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When you receive Reiki Attunements

By Peggy Jentoft

This Page is a short introduction to the experience of getting attunements and using Reiki. 

Some people prefer to keep the Attunement process quite mysterious  but most people would like some idea of what they might expect during a Reiki class and attunement . After  you have decided to receive attunement to  Reiki and chosen a Reiki teacher to Attune you and teach you how to use Reiki   The teacher will probably tell you something about  her methods and her requirments for the attunement.

You will be expected to refrain from consuming alcohol before the attunement. Some Reiki teachers may ask that you avoid coffee, soda , chocolate and tobacco for several days prior to the attunement. A few suggest or request that you refrain from eating meat before the attunement.  I personally will not attune someone who is using alcohol or recreational drugs  but do not have other restrictions.
Wear loose comfortable clothing and shoes that you can easily remove if asked to do so.  Most classes include some Reiki treatment as well as practice .
Some Teachers  perform the Reiki One Attunements in 4 seperate segments placed throughout the class  others will perform the attunement in one or two segments. Most Reiki teachers use a ritual or ceramonial style of attunement  in which they may touch your hands, head and shoulders and move around you as  you sit in a chair . They may also blow air across your heart area. The Reiki teacher will tell you when or if they wish you to place your hands in a specific location or position during the attunement.  Most Reiki teachers ask you to keep your eyes  closed during the actual attunement  if they are attuneing others with a ritual method  individually they may or may not allow/ encourage you to watch those attunements.

There are many different forms of Reiki attunement  They all work . the important factors in the atttunement Are the reiki Teachers ability to pass the attunement and their intention to do so and your intention to receive the attunement

Another  form of attunement is the Direct intention attunement in which the Teacher does the attunement  as energy work directly transmitting it without external ritual.  Most of the time the teacher using  this method will sit across from you or in a circle  with you and others being attuned. This method can be used to attune groups of people at one time. This is the form I use most often.

A third method by which the ability to use reiki is transmitted is called Reiju and is based on what are believed to be  methods similar to those used by Mikao Usui .  Generally this form is used to strengthen the Reiki connection  in  the traditional  form this was not an attunement  but rather a gradual deepening of abilities. Recently  it has been  adapted as an attunement form . When Receiving reikiattunement through Reiju there is an active meditation form called HatsuRei Ho  which you will do prior to and during the attunement  this  icludes some energy charging and auric cleansing /dry-brushing exercise gestures  followed by a period of contemplation during which the ability to use reiki will be transmitted. You will be seated  with your eyes closed  during this  procedure.

During the Attunement
Whatever form is chosen  for the transmission, during the attunement you may or may not experence feelings of energy moving . Some people see colors or forms , symbols, hear  sounds  or have physical sensations . Other people do not have any unusual sensations at all  this does not make a difference in their ability to use Reiki.
Many people can feel the attainment as It is done, as heat or waves of energy flowing into their body or they may see light etc..  Some people do not have any such experience at all other than perhaps feeling both more relaxed and energized than usual. Most people, but not all, who regularly feel subtle energies are able to feel some of the energy coming in.

  After Effects

It is recommended that you Drink lots of water after an attunement . Attunements and treatments sometimes may  (rarely) cause physical detoxification, some people report a lot of emotional processing for up to 3 weeks or 21 days after an attunement. Anyone one getting Reiki treatments and or attunements is encouraged to drink lots of water and reminded that in some rare cases the release of toxins and/or energetic or physical realignments will cause them to feel worse for a small time before they feel better. Plese contact your reiki teacher if you have some unusual experience you feel is related to your attunement  Any severe or continuing unusual discomfort should be referred to an appropriate medical professional because it could possibly   not be realated to the attunement at all.

Using Reiki

After the attunement you will want to practice  activating and using your Reiki as soon as you can . You may get the  sensations of feeling heat in your hands  or sensing energy flow or not . Sometimes it takes a bit of practice to get the hang of running the Reiki energy. The teacher should make sure  that you know that the attunement  has "taken" and that you can "run" Reiki before the class ends .   Here is  some information to help you get started After Your attunement , Using Reiki
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