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The Reiki Hand Positions

gassho hand placement reikiWe have several photo charts  of Reiki Hand  placements  on this page. There are some variations of the hand positions in the different charts. Some of the charts are larger than they appear on the page so that they will print out well.  These Charts may be printed and used in your practice and teaching.
I personally  almost always start with my hands over the top of the head on the crown first.  Most people are more comfortable with this as the first position and children are less likely to lick your hands if you start them off with a less challenging placement than directly over the face.  Most Practitioners take a moment to prepare for the treatment with their hands in the "Gassho" position.

During treatment, the hands are held slightly cupped and with the thumb and fingers  held  closed, rather like they are held  for swimming   It is  somewhat like having the hand in a sock rather than a mitten. Most people spend a moment before they begin the treatment with their hands held in the gassho or praying hands position at the chest or face as they mentally focus for the treatment . The touch is very light, no pressure is applied use a " butterfly touch".

basic Reiki hands formation

 Any position may be done in the Aura without physical contact. The hands are held from one to three inches above the body in the aura. The positions over the face,  over the throat and on the lower torso are often done in the aura .   It may not be obvious from the photos that  Lower torso/ Root chakra   positions are always  done in the Aura.  Practitioners with female clients  usually do positions over the breast area in the aura .

People often follow their intuition rather than folowing the traditional placements  but  it is reccommended that you follow cover  traditional  positions until your  intuition  kicks in.

Reiki hand position  chart 1
While doing the first 5 or 6  hand positions shown,  the practitioner stands  behind  the head of the recipient. The other  positions  are done from the side, except for the feet when you have room to stand at the foot of the treatment table.
The hands are often placed with the fingertips of one hand touching the heal of the other as for whether the left or right hand is the near hand or the far hand that depends on what is most comfortable for you . I also  like to run Reiki  into the joints, shoulders, elbows , wrists, knees, and hips, and the hands also. Intuition is the best guide but it is best to learn the traditional positions first,  in order to give your intuition something to work from . Reiki touch is very light, without pressure. The Reiki energies often run for about 3 to 5 minutes in each position when you are starting out and get faster over time.

The Client in this second chart is a close family member of the practitioner 

reiki chart hand positions
  The chart directly below includes the text panel when printed and is easy to read when on  8 by10 inch paper landscape format.
Reiki chart hand placements with text (HN Daniel Noble)
         Self treatment. Most people do knees  if one is flexible it is nice to do feet and back placements though many simply send the Reiki to difficult to reach places by intention.
Reiki chart self treatment placements
  The young man in the two previous charts is Daniel S. Noble,  Hospitalman, USN,  Born 11,11, 1985, KIA in Iraq  7, 24, 2007 While serving as a Medical Corpsman ,  forever in our hearts and memories . In Memory of Hn Daniel Noble  is a tribute page on My space. 


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