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Perhaps most people  choose  jewelry  for its decorative effect,  to enhance an outfit or to
make a personal statement .  One way to benefit from the properties of the crystals and
stones is to wear them.   The jewelry  you wear can help with your personal   healing and spiritual development .  Often people who have no conscious knowledge of crystal healing will select jewelry set with  stones that will have a positive healing effect for them .

   Some Crystals and other stones worn as jewelry may need to be cleared occasionally  in order for them to continue to help enhance the heal a persons energy field.   Some stones do absorb energies from the people and their surroundings. 

   When you have a particular purpose in mind  usually it is best to keep the variety of stones you are wearing  relatively limited.  Choose stones  appropriate for the purpose you want.  When you  wear a variety  of stones at onceyou  might want to spend a little focused time and energy to harmonize the stones to work together with you in an optimum way.

Usually treat the whole person first and focus on specific issues after that.

Jewelry is usually easier to select for emotional healing  a purpose like counteracting depression  or improving
vitality  or awakening the ability to give and receive love  than for complex physical conditions.

   Quartz crystal points are often worn for general protection and well being.
There has been a lot of discussion about the correct way to wear crystal points in pendants but in practice  it does not actually seem to  make a major difference whether the point is worn  point upwards or downwards .
There is a slight increase in the energy field in the direction of the point. Point downward the crystal will help more with grounding and point upwards it will work a bit more on intuition and spiritual issues.

Many people prefer to keep the base of quartz points open by using wire wrap or other open setting . 
Metal settings will not normally  interfere with the effectiveness of the stone .
You may dedicate or program the jewelry setting  to work harmoniously with the stones.

The stone will draw in the appropriate  frequencies.  These will either permeate the entire aura or will focus on the areas of most need.   You can amplify the energy of the crystal if you feel it is appropriate. Some people do feel that larger stones are more effective than small ones.

My experience has been that the size of the stone is not especially relevant to its effectiveness.  Though if you have larger stones that is fine as long as you can wear or carry them comfortably.
 Crystals can work in much the same way as  flower essences and homeopathic  remedies work. Eeven a tiny stone can access   enough  energy  for most  work.  The effect of the energy can be amplified if you feel it is necessary.

    The particular location of the stone is also not absolutely critical in most cases.Placing the stone on or near the specific area related to the purpose of treatment is often faster and has a more focused effect.
 You can also intensify the effectiveness of treatment directed to a specific area or situation by placing the stones  on or near an energy channel, meridian , ao, chakra etc.  that is on the path or actively "rules" that area or situation .
Energy will flow to wear it is most needed  when it is allowed to do so. You can also direct
and focus the energy from the crystal by intention.     Sometimes you will feel that a stone needs to be somewhere  that has no pocket or practical place to wear jewelry. Little  pouches can be pinned inside clothing for  fine tuned
placement .  Some people even tape little pouches with the stones onto their body.  Using a pouch or fabric wrapper keeps tape residue of the stone.

    Pendants and necklaces are  worn often  for healing  or protective purposes. these usually do effect the entire body and energy field .

The length of the chain a pendant is on will help  control  the strongest effect of the stone. A pendant or necklace resting  at   the throat chakra might  have the greatest effect on communication and creativity and other throat chakra issues but will still provide energy to the entire aura and physical body.
A stone between the throat and the heart can help with issues of defining your personal needs and space and with your deeper connection to spiritual source.
Earrings can help balance throat neck and head energies.
 A pendant over the heart can help with  heart issues  matters of love and spiritual healing.
 A  stone near the heart will effect your emotional state and ability to feel love and compassion.
A stone over the solar plexus  will influence how you use personal energy  and the way
your  will works with your entire being .

    Rings  are a way of placing energy over major channels and there are many systems
which have well defined rules about where to wear rings and which stones go where . I do
not have experience with these systems so this is in an exploratory state. Many such systems recommend that you do not wear thumb rings  as the thumb represents your personal free will and should be unadorned.

Naval jewelry can have a profound influence on the relationship of  personal will to soul purpose and awareness of  the Source.  One energy teacher I know strongly feels that naval jewelry is depleting . However my experience  has been that the people I have known before and after naval piercing have become more grounded ,stable and  self confident after the piercing and wearing of belyl rings .

. No book or crystal teacher I have found so far has addressed the specific effects of jewelry used in  some of the currently fashionable piercing locations so I have no particular information about the  specific energy effects of nose rings , tongue studs or "hood" ornaments.   Other than to say that such jewelry does not interfere with Reiki treatments or
other energy work and does not need to be removed for those treatments.

There are some masters of Chi who do feel that piercings and the jewelry worn in piercings can have a depleting or blocking effect on energy flow .  My experience has been that visualizing the etheric  energy fields as open and  structuraly intact will keep them functioning normaly even when  there are piercings or injuries.

Many people feel that the stones worn on the left side have to do with receiving energies and that stones worn on the right side will primarily  influence projective matters  and outside issues.

Your experience may  guide you to different colors or stones  than the common choces  for a specific purpose or  location. Some tradidional choices  for jewalry for specific purposes  include the following.  ( these are not by any means "rules ')

Wear  blue stones at or near the throat  for help with speaking,   intuition,  inner truth,  hearing.

Green or pink stone sat  or near the heart.
Yellow  near the solar plexus.
Orange at  the naval.

Jewelry with crystals and stones is worn for personal adornment  but also can be used for all kinds of  healing, and magic and   comfort.

Most of us are familiar with the power bead bracelets that have been a fad from time to time these single strand gemstone bead bracelets are a fun way to wear stones and crystals for therapeutic purposes . These should be of genuine stones.  While it is possible to charge plastic and other synthetic materials with healing energies most people can not easily do this
and the energies do not usually remain active for long.
There are an almost infinite number of systems  for using jewelery in crystal healing  but as usual your own experience and intuition will guide you to the particular ways that are most effective for you.

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