reception.
Eventually  you may notice a small cloudy  glow in the center of the crystal or in front of the crystal. This is the  focusing area where your visions will appear. Often beginning readers are so startled by the initial appearance of images or colors that they lose focus completely. When you practice persistently you learn how to maintain clear focus .

You might see easily understood  images but you may see clouds or colors or symbols.  Often it  helps to have a pen and paper at hand to keep a quick log of symbols or words and other impressions  Though not everyone can maintain focus and take notes .  Experiences vary greatly  from subtle  abstract visuals or energies to complete visions  etc.
images may appear  as though on or infront of the screen or in your mind they my be rough impressions or as clear and detailed as  a movie  of real event.

There is no absolutely uniform system for interpreting the meaning of symbols and colored clouds. Dream books and color healing guides can have suggestions for traditional interpretations of symbols .  These tools help you awaken your intuition about the meaning of the patterns and images  you see. The degree of turbulence and movement in clouds may indicate the intensity of the event referred to or its nearness in time .

There are traditional interpretations  that some readers use. Here is one set of interpretations ,but it is not definitive, use your intuition . Blue clouds may symbolize success of career or business, Gold clouds symbolize prosperity, steady cash flow and possibly new romance. Gray/Dark gray or Black may symbolize sadness or ill fortune. Green clouds symbolize health, happiness . Orange clouds may  symbolize hidden aggression and anger, or troubled emotions. Red clouds symbolize danger to come.  Silver clouds symbolize troublesome times ahead followed by good  times.White clouds symbolize very good fortune ahead. Yellow clouds symbolize upcoming obstacles.I recommend that if you have a set of color meanings and correspondences that you are already familiar with  see if those work for you in scrying  before you work at learning another system. There are quite a few books and web sites about crystal gazing and other scrying methods if you want to explore this area more thoroughly.   Practicing scrying may open your reception in non visual ways rather than being entirely visual.
If you wish to Let us know your comments and or  experiences 

  Scroll down until the screen is filled with the black mirror.  Relax and gaze gently into the  virtual black scrying mirror . Allow your  eyes to wander gently upon the surface of the screen/mirror  and your mind to  be receptive. Set an intention for the kind of information you are seeking . 5 or ten minutes is ample time for initial scrying practice .

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