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Free will, Spiritual healing and "taking on Karma"
One of the most  frequent cautions you will encounter  when doing any  spiritual healing is that you must not interfere in someones free will  or you may take on their negative karma.
Have you ever felt that this warning served as a sop to excuse unkindness and other un compassionate behavior?

How can you tell the difference between a situation where you must not interfere with another's Karma and a situation that has come before you because it is an opportunity or mission for you to expiate some of your own negative karma and advance your spiritual evolution? In Huna and in some Buddhist teachings the teaching is that you are only aware of any problem or situation because it is in some way part of our own situation, issues and or karma.

Whether you practice crystal healing or energy work or some other form you need to have and follow ethical practices. One cannot and should not try to force healing. One should not make try to convert or force
a change in another by coercive energy work or prayer. We cannot be "Rescuers".

When we feel an intuitive prompting to offer energy or a kind thought or even physical or financial assistance in some situations. Do we really believe that it is uniformly wrong to act on that intuition? First off How do we know that the illness, unhappiness or what ever condition is not cause by someones ( or our own) interference in the free will of
the individual already? How do we know that it is even possible for us too interfere with someone's free will ? While it is true that most people are about as well as they intend to be They can choose to become healed , to accept help or to refuse it.

Many People believe that unless you have specific permission to send energy from the intended recipient you should never do anything. Not even mention a possibility. Do we really believe would cause harm to be compassionate or even just mention a possible beneficial path? Do we think that A kind wish, a hope for the highest good or the offer of
energy will really cause harm to ourselves or to others? I believe that people who need to deal with their own issues will do so.

I believe that we are all interconnected. There are some situations where we must stand back and others where we must take action even without a specific request to do so. If you see someone about to throw themselves out a high window and you can stop them ( without harm to yourself) you should do so.
Certainly I think that we would take on negative Karma were we to refuse to do good when we could have just because of fear of impacting karma. Certainly many of us have issues with compassion and with mercy we may have issues with accepting help.

I think that we have chosen to be born for a reason. We have missions as well as lessons to learn . When ever someone tells me that we are not to offer help in any way because that could interfere with another persons Karma My BS warning detectors have always gone off . Yes, there have been times when I have received a strong intuitive guidance
to "back off " or "stay out " and have followed that. Other times My intuition has been to act and I have done so. Sometimes the energy or offer is refused sometimes it has been accepted but In either case I strongly feel that the offer and the energy or well wishing has never done harm.

Peggy Jentoft


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