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Tattwa and Manifestation

A  four part process for manifesting with the  Tattwa
The Tattwas work to increase your power to manifest your goals and desires quickly This method  allows the form of  your desires
 to be complete and balanced in all the four areas of your life force /nature.

Many forms of manifesting are incomplete they usually focus on one area of your life.
The manifesting process is delayed when the goal is not integrated into your full life.
 Blockages in one area can effect and delay or even prevent the realization.
When you actively deal with all areas of your life and include them in your manifesting process will be more effective .
 There are colored versions of the Tattwa here but many people prefer to draw their own and color them in as a way
 of intensifying and personalizing the procedure.
Many people use an  intense light on the tattwa images
 while doing the procedure.

The Triangle intensifies your desire. The Circle enhances your ability to visualize your goal.
the Moon amplifies your ability to feel what it would be like to achieve your goal.
The Square expands your focus and ability to move your goals from dreams to reality.


fire Tattwa

Tejas- Fire, The Triangle  represents Fire, It  intensifies one's desires.   Meditate on this symbol  to intensify and clarify desire, The Subconscious responds to this symbol and allows the right brain to   develop  more creativity, prosperity and magnetism.

1.  First select your goal,  after getting your goal in mind, focus on the the center of the triangle for about 2 to 5 minutes Close your eyes and see the image in your 'mind as long and clearly as you can. Then visualize or imagine, yourself in the center of the triangle. Allow the desire for your goal to increase and feel all the ideas and feelings that are blocking your goal to burn away with the fire of the triangle.

 Air tattwa

Vayu - Air,  The Circle represents Air , thought, This tattwa  is used  to enhance ones ability to visualize and discriminate. Meditation on circles activates the subconscious mind brings about greater ability to discriminate ,concentrate and communicate.

Circle. Focus on the Circle for 2 to 5   minutes. Close your eyes and see the image  in your
 mind as long as you can. Then begin visualizing how it would look to have this goal in your life.
Picture having the goal as realized in your life. Feel how happy you feel about having this in your life.


water Tattwa

Apas- Water  The Moon represents Water ,  this symbol increases the ability to feel , meditation with this form can bring greater self reflection sensitivity and receptivity toward others.

   Moon. Focus on the Moon for 2 to 5 minutes. Close your eyes and see the image in your mind as 
long as you can. Then begin feeling how it would feel to have this goal in your life. Picture how confident
 and happy you feel about having this in your life.



Prithivi -Earth  The Square represent Earth, focus and determination , diversity , inner strength  enhances the ability to move from dreams to reality.

Square. Focus on the Square for 2 to 5 minutes. Close your eyes and see the image in your mind 
as long as you can. Allow your self to sense how the body would act if you had already achieved your goal.

tattwa to color Once you have done this  allow the universe time for the manifestation to be  fullfilled  pay attention to events the occur 
which give you the opportunity to take action toward the goal.
Some people like to color in the  Tattwa forms themselves to enhnce the process.

More Information about the Tattwa and at Tattwa page two

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