Souls and the unborn

        Sun, 09 Jan 2000 08:29:19 -0800

> I have read that the baby does not have a soul until the time of birth. I am having problems with this cause at the time of
conception  to me the baby is a baby. M

I'll try on this from extensive study and personal experience  but it is a complex area and not easily encapsulated correctly as a lot can vary.
Your  baby may be hanging out in soul form near you for a long time, even
before conception. The  Soul is immortal. The  Personality  begins to form according to the  needs of the life plan of the beingThe inborn  personality  derives in part from elements and effects  of  the lower layers of the aura.  These aura layers begin to be created beginning from the inception of conception.  Unborn beings intending to incarnate as humans  exist "always" and do not come into existence  at  conception or at birth but already are.

They may choose the family and body into which they will incarnate anywhere from years before conception  (or longer  if you  have a prior agreement with the unborn entity ) anytime after conception   to in rare cases  shortly after birth (leaving aside the issue of walk-ins).   As for the moment the being enters  the body that also can vary greatly.
That point where the being ceases to be able to wander in and out of the body at will usually occur within  5 days or so after birth I've read. but can vary greatly from individual to individual.

     Many psychic viewers have been aware of "baby beings" hovering around people to encourage conception as they seek to get born. When we choose to be born we have options based on Karma, Dharma , our plans and lessons and spiritual understandings and agreements etc. These will guide us to select the time, place and people where the influences appear to most assist our plan.
 Because we have free will our plan  may be more ambitious
than is really practical. Prior to birth  we are operating from about the 6th plane  or from a higher state of spiritual understanding and we may not correctly perceive the challenges of physical life.  This is the soul and high self making this plan and move into body. Theories vary but it is believed that the at least  three or possibly  four of the "lower" aura levels etheric, emotional , mental and causal bodies are formed in the process of the development of the physical body some feel that these levels disintegrate in the process  of death.

  I will try to not get too esoteric there is a whole bunch of stuff about planes and creative potential and the undifferentiated "Void"  etc. that comes in to play in the big picture that's probably both confusing and more than you wanted to know  references include  books by Barbara Brennon,. Joan Grant, Edgar Cayse, Cora Deaver, La Una Huffines and a number of others.
  I have
had encounters with unborn  and know personally that they are there.  The being who later became my first born child was seen by a number of psychics  near me in visits going back at least 12 years before she was actually born to me.

> You said we pick who our parents are.  What about the tons of people out there that are adopted?  Do you know that
>you  are going to be adopted by certain people if you are conceived with >certain  individuals?

Yes  in most cases the same cosmic forces that lead us to meet our loves and those with whom we have issues and goals  will bring the person to the "right place. " Remember that one of the things we are exploring on this planet is separation and isolation.  Just because you feel lost does not mean that  you are not where you intended to be learning what you planned .

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