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Here is a piece  about the issue of secrecy and Reiki   I came across it and liked the ideas expressed.  I asked and received  permission to share them  here. Peggy Jentoft

Divisiveness in Reiki
and some suggestions
by Robert Rhiele

In about the sixth grade, we were required to write a report on a poem, now this poem stirred me in some interesting ways, so I was happy enough to do the report, meticulously, from the heart etc. I got an F, flunked the report. In asking why, the teacher said that's not what the poem was about. Since the author had been dead for some 300+ years, I asked her if he had left her some notes or something explaining the poem.

Usui left the scene here before I arrived, so I never talked to him personally nor have I read any of his notes. The history of Reiki is contradictory as there are several versions. There even seem to be several versions of Reiki, so, which is "the" truth? I have studied and worked with several Masters, and find they have different views on what's important, origins, use, etc. The energy was around before Usui began working with it, so did even he get to explore the whole of it?

Reiki and poetry have some similarities, both are very very simple, and its not the surface that matters a whole lot, once you bust through the surface, then you find the real deal in all its beauty, majesty and love. People seem to get different things from poetry, this also holds true with Reiki, one seems to get what they need, and as needs are different from person to person, they seem to group into different Reiki "camps", "players", etc. This stuff doesn't seem to be to awfully important, as it's just surface stuff, and surface ain't the real deal, at least to me. The real deal is the potentiality available when using the energy, to help in the healing and growth for self and others.

The 'Reiki Energy' will teach you if you want, so Reiki yourself as much as you can, be open, inquisitive, willing to receive, look at it as a great adventure and jump in, stay in the energy, intend it to run even when your hands are not on yourself, brush your teeth with it, well, you get the idea. The "energy" is the best Reiki Master I have studied with. As you work with the energy, your viewpoints may change, and you may decide to change just a mite or two as well.
Reiki is a 'tool', bang it around a bit, discover the possibilities for yourself, and others' opinions on what is or isn't become less important, as you are learning from the real deal. Help people who want to heal as much as you can, and notice who/what is doing the healing, an important point. Notice source. Use it, use it, use it, the 'truth' will become self evident. Usui seemed to find his own way, I wonder what he would think of the various dogmas that have grown up around the Reiki healing system.

By Robert Riehle


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