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A little On Dreams  

My alien Cat dream
I was at a cocktail party, everyone was   drinking flourecent yellow martinis.  All the other guests  were giant  maroon cats with glowing eyes. The Cats  were gazing at me with intense interest.  Suddenly my entire body  except for my head and feet turned into a salmon fillet.  
Even if you don't remember dreams you have them.

Most dreams are about ourselves and generally relate  to what   is going on in our daily life. The people you see in your dreams often represent aspects of yourself even when they are also people you know . Dreams are often  a  kind of message or post it note from your inner self, and subconscious  to your conscious self. Dreams are often messages from the emotional intuitive self to the  rational thinking self.
Sometimes the characters in your dreams may be carriers of spiritual energies, angels, guides, or have spiritual information and   messages  for you. Sometimes in dreams we receive messages from spirits of people we have known who have crossed over.

Not all dreams are meaningful or significant. Some dreams are Psychic or  Prophetic, Symbolic, Healing, Creative etc. and others are .... crap.

Different kinds of dreams
 Psychic dreams may  predict  events that will  possibly occur or may occur in the future.   Some Psychic dreams I have  had depicted outcomes stemming from  junctions the point where different choices and actions  lead to different outcomes. Psychic dreams may also clarify some point or provide information not otherwise available  explain a mystery, inform about a situation etc..

 Prophetic dreams are those which convey lessons and message about higher reality, spirituality  or global evolution etc..   Symbolic dreams, are dreams filled with symbols which can be interpreted or   researched and meditated on to find the meaning. 

Lucid dreams are those where you become aware during the dream that you are dreaming. Some dreams are just the blown off  fragments of memories and imagination and usually make no sense what so ever or make sense only in the context of personal concerns.

My dream about becoming the Hors d'oeuvre at the cats party  came at a time of high pressure and multiple deadlines  and made me aware of how  I was feeling about my life at that time. The symbols in that dream were easy to interpret and probably did not contain  higher, deeper, mystical meanings to be pondered.  Dreams  inspired by too many anchovy ice cream sandwiches, illness  or over excitement might not have even that level of significance. 

You will need to learn your own symbolism to understand your dreams properly, for example water will have a different meaning to an Olympic swimmer than
to someone who believes they drowned in a previous life. a  One way to learn to interpret your dreams is to divide a page in half and write down as much detail about the dream as you can  recall
down the left hand side of the paper. Down the right hand side, take each event you recorded, and write what that means to you.When you have finished, read what you have written on the right hand side
and see if it builds a picture you understand. With practice it will.

Sleep and Dreams are ESSENTIAL  to sanity and health, People who are prevented from dreaming may become disoriented and or delusional.  If you do not get enough sleep.  you will eventually reach the point where you have hallucinations etc. This is essentially dreaming while awake.

 Setting aside the issue of prophetic and symbolic dreams for the moment to discuss ways of dealing with dreams that may stem either from boundary issues or from personal energy imbalances  and unresolved  issues. Dreams containing misplaced sexual  desire , violence or frightening foreboding images are often expressions of these internal difficulties rather than being prophetic.
When I or others have had troubling  or obsessive dreams and fantasies I have found that grounding ,centering, clearing and shielding procedures done before going to sleep
in addition to throughout the day can help greatly . Also of prime importance  is making sure  that your second  chakra  is open and  clear , that tears and blocks are being worked on  and  (very important)  the chakra is locked into the central channel . Imagine /envision your chakra as a set of cones  with  the points at the spine and the wide part at the outside front and back of your body , the points should be locked into the central energy channel . How ever you are able to form the intention of healing and locking in the chakra will work the specific techniques are not as important
as the intention . Naturally your intention and focus is that all your chakra and energy system be working in health, beauty and harmony but many  of  the specifics mentioned in discussions of dreams
do relate to second chakra issues . I have often  seen people have amazing results and healing result from only a little work on  the second chakra when  dreams and troubling thoughts .

This  is an example of a real dream  well described by the dreamer.
  (shared with permission from Jana Hughes)
 Natural disaster at Disneyland. this was my flood dream. in the rush of the water, all the simulated adventure park adventure became real. William Turner, the pirate from the Carribean, navigating his ship, with me on board through parking lots filled with floating cars and punk kids, lines of refugees climbing up to higher ground, children running across broken glass. We were separated, each of us, and had to go out in search of our children, scattered across the park.

There was a garden at the house on the edge of the park where you and your family lived and owned a small concessions shop. There was a talking and biting beaver there too.... you said he was your half brother, I think. I kept calling him badger, it was our little joke.. I could tell he liked me because he didn't bite me hard. He could transform into human shape when the time came to perform his rap routine, but he didn't win the award show. There were sex starved tweny-almosts, seducing rampantly. I was too busy and distracted and chaste to join them, but couldn’t quite tell if my lover was too.

Once i found my daughter, the only way off the island was the train, a roller coaster, the only ride left that wasnt or washed out. As we came down the final hill Robin Williams gave every passenger a high five and said ‘you’re only born with a small amount of insanity, so cherish it”. There was a huge statue of bodhisattva surrounded by monks and bells and orchids and a cafe that served overpriced and watery lattes and sandwiches, but thankfully, the monks had won the 'no deep fryer' argument with management. The roof of the temple dome was made of an iridescent cloth that let the rain through, but blocked any image of the sky. “Where will we meet” I yelled, as the elevator door closed. Taking me up, leaving you on lower ground.
(This may in part have had to do with a stop smoking patch, a childs first trip alone out of state, recalled memories etc.  or something else altogether)

You may what does this have to do with crystals what crystals  help or work with dreams?  After long contemplation and study my conclusion is that all crystals can or do  help with Dreams  or may share information in dreams . There are certainly "traditional dream stones".

Any generalized listing of traditional Dream stones will be incomplete. When one persons list is exactly the same as another persons they are probably just following lists and not paying enough attention to the messages from the crystals themselves. Some stones and crystals do come up over and over again for many different people.
Your best option is to seek out and listen look feel for those particular crystal who have messages , assistance, companionship for you in your dream work and for any particular circumstance. Many stones even those who are not dream stones will tell you about themselves and give you relevant message in your dreams. There are so many different reasons we seek clarity in dreams so there are many many stones who will answer depending on the particular situation.

A personal list of stones for dreaming should vary from person to person. I tend to burble whenever I try to discuss dreams and crystals so many have answered and taught me in the dream time that I feel overwhelmed.  there are too many to list and I should have taken more notes.
Aquamarine, Phrenite , fluorite , jade, kyanite , Laramar, Lepiediolite, Turquoise ,chysocholla, many different clear and milky quartz crystals in many different formations can and will guide , advise, lead you and heal within dreams. when you read the books and search the Internet and when you commune with the crystals and stones yourself you will find that almost every crystal and stone is a dream stone for someone.

 There is a lovely ammonite the kind with the pearly slightly iridescent outer casing that often comes to sleep with me and leads me into dreams that a re calming , visionary, unraveling mysteries and issues both ancient and current. There is a nameless opaque pale aqua stone in Grey matrix with whom I dream of angels and journeys within other realms , There is a natural Citrine who has carried me into classrooms of mystic revelation and returns me with the ability to work with those lessons practically.

Green Jades are on record as an ancient dream stone. They have been slept with and promoted visionary dreams , peaceful dreams , journeying, healing dreams almost everywhere they have been found throughout the world.

Azurite particularly the crystal form helps with preparing for dreams. Some suggest that you place the crystal on your forehead for about 15 minutes before you fall asleep to facilitate lucid or spiritual dreams. Some little nodules of Azurite have given me dreams that were at once playful and full of wise guidance.
Many blue stones are found on most suggested lists especially for peaceful dreams, Lapis has been called on for visionary dreams and Sodalite for dreams of soul retrieval
violet stones such as Amethyst are said to promote strong vision in dreams and facilitate dreams and meditation.

Jaspers and obsidian have often been gate keepers for protection and preventing nightmares during sleep time.
Blue Lace Agate frequently helps with restful dreams and calming as well as when you need to work on practical matters during your dream time.

Herkimer Diamond is a wonderful dream companion moving you to a higher deeper level helping your reach that state of full awareness in your dreams and subsequent recall.
What crystals and stones are dream stones for you? What stones do you suggest to others for dream work of all kinds

   Peggy Jentoft 

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