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Here are versions of the Reiki Symbols
If you do not wish to see them simply do not scroll down  this page.
If  you plan to email me in protest to my displaying the symbols here is my usual reply.
The symbols are in a sense sacred, which is to say  worthy of respect but that is not the same as secret. The Reiki symbols were never actually  secret. The  characters known as Reiki Symbols  are terms that are used in some esoteric Buddhist sects (Nicheren and Tien Tai, probably others) to represent certain principles of Buddhist Theory.

I was already familiar with three of the meanings of  these symbols as Buddhist terms. I was working with  the interpretations of these terms for almost 20 years  before ever hearing of Reiki.  They are displayed in temples in Japan and the power symbol is used as a protective emblem.  People do need to be attuned to Reiki before they can use these symbols to activate Reiki energy functions.  These were not   images and mandalas which were only revealed to initiates of Esoteric Buddhism.  Though the use of these particular symbols to access healing energies is specific to Reiki and Reiki does not require belief  or practice of any particular religion or philosophy.

I should also probably "warn" you before you look at the symbols, that in some Esoteric Buddhist sects which consider all writing about spiritual matters to be sacred   teach that being shown any of those writings will plant a seed  that will increase the probability that the person seeing them will become enlightened in the same lifetime. 

The symbols are drawn and taught somewhat differently by different Reiki teachers The differences in the form of the symbols does not  seem to make a perceptible difference in the ability to connect with  and use the Reiki energies   . The variation is in probably mainly a difference in styles of kanji , just as there are different styles of handwriting in English, there are different  ways to write kanji . Also  some early students in the US were not allowed to keep written copies of the symbols and may have miss remembered some parts of them. There are also older and newer forms of Kanji  writing.

The symbols are used to help people  focus to connect to Universal Energy.   When you have raised your own energy frequency sufficiently you may no longer need to use the symbols to connect with and use Reiki energy . Some people make the error of assuming that the symbols embody the power of Reiki and completely rely on the symbols . They may end up almost worshipping the symbols . Symbols serve a purpose but may in some cases  retard   progress in rising to true proficiency. when you have developed the ability to use the symbols well enough you can connect to Universal energy directly by intention and may choose to move away from always drawing symbols and invoking the mantras mentally on every occasion . The study of the wealth of meanings of the words indicated by the  kanji symbols can be very valuable for spiritual evolution.
The attunements I give include automatically the ability to use the Reiki functions with or without  using symbols consciously.  Different people have different needs and abilities when working with energies. For some people actively working with symbols is easiest and for others direct intention or Kotodama (sounds) or gesture may be easier  no method is innately better than another.

Traditional Japanese Reiki sources including Master Hiroshi Doi refer to the symbols and activate them by number and a name relevant to their use . I think the English translations of the terms the Japanese Teachers use is more helpful than the terms that have become common in the West they are

No. 1.    Focus. = Power Symbol = Cho ku Rei
 No. 2.    Harmony. = Mental Emotional = Sei he ki
No. 3.    Connection. = Distance=Hon sha ze sho nen
No. 4.    Empowerment. = Master = Dai ku Myo
The names most used in the West are the Mantra's that go with the symbol The symbols are only considered as tools and once mastered need not be used This is also in accord with the information I had previously from numerous Buddhist texts and from a large number of Japanese teachers of Spiritual philosophy.

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