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About Remote Reiki Attunement

I have been doing remote Reiki attunements  since  1995 and find that they are very effective at transmitting the ability to use Reiki to  treat yourself and others.  They do not however replace the need to practice reiki and learn with other people. Remote Reiki attunement will always be controversial because students must    take the time to aquire the skills and experience  needed  after being attuned. Not everyonre does take the time to practice and study. Usually attending an in person class gives all the participants a chance to see  Reiki being done and to practice under supervision.  I encourage people to participate in Reiki shares  and to interact with other practitioners.

People who wish to teach Reiki should  take classes in person or to find a Reiki practitioner or Reiki  Circle to practice with until they gain competence.  Effective teachers of Reiki will have had practice and review of the information and practices.

Many people can feel the attunment as It is done, as heat or waves of energy flowing into their body or they may see light etc.  Some people do not have any such experience at all other than perhaps feeling both more relaxed and energized than usual. Most people but not all who regularly feel subtle energies are able to feel some of the energy coming in.
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All one really has to do is to want to receive and accept the attunement though many people like to be in a meditative receptive space at the time the attunements are sent if possible. Some people seem to reach out and actively pull the attunement in and others are passive recipients .

I clear the area and call in guides and protection but many people like to do this themselves as well. It is not essential, Reiki Has built in protections but I like to.

Before you are attuned Do tell your guides and high self that you want to get the attunement make sure that you do want to get the attunement. some skepticism is normal if you are unfamiliar with energy work or attunements but intense skepticism and such may create a shield that restrains or even prevents the inflow of Reiki .

Remote attunement has been quite successful for many people though not everyone can connect with the energies this way, I have now read that even Mrs. Takata had cases where an attunement did not "take".

Distance attunements operate within the same Universal Laws as distance healing treatments and telepathic experiences. Distance and time are illusions On the spiritual planes, there is no distance, connection is instantaneous, just as if you were physically present together for the attunement. However, one point to remember is that for many people, sensory awareness of the subtle frequencies is still so subtle as to be virtually imperceptible there are experiences of attunements where some people are instantly aware of the energies while some other people notice nothing at the time. However, the effect of the attunement will make itself known in subtle, ways over the next several days or weeks. and most of the few people who have initially thought that they did not have the attunement take effect have in time come to recognize it's presence and effects and to use Reiki for themselves and others.

The student must actually do the study and practice giving  Reiki to themselves and to others,  learn the hand positions and  become familiar with the lightness of touch etc.  and grasp the ethical points of Reiki Practice .  I do  offer a  digital certificate of attunement.  People who have gotten remote attunement  can come to me for personal attunement.
 I  prefer the Crown to Crown or direct intention attunement to the Ritual attunement. When I do crown to crown attunements whether in person or remotely usually an attunement runs about 20 to 30 minutes on average . I like to use an entire hour for an individual attunement when it is possible, which allows time for a gentle deep attunement with a greater amount of clearing than may be possible with shorter attunements.  When I send the attunements I often intend that one receive all those energies and abilities that are in accord with Soul purpose and greatest Good that I can send at the time.
There are many other energy work systems which  are suited for remote transmission.

Peggy Jentoft
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