Huna Secrets

One Meaning of the Word Huna is Secret  or Hidden. This is in the sense of sacred and were revealed or revealed themselves only after much care and preparation. This is also secret in the sense of a delightful surprise which is revealed at the best time. Traditionally  a teacher would give hints and guidance that allowed a student to discover a principle themselves.   Then the teacher would confirm the understanding. These practices have been suppressed for many centuries and are now being revealed from the many places they have been kept safe. 

  It is very difficult to explain What Huna is, perhaps in part because of the tradition of secrecy but mostly because it is better experienced than explained. Rather than relying on intellectual definitions, In Most Kahuna practices wisdom is developed by practicing exercises, meditations, energy work, chanting, sacred dance, trance visualizations or other components of specific schools and families of the practices. Most of my experience is internal and spiritual and goes beyond language . For me,and for many others , The magic works. We become happy, we become wiser, we are able to manifest our dreams ,we have an understanding of how it all really works we are connected and embraced by the Earth and all the beings that live on and in our world. I have read books and continue to study other schools and systems of  Huna and have been fortunate enough to encounter practicioners of many paths of huna who have been extrordinarily willing to share teachings and insights. I have been told by some people who specialize in past life work that this is by no means my first encounter with these practices certainly the experience of huna has the feel of a lost treasure recovered . 

The Huna way of life and philosophy teaches that the key to living a fulfilled life lies in the awakening and integration of your subconscious self , conscious self, and higher self. It offers us a vision of life centered in Love, a way of the heart with Humankind, Nature, and the Divine as harmonious parts of a cosmic community. This is not to say that the body mind and spirit are separate entities in the first place but the illusion of separation is often prevalent in "Western" Thought .A basic rule of Huna is distilled as "NO HURT, NO SIN" . Huna is universal in scope . Legend traces Huna back to Lemuria it is most certainly among the oldest of spiritual teachings preserved and alive on this planet today. and is a treasure trove of practical wisdom and Spiritual insight. 

 Huna is centered in the here and now ,it deals with the mundane day to day reality in the physical world while also helping practitioners to reach states of great Awareness and clarity. The practice of Huna produces results in personal growth   greater happiness and  the ability to affect the environment in a positive way. The unseen forces that produce these effects are quite real.

The life force is called Mana and learning to build up and use Mana allows you to do healing and manifest changes in your life . There are many schools of Huna. Huna practice does involve direct contact with spiritual guides and energies and great intuitive awakening.   The use of Chanting, breath work, meditations and energy work. are common to many Huna traditions some include initiation practices and   attunements to the aura to assist the student  in  connecting with the  spiritual forces involved . Huna has Taught about the power of the subconscious centuries before the Western recognition of psychology and has effective therapy for many of the emotional and mental distresses common today. 

  Huna is wonderful for emotional healing. Huna practice leads rapidly  to a real feeling of being blessed and nurtured by the Earth and development of  qualities of heart and courage , and a  grounded spiritual awareness . some Huna schools include techniques for hands on healing for dissolving emotional conflict, manifesting abundance and many other blessings. different schools may use various techniques to achieve these results but they all do work. 
The Practice of Huna does involve work with Aumakkua, The Spiritual Guides of Huna.

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