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Tattwa page two

 Tattwa page one      Tattwa Manifestation Procedure

 The Tattwas are  geometric shapes which communicate  your desires and goals directly to the subconscious. 
The basic shapes are the triangle, circle, moon and square which correspond respectively to the elements Fire, Air,
 Water and Earth. the Tarot card association is also listed as well as healing function.

Tejas - Triangle  represents Fire , passion,  meditate on this symbol  to intensify and clarify desire, creativity, prosperity, magnetism and  to develop the right brain .

Fire and Fire Meditation Tattwa

Fire tattwa  Fire Meditation tattwa

- Circle represents Air , thought, and is used  to enhance ones ability to visualize and discriminate. Meditation on circles activates the subconscious mind brings about greater ability to discriminate ,concentrate and communicate.

Air  and Air meditation Tattwas

Air tattwaair meditation tattwaairmed2 tattwa  


Cresent Moon shape represents Water ,  this symbol increases the ability to feel , meditation with this form can bring greater self reflection sensitivity and receptivity toward others. Tibeten Version of this tattwa is a purple half circle.

Water and Water Meditation Tattwa
  Water silver tattwa 
Water Meditation tattwa  

Prithivi -Squares represent Earth, focus and determination , diversity , inner strength  enhances the ability to move from dreams to reality.Earth and Earth Meditation Tattwa

Earth tattwa  Earth Meditation tattwa

Akasha - Ovoid or ellipse represents Spirit, Ether,  space, the void , the universe , the womb, the cosmic egg, new life, understanding , female or yin energy. Some versions are more egg shaped.

  Spirit and Spirit meditation tattwa 

   Spirit 2 tattwa  Akasha Meditation TATTWa   Spirit tattwa     

Here are Some Tattwas  associated with  Astrological signs and Planets and Tarot Major Arcana Cards and some suggestions for use in meditation and healing work.  Meditation on gazing at, "flashing" and  coloring your own are some methods for activation to manifest the effects  of the tattwa  in your life

0Uranus -The Fool tattwa0 - Uranus -The Fool
To overcome depression, obsession,rigidity, eccentricity

To develop  intuition, higher vision, courage, sense of adventure , cheerfulness,  productivity, originality, uniqueness

             1-Mercury the magician tattwa  

1- Mercury -the Magician

To overcome compulsion, deception and self delusion, improve concentration and discrimination
To develop  communication skills ,self respect ,assertiveness, mental quickness


2-Highpriestess Moon tattwa2-Moon- High Priestess

To overcome aimlessness, uncertainty,mental fogginess, automatic reactions &   deep-seated Irritation & anxiety.

 To develop a calm & sedate nature,   versatility, adaptability, , memory & ability to recall.

3-Empress-venus tattwa3-Venus-The Empress

   To overcome  feeling rejected, dissipation of energy , laziness, ,) reckless desires & Indulgences, self-disparagement .

  To develop  a creative & vivid imagination,  the ability to visualize,   healthy emotions & desires,  artistic  talent & appreciation for refinement

4-Aries-Emperor4-Aries-The Emperor
  To overcome  the tendency to extremes, disorderliness , hyperactivity, , poor reasoning,   submissiveness.
  To develop  sound reasoning ability,  mental energy,  foresight,  leadership, Initiative & ambition,  Interest & enthusiasm.


5-Taurus-Hirophant5-Taurus-The Heirophant
  To Overcome  slothfulness,  self indulgence,  possessiveness,   materialism,   stubbornness.

 To develop   Intuition,   loyalty , determination,   magnetism, originality,  ability to hear the inner Voice,   artistic abilities.

6 gemini lovers
6-Gemini  The Lovers

 To overcome  Indecisiveness,    hesitancy,  futility,Inability  to discriminate,disharmony,  shallowness,   superficiality.

 To develop  ability to analyze, ability to perceive subtle differences, clear & concise communication,  being unattached,  cooperation, determination, persistance, studiousness.

7 cancer chariot
   7-Cancer - The Chariot  

  To Overcome   being stubborn or overly tenacious,  vengefulness, possessiveness,
 moodiness, Irritation , anxiety, loss.

To develop  sensitivity , feminine qualities,  Intuitive perception,magnetism,  prosperity.

leo strength   

  8 -Leo- Strength 

 To overcome  unproductive habits and fixations,  obstinacy, automatic reactions,  , cruelty, arrogance.

 To develop  proper control & use of kundalini,  courage, strength,   productivity,   frankness,   regalness,  cheerfulness.

9 virgo hermit
- Virgo - The Hermit

 To overcome  fear of isolation,   being misunderstood.   being stuck,   messiness,   poor nutrition & diet.

 To develop  good health,  clarity in details,   ability to receive & broadcast higher wisdom & knowledge,    the transformation of the physical body.

10 jupiter wheel
10 - Jupiter- Wheel of Fortune

  To overcome  loss,  stinginess & penny pinching,  wasting time & energy,   impatience, false pride.

  To develop   self-confidence, happiness, good fortune,  better comprehension of any problem,   generosity,  prosperity,  great reserve strength.

11 libra justice11 - Libra- Justice

   To overcome  indecisiveness,   being stuck,  emotional   instability, lack of insight,  poor judgment,   promiscuity.

  To develop   insight, proper judgment, mental & emotional balance, poise,   understanding of others,   the ability to use knowledge,   a cultured mind.

   12 neptune hanged man
-Neptune- Hanged Man

 To overcome    escapism & Inability to handle life,   feeling rejected,   negative psychicisim   alcoholism or drug addiction.

  To develop  Intuition, a quiet mind,  a compassionate personality,   comprehension of the principle of reversal.

  13 -Scorpio-Death..

  To overcome  cruelty & shrewdness, revengefulness,   extreme possessiveness,   tenacity, stubbornness,  fear of death.

 To develop  keen perception,  determination,  creativity, resourcefulness, unattachment

14 - Sagittarius - Temperance -

 To overcome   Impracticality,   being too conventional, lack of self-esteem,  despondency,  preachiness,  condescension.

  To develop  one-pointedness, focus, generosity, prosperity, courage, confidence,  the ability to act wisely In all situations,  Inner guidance, knowingness  spiritual & philosophical interests.

 15 -
Capricorn - The Devil .

  To overcome  being stuck & feeling trapped,   lack of  material success,   getting  caught by appearances.

 To  develop  material success, ability to complete a task,   ability to see beyond appearances and find the true cause.

16 - - Mars -The Tower

  To overcome   apathy, obstruction, physical/ mental  fatigue,  Impotency , sexual disorders, unproductive habits.

 To develop initiative, leadership,   strength, courage , determination,will power, foresight, creativity, , keen reasoning, perception.


- Aquarius- The Star

 To overcome extreme over eccentricity, ostentatiousness,  Impracticality, unreliability,  wastefulness, daydreaming.

 To develop  productivity, creative meditation,  accelerated spiritual unfoldment,  the ability to perceive truth & justice.

18 -
Pisces- The Moon -
 To overcome  chaos, disorganization, , discouragement, unruly emotions,  poor judgment,  apathy, loss.

 To develop  certainty, determination,   perfect control of the mind & body,   realization on the body level.

19 sun sun 
19· Sun- The Sun -

  To overcome  lack of vitality,  despondency, depression,    being pessimistic or overly  optimistic,   undue pride.

 To develop vitality & optimism,  productivity, fertility,   a warm & affectionate nature,  dignity and distinction.

20-Pluto-Judgement20·Pluto- Judgment -
 o overcome Impulsiveness , abrupt & disruptive action, a bizarre Imagination, , unrealistic belief & demands.
To develop the burning  desire to grow spiritually,   the courage to face mistakes & correct them, to create  a reserve of energy to complete tasks.

21-Saturn-World  21 - Saturn -The World -

 To overcome all fears; especially fear of being alone, suspicion, anxiety, Instability, Insecurity   wastefulness.

To develop understanding, comprehension, thoughtfulness, tolerance, temperance,  ability to define, limit , create.

 Tattwa Manifestation Procedure

   The Chakra yantra symbols are made from the Tattwa  formschakraset
The images were made with my psp vector preset  shapes  which can be downloaded at PJs PAINTSHOPPRO STUFF
Peggy Jentoft, Dec 27, 2005

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