Reiki KanjiA Brief Reiki History

Reiki is a system of Energy work for Spiritual energy healing and laying on of hands from Japan. Its True History is shrouded in myth and legend. There is a book out called REIKI FIRE which has reports of some recent research on the true history of Usui sensei and Reiki.  There may be more information available in the future.

Mikao Usui Sensei, Usually called Dr. Usui in the West, Apparently Studied Buddhist, Taoist and Chinese Chi gong and possibly Shinto and other healing systems intensively in active search of methods of spiritual healing and after much study received the Reiki energies at the end of a 21 day fast and meditation on Mount Kurama.

This  occurred In a vision or mystical experience said to have involved being struck on the head by a beam of light and seeing the symbols traditionally invoked to activate Reiki enclosed in beautiful rainbow colored bubbles. ( This is probably more of a legend than a factual report .)

My personal belief is that Usui Sensei received the attunements spiritually and that the symbols being Japanese written characters with esoteric meanings with which He would have already been familiar , were the explanation of the use of the Reiki energy and tools to facilitate activating Reiki for specific purposes  And that the symbols themselves were never meant to be sacred as such.

there are many stories about Usui Sensei's discovery or rediscovery of the power and use of the Reiki energy the most common belief being that he had found information about the use of healing energy in ancient texts and during his meditation on Mt Kurama was seeking the attunement to enable him to use the Reiki. Most of the stories are quite undoubtedly more creative then factual. Several (most) of these stories are told about other Japanese Historical and spiritual figures and were probably always intended more as parables than as factual reports.

Among the stories, Dr. Usui is said to have practiced Reiki healing in the slums of Kyoto For many years. He is said to have become angry that the beggars he healed preferred to be beggars instead of getting jobs. He decided that there must be an exchange of value in order for the healing to be valued. though the definition of exchange of value that has been used in the West has been rather more narrowly defined than that used traditionally in Japanese Spiritual and ethical systems. This is the story used in part to justify in part the very high charges for Reiki Services and attunements in the United States Of America in the past.

Dr Usui taught several Doctors his Reiki Healing We now know that there are still groups of practitioners in Japan who still teach Dr Usui's Methods . one of the people Dr Usui taught was Dr. Hayashi ,who set up a clinic and developed the Hand Positions and much of the formal system including the Three Degrees of the version of Reiki taught in the west and has come to be known in the U.S.A. as Usui Reiki or the Usui universal life energy healing system.

Dr. Hayashi was the director of one of at least 40 Reiki clinics that existed in Japan prior to World War 2 . He was not Dr Usui's sole chosen Successor and the Title of Grand Master probably was never used in Japan for any Reiki Teacher . He is however the person who attuned Mrs. Hawayo Takata.

Mrs. Hawayo Takata, A widow from Hawaii, had come to Japan to inform Her Parents of the Death of a relative and fell ill. She came to Dr. Hayashi's Clinic after hearing a voice tell her that an operation was not necessary as she waited for surgery for a chronic condition. Her condition responded and was healed at the clinic Mrs. Takata was able to get Dr. Hayashi to give her the Reiki attunements for levels one and two before she returned to Hawaii. Dr. Hayashi later came to Hawaii and attuned Mrs. Takata to The Master Level. Mrs. Takata opened a clinic in Hilo and charged $10000.00  for the Reiki Master Attunement . she felt that Americans would only value Reiki if it was very expensive. Mrs. Takata was apparently required to work at Dr Hayashi's Clinic for two years in order to receive the attunements and training and that, along with the expense of her journey to Japan was taken into consideration when she set her fees. BY Mrs. Takata's Death in 1980 she had reportedly attuned 22 Reiki Masters. Since her Death Many teachers have lowered the price greatly and many different schools or Reiki Have Evolved. and Reiki is becoming much more widely known and used throughout the world.

There are many different versions of the Reiki History and of the life of Dr. Usui, very few elements have been confirmed with absolute certainty. It seems quite certain that Dr Usui was never a Christian Minister or The President of a Christian School In Japan . That particular version of the Reiki History was probably created by Mrs. Takata or one of her associates in order to give Reiki more appeal to people in the West, Particularly as this was shortly before World War 2.

  Dr. Usui's   memorial stone is at a temple in Tokyo and has an inscription about his skill as a healer and help during the great Tokyo Earthquake.

The beggar king story and the torch in daylight story are also told about other Japanese spiritual figures as well as about Dr. Usui.  I have even heard the healing the inn maid and the bishop after coming off the Mountain story told about Nicheren. The mountain in that version was Minobu. I haven't retold these or several anecdotal stories about Mrs. Takata. There are also many different versions of the Reiki Principles which are a few guidelines Dr. Usui is said to have offered some time after getting awakened to the Reiki energy. These were apparently well known Precepts of the Meiiji Emperor.   Here is one version chosen at random.   

Just for today do not worry
Just for today do not anger
Honor your Parents, and Teachers
Respect all life
Be Thankful
Be Honest


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