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John Paul  Mullins b -September 27,1922 D- April 30,2007   & Rebekah May Mullins d-April 30 2007
My Father and Stepmother  in a car accident Near Sandy Oregon
Rest in Peace

John  Paul Mullins and granddaughter Nicole
John Paul Mullins  and Granddaughter Nicole   There are  no  photos of Rebekah May Mullins

ohn Mullins was  The 3rd of  four children. His father left when he was three and he was raised by his mother, a registered nurse. in Baker Oregon.  They had very little but were proud of being as self sufficient as possible.  He grew up and  served in the Army/Airforce as a pilot. He was stationed in the Aleutian Islands because his brothers  were already  stationed in all of the  major WW2 war Theaters.  His Oldest brother Hal was killed in Korea at the end of World War two.
 He said that he loved  parachuting  out of planes .

He married  E.Claudine Biggs Of Baker, Oregon. They had two children   Peggy and  Paul.  They moved to Portland, Oregon where John attended and  Graduated from Lewis and Clark College  with a BA, under the G.I. bill . He majored in business but preferred to work with his hands.He was an auto mechanic and a grinder fitter and member of  the Machinists Union .

accident sceneHe was rather shy and soft spoken with a dry sense of humor, He was exremely honest  and held himself to high standards. He never did manage to shoot a deer  even though he always went deer hunting , but most years we still had venison and he was always invited to more hunts than he could take part in  because he could pitch a tent in driving wind and start a fire in pouring rain and could cook biskits over an open fire  etc quite well. He did become a fairly good fisherman .  He was not a particulary political person but because he could take shorthand and type he became  the Secretary of His sons' Cub and Boy Scout  organizations and as Secretary of his Local Machinists Union for many years. 
 His first wife  developed Lew Gherigs Disease and John took care of her during her long decline himself . She died in 1992  and he married Becky May  in 1996.  She was also killed in the same accident. he loved to tie flies fish and to repair things he did woodworking and repaired lawn mowers for fun.  For a while he had a boat.  He always had a vegetable garden and grew flowers. He is survived by  His son , daughter, five granddaughters and 2 great grandchildren.

Rebekah M. Mullins also died April 30, 2007, at age 78. Rebekah M. Walls was born Dec. 5, 1928, in Detroit, Mich., and moved to Portland in 1932. She graduated from Jane Addams High School and was a homemaker. In 1946, she married Anton Mertens; they divorced. She married Kenneth McDonald in 1978; he died in 1989. She married John Mullins in 1996; he died in the same accident. Survivors include her son, Charles Mertens; stepdaughter, Peggy Jentoft; stepson, Paul Mullins; sisters, Esther Weston and Mabel Kirchem; one grandchild; and three great-grandchildren.
 Becky was a great ol gal and  she made my dad really happy   they had lots of fun together. She did not like to be photographed.
John P Mullins  Alution Islands 1944    jpm
Photos of John Paul Mullins from 1944 in the Aleutian Islands




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