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Suggestions for storing and displaying crystals

Some of us have quite a lot of crystals.  It is not quite true that they are on every surface in every room  here but that comes close. Everybody who comes in my house knows
Immediately that someone collects rocks. I have stones on the shelves, on trays, in boxes , in bowls and  jars .I suspect that I am not the only person who could use more storage and display space for my stones . Here are some some suggestions for storage
and display including some gathered from around the web and on other lists .

 I use art bins,  tool trays and craft, and  fishing tackle boxes These work well and can be carried around easily if you need to travel with a stone kit. I'll do demonstrations and treatments at stores and such from time  to time and some of these keep stones in order  and safe from damage.
There are sewing trays and beading organizers and other crafting organizers that make good rock holders.  I have a set of stacking plastic  containers for some of the stones I often use in laying on of stones and grids. I'm not fond of the plastic  tupperware  glad type bowls but they do keep the stones sheltered. There are any number of  plastic bins and boxes that work well for storage too .

I  have a couple of old  drawers and trays with multiple compartments  and a padded
compartment tray that I think is some kind of jewelry organizer that keeps  many of my smaller stones organized and at hand for treatments and study and play .
I have several old platters, some china, some glass that hold a lot of my quartz points neatly and a small basket or two for other quartz points . I plugged the holes of some abalone shells to keep some of the tiny points and smaller stones in.

I try not to pile stones up in containers  because they sometimes might chip or scratch each other but sometimes I put a small bowl filled with tumbled stones when I am having people over they can riffle through the stones and often find  one  that they need to hold or keep. 

Shadow boxes can be  hung on the walls like pictures for some of your display type stones.  Keep some in  trays under coffee tables. Some people have boxes of stones under their beds but if you are sensitive to crystal energy you may not sleep well with lots of stones under your bed.  We have bunches of video storage drawers that stack and could keep stones tucked away but I don't use these  because of a personal preference for having my stones out in the light. I don't have big bins of stones  under the bed for the same reason.  I have art supplies under the bed instead. (   I don't have anything under the bed anymore.)
 It is easier to select a specific stone in  trays and boxes and carrying cases with compartments than it is with jars and bowls .

Jars and bowls may create too much opportunity for chips and damage.
Lots of people like to wrap their crystals in silk cotton or velvet for further protection from chipping and  with the idea that it preserves the stones energy and protects them from  picking up negative energies from people and events around them.
I used to do this but personally like the energy of the stones better when they are out rather than wrapped .

I was given a pyramid shaped box of Fererr Rocher candies that had a plastic liner that held the candy in the pyramid form. I've used that as a display rack/ grid form for some of my small crystals.  I use the plastic pyramid  box for a cluster of very fragile  selinite needles  this so they can be seen and their energy is projected into the room without damage to the crystals .
 There  are quite a few glass and plastic display boxes and domes
that can be used for displaying delicate crystals. Foam lined baskets are nice too.  I have cut the tops off some  plastic trays that  apples are sold in  and they hold some grid sets and medicinre pouch collections.
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