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I have known many people who believe in reincarnation because of  memories and skills  that  they have.  I  have often found that  many people who will say that they do not believe in reincarnation will confidentially  acknowledge past life memories. Yes the church removed overt  references and formal acknowledge of reincarnation for political reasons and to avoid  some of the pitfalls that occur . Pitfalls  include folks who figure they can slack off now and fix it in a later life and those who are callous and uncompassionate  because they attribute everyone else problems to " bad Karma" and a tendency to fatalism.

I believe in reincarnation, I also believe in ancestral and cellular memory and in  telepathic/ akashic recall too. I have always believed in reincarnation ( this Life ) because  I am one who has extensive past life memories. I have occasionly also seen images of others past experiences and received validation.  I have come into life with some skills  that were difficult  to explain  without reincarnation. My brother was a child  prodigy on violin. I have always been able to paint impressionist art   and would express opinions and knew details of certain details of the Bohemian society in France at the end of the nineteenth century even when I was a very young child.  I have only ridden a horse a few times  this life  but when I have done so people have accused me of  falsehood because apparently  I appeared to be a very accomplished rider. Sometimes some details  of these memories have been confirm able as historically valid  my spouse identified a military unit and time from a description of a uniform from a past memory of mine, I once responded  to a remark by making a movement which turned out to be a sequence of  the Medieval language of the sword.

My cellular, ancestral memories differ significantly  from my past life memories.  An Ancestral memory is likely to be a generalized knowing or feelings about  something like war or famine or a general historical context. A personal past life memory is usually much more specific and often is triggered or explains a current life situation or helps expose a pattern.  Ancestral memories usually are connected with  some genetic factor such as regarding Ireland or Scotland  or other elements of my actual ancestry. Past life memories  are often about places  and situations which are not part of my genetic heritage.

In part we  choose life plans and rebirths to learn lessons,  to accomplish goals,  to fulfill missions and chosen purposes, to serve and create a positive unfolding of the universe. Just as we read many  different kinds of books we live different kinds of lives not because we are trying to escape  the wheel of incarnation and opt out of the "game"  nor  to mitigate "bad Karma " neither are we reborn to save the universe etc.In our lives  we enjoy the  experiences  the unfolding and the passage  the learning .  Some skills and  knowledge  requires  a longer sequence of study and experience than can be learned in one life .

It is often much easier to access past life memories than we expect it to be.  Most people do not even need to be hypnotized  as such.  Often just closing your eyes, relaxing  with the intentions to allow past life information to reveal itself is enough.  simply by observing any images that appear and following the stream of thoughts you are likely to gain insight to past lives and the issues you are contending with in this life.  Most people at first may only get a single  image or quick impression but over time even these brief images will give you  considerable information and they may come together like a puzzle.
Other times you may get an entire life or even an overview from many lives or of life themes . The Emotional Healing Symbol and the remote healing symbol are often invoked to assist with pat life recall remote viewing techniques and training also often helps with this.

Peggy Jentoft

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