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When you receive Attunements
Beginning to use Reiki

This Page is a short introduction to the experience of getting attunements and using Reiki.  

once You are attuned to Reiki

About getting crown to crown attunements

Running Reiki ,By Intention and with symbols

A few Thoughts on value and exchange


I encourage you to work and play with the energy for a while give yourself treatments , give your family and friends treatments , offer it to your pets, plants, appliances ,insects (dragonflies seem to love Reiki), see if you can send it to events in the news try everything you can think of, use it to clear rooms and rocks

Then if you wish, get into the books ,nothing teaches better than experience and sometimes what's written can limit you.  William Rands books are good  we differ on some points.  My manuals are online linked from here
I am personally uncomfortable with some of the procedures in Diane Steins' book "Essential Reiki", there are many ways for raising chi that are less sexual and more effective in my experience than the exercises she gives (I do have a rather Victorian streak though). Barbara Brennons book "Hands of light " has a set of exercises that I like much better myself . and the technique Diane Stein teaches for use during attunements of clenching the perineum muscles and forcing a build up of chi out the hands is in my experience and from guidance not only unneeded but potentially harmful to the teacher.


my Giving treatments Page has a lot more detailed information than is on this page and there is also a bit on this page about the attunements

Some people report an increase is awareness and sensitivity to subtle energy vibrations and other "extra sensory" phenomena once they are attuned to Reiki . This seems to be more the releasing of blocks to abilities they already had rather than a "gift" of new abilities. Reiki can Speed you on you path but does not replace doing the work.
I have Met some very effective Reiki and spiritual healers Who are completely unable to feel subtle energy either during attunements or treatments ,they are only able to tell that it works because of the effects others feel and the results that are achieved so if you have been attuned and cannot feel any change do not presume that the attunement did not "take" one of the most common effects while running Reiki is Hot Hands the hands may feel very warm even though the actual temperature does not change I have also experienced Reiki as cool or even cold particularly during treatment over burns .

About crown to crown attunement

(March 29 1999) I ama bit less enthusiastic about remote attunements then when I wrote this part of my pages.  I wish to insert that while remote attunement does attune you to practice Reiki quite effectively,  In order to Teach   Reiki  Well most people need to take classes  in person or at least participate in Reiki shares and discussion groups. I am generally more conservative in my practice and teaching these days. It is not always possible to ensure at a distance if the student has actually done the study or grasped the ethical points of Reiki Practice.

I still prefer the Crown to Crown or direct intention attunement to the Ritual attunement.( end of insert)

When I do direct intention/ crown to crown attunements whether in person or remotely usually an attunement runs about 20 to 30 minutes on average . I like to use an entire hour for an individual attunement when it is possible, which allows time for a gentle deep attunement with a greater amount of clearing than may be possible with shorter attunements.

When I send the attunements I often intend that one receive all those energies and abilities that are in accord with Soul purpose and greatest Good that I can send at the time.

Many people can feel the attuinment as It is done, as heat or waves of energy flowing into their body or they may see light etc. , Some people do not have any such experience at all other than perhaps feeling both more relaxed and energized than usual. Most people but not all who regularly feel subtle energies are able to feel some of the energy coming in. 
All one really has to do is to want to receive and accept the attunement though many people like to be in a meditative receptive space at the time the attunements are sent if possible. Some people seem to reach out and actively pull the attunement in and others are passive recipients .

I clear the area and call in guides and protection but many people like to do this themselves as well. It is not essential, Reiki Has built in protections but I like to.

Before you are attuned Do tell your guides and high self that you want to get the attunement make sure that you do want to get the attunement. some skepticism is normal if you are unfamiliar with energy work or attunements but intense skepticism and such may create a shield that restrains or even prevents the inflow of Reiki .

Remote attunement has been quite successful for many people though not everyone can connect with the energies this way, I have now read that even Mrs. Takata had cases where an attunement did not "take".

Distance attunements operate within the same Universal Laws as distance healing treatments and telepathic experiences. Distance and time are illusions On the spiritual planes, there is no distance, connection is instantaneous, just as if you were physically present together for the attunement. However, one point to remember is that for many people, sensory awareness of the subtle frequencies is still so subtle as to be virtually imperceptible there are experiences of attunements where some people are instantly aware of the energies while some other people notice nothing at the time. However, the effect of the attunement will make itself known in subtle, ways over the next several days or weeks. and most of the few people who have initially thought that they did not have the attunement take effect have in time come to recognize it's presence and effects and to use Reiki for themselves and others.

possible side effects

It is recommended that you Drink lots of water after an attunement .Attunements and treatments sometimes cause physical detoxification, some people report a lot of emotional processing for up to 3 weeks or 21 days after an attunement. Anyone one getting Reiki treatments and or attunements is encouraged to drink lots of water and reminded that in some cases the release of toxins or energetic or physical realignments will cause them to feel worse for a small time before they feel better. though any severe or continuing unusual discomfort should be referred to an appropriate medical professional.

activating Reiki by intention

First degree Reiki is activated by intention, in all Reiki systems . All levels of Reiki can be run by intention alone this may be easier if if you are attuned to a Reiki variant or other system that includes an autonomous attunement for activating all energies and procedures you have or get later by intention. but I have found that most Reiki practitioners can run all of Reiki by direct intention if the practice that for a while or by visualizing the Reiki symbols mentally rather than drawing them out stroke by stroke.

The energy is generally comes in the crown and run down the arms to the hands and from there to where needed and/or directed. This seems to be the standard flow pattern For Reiki and many other healing energy systems. It is possible to bring in the energy by other channels. Crown to hands is often more comfortable.  To activate Reiki just want the energy to run. think/intend that it turn on, the basic Reiki energy has always been intention activated. the Reiki 2 energies are power boost, distance healing, and emotional mental healing, turn them on by wanting them to run it does not require will power or any real intense feeling just a gentle intention. a mild mental command Rather than needing to say the mantra and draw the symbols as is traditionally done you simply intend that the energy or ability run, that is turn on, in your own words.

For the power boost Choku rei, For example, I think/intend "power boost" others would be "mind healing" "mental/emotional" "distance" "spirit" or "intuition" or "master power" "master power for attunement" the words do not matter just use any that help you form and define your intention. while I have given the one or two word english language subs for the symbols I often use whole sentences such as "run all Reiki at max. power to John in Omaha ,run to where needed for his highest good and soul purpose ,he requests for pain relief and healing of broken leg" for example. though with direct intention the words are often just garnish as our mind/spirit is so much faster than conscious verbalization The symbols can also be drawn and mantras said if you choose to use them .

The Reiki will know what you want and it will often activate before the full mental verbalization is done. Reiki is one of many intelligent energy systems as you work with it it will become more responsive and versatile. I do sometimes go through the hand positions mentally during remote treatments though do not find that essential in distance treatment I mention pain relief as most people want it and it is often different than healing . Angels, Energies, deva etc. are Spiritual and non physical in nature and not having bodies do not always "get" the need for pain relief unless asked specifically. 

Remember to use the Reiki for yourself as well as for others self treatment will accelerate your personal development and spiritual evolution and create the confidence and competence in yourself and energy work that will have the most positive effect.

one thing I have to make more clear is that for a lot of people the basic Reiki energy often does not feel very strong at all. My intention sequence is always Reiki ,power boost and then the other energies or Reiki-all to activate them all at once you can also play with power settings on a scale of one to 5 or 10. and with mode settings ,that is asking the energy to work for a specific purpose such as grounding, creativity, meditation, pain relief etc. which is not part of traditional Reiki but which seems to cross over from other systems that I have when I do attunements. As you use the energies you do become more aware and confident in them and they are also often more noticeable when invoked for a specific person or need. one of the biggest drawbacks of remote attunements and individual as opposed to small group attunements is that they cannot give you the hands on practice and feedback that ensures confidence in the energies right off. 

I ask that I be sent follow up email after I send remote attunements and like to hear from people about their progress using Reiki and any further questions that might come up.

a few thoughts on exchange
( a big issue in some Reiki circles)

I do accept the concept of exchange for value and I do believe in balance . Exchange is indeed the universal Law but to me exchange and Karma are not simple one to one events that occur in linear reality but are indeed universal in scope. we can complete an exchange through service to the universe

It is said that a butterfly in New York can effect the weather in Beijing, insisting always on immediate exchange in the name of balance may in my experience create a greater imbalance because an earlier imbalance may have been being rectified one must use ones own intuition and understanding regarding this.

Not only may what is right for me not be right for you but what is right for me now may not be right for me tomorrow. the healing treatment I give today may be balance for a good I received years ago or a harm done centuries ago.

I have and/or do receive compensation for services rendered including Reiki treatments Attunements ,other energy work and attunements, Guidance art work and catering among others.  I have no critisism for either the people who do Reiki for a living or for those who share Reiki without payment. I do think we must not ever be rigid and absolute  about this. For a long time The Universe had in the past offered opportunities to do the work I love without having to be concerned about compensation. Now however, I must help support my family and the universe is providing me with opportunities to be paid for work I love.

  I am first to say that those Reiki attunements I do long distance do not provide the training that my in person work does I am available for follow up.  I recommend a great deal of practice and study. I can not force students to do the practice and study. But this is experimental work in which part of the exchange is allowing me to do the work and part of the exchange is the mutual return to the universe of energies and service. This provides a variety of energies to a few people who truly need and value them . It is not having the energy that makes one a Reiki "master" it is what you do with them after you get them.
Generally with regard to compensating light workers I hold to the old saw that all Absolutes are wrong ,including this one.)

Peggy Jentoft 

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