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Simulated stones, artificial stone, plastic, "enhanced"and abused stones

Do simulated gems have the same properties and healing as a genuine   stone?  The primary answer is NO.amber some real some fake

    Simulated, completely artificial imitations of glass or plastic  do not  have the same properties  as natural stones  though   some items can   be enabled to hold a charge or conduct an energy  stream for a while ( not very long in my experience).  In an emergency an imitation bead can be used by the Deva  to hold and  channel a frequency of the genuine stone but will not hold the energy very long at all  unless frequently  recharged  /invoked and this  (IMO) is best reserved for an extreme  emergency measure.  

    Plastics and fabrics and other man made objects can absorb and Remember the  energies /stories of the events and places they "witness".  Objects someone  has with them when they go to a sacred place like  Stonehenge might possibly  be used to connect with the energy of that place and can offer information to those who have psychometric abilities.

"By arrangement  with the crystal  Deva"Artificial Ivory and plant Ivory  can  channel genuine  Ivory energy  frequencies When you ask that these act as a proxy.  Plant Ivory also has its own healing energies.    Imitation  corals and non animal substitutions for  things like bear claws can also channel genuine energies.  We   recommend that you  work with Deva and shakti (spiritual energy frequencies )  rather than use an animal product,  if one those few occasions  arises when one of  those  particular frequencies /qualities  is essential.  If you do use real coral, shells or bones , antlers etc. Always specifically thank the spirit of the being/s that has or may have   given it's life gift.   Offer some form of ritual, gift  or prayer and simple gratitude  according to your beliefs and practices. Thank the spirit of crystals and stones and plants etc. too when you seek to work with and know them.

Stones made with some genuine material  such as doublets the genuine material  usually does retain its properties but does not gain anny benifit from the amalgamation.  Some plastics /polymers  can hold  a lot of angelic light. Those fiber optic spheres that you see around can hold / transmit spiritual  energies, Particularly Angelic energies and also  wind spirit or some  elemental energies.

As for man made synthetic crystals such as rubies which are chemically genuine, my actual experience is limited.  They don't have the stories or personal depth of spirit.  They don't have the experience  of time and existence that natural Earth grown stones have. They can become   "connected to the grid" You often will need to invite, invoke, request of Spirit that they be empowered to  work for you. When this is  done "created stones " and certainly the clear quartz  wands of man made quartz can ,after being "awakened "and  connected to the spiritual crystal grid  be very effective.  I think what happens sometimes is that the deva of a stone that has  been destroyed will accept the created stone as its body. The Deva can choose to work with the made stone as a vehicle. Genuine stones are always to be preferred.

( This is a channely bit) ~ The (angels -Spirit) have given you the gift that the star sapphires and rubies  and rare stones you have learned to  make from  their own component  elements  will carry that light and mana (power) of those born of  nature in order that many can know their ( songs)~ (end channel)  (Many people do not experience  this as valid ). When you read the books you will find a lot of contradictions and controversy  on this issue. If you encounter a simulated /man made stone  explore it with  your intuition.

What will work for you  and what is right for you in this matter may vary  from person to person and from time to time  and may change . If you feel uncomfortable with man made stones, don't use them.  If they sing for you then use them and do not be concerned with people who might scold you.  Do not use a synthetic in a treatment with someone who is hostile to the idea.My strong preference for natural stones  has continued to become much stronger over the years .
It will be your intuition and experience that count here . I use natural stones, pretty much exclusively now and there is more than enough variety to choose from that one is unlikely to need to work with a synthetic stone.

heat treated citrineModified Stones
A related matter is  natural stones that are modified  dyed.  "enhanced",
  irradiated or other wise treated or changed from the natural state.  Some stones such as Citrine are very difficult to find in natural condition most available Citrine is actually heat treated Amythyst.  I have finally met some  natural Citrine and the energy is so much different than that of the heat treated  Citrine that it is amazing. However most of the dyes, heat treatments and stabilizers are hard on the crystals and stones and constitute abuse.  Love and attention can heal wounded stones and the Deva have included a Shakti for assisting with the healing of   abused stones. There are some stones that are almost impossible to find in their natural state.  We  try to  stick with natural stones  and  avoid purchasing treated stones  (unless the stone spirit really insists). We do not want to encourage  the mistreatment of the stones by allowing people to profit.  From an ethetic standpoint  we find that the natural stones while sometimes less flashy are more beautiful  than the treated stones.

  Many Crystal authorities  reject any stone that has been modified.    I prefer natural stones and crystals.  Many modified crystals feel sad and bad or have diminished life force.  Many can be restored to more  healful energy  with energy from the crystal deva  and with love and kind attention. There are shakti in the Crystal Deva Empowerments which the Deva have made available to help with healing abused and damaged crystals but even with the shakti there is no instant and complete cure for the effects.

Some dyed agate slabs from Brazil  may seem to accept  to carrying the  frequency of the Color stabilizing it  and projecting it into a room or other area. I have gotten to know some of the natural gray Brazilian agate and they have a much more comforting and healing quality. The natural stones are much  happier than dyed ones.( IMO)   It is  quite easy and preferable to find other sources of color  for color therapy healing assistance.  Most dyed stones will  lose the color if left in sunlight for long periods. This does not  restore them fully to a natural state but does help. There is a shakti in the crystal Deva empowerments which the Deva have made available to help with the healing  of these and other damages stones. 
  Most modified  stones are not happy or in balance with
it and their energy feels jangled or rough. 

Howlite dyed to look like Turquoise or Lapis will allow it self to transmit those stones energy if there is desperate need and no other option but  prefers to be recognized for itds true nature as howlite.  Howlite works for many of the same issues that  the stones it is dyed to look like are used for. I love regular undyed Howlite and find it very sad that  its natural beauty  and healing qulities are ignored  in favor of making a cheap imtation of a more expensive stone.
Many of the Stones that are irradiated or heated  like Smoky Quartz and Citrine
  created from amethyst start out with jangled imbalances unhappy energy.

If you do inadvertantly get a modified stone You can treat the crystal itself with love and the intention of  restoring and healing it to its ideal state.   Stones that have had their color deepened  can also carry more or less normal energies after being "healed ".  However  The only way to stop the contiuing disrespect  of the stones is to make modified stones unprofitable by not buying them.

Stones with chipped faces, the energy can be restored if need be.  Chips and cracks are often not flaws in crystals as far as energy is concerned.  Chips and cracks are often part of the natural evolution of the stone.  Do not reject these because they are not " perfect".


My experience with the Aqua Aura quartz  and other crystals that have  had a molecular layer  of another material  applied or whatever they do to them is  that most of them were not happy.   This is a very abusive harsh process .
I do not have much personal experience with
them . The one Aqua Aura point I was given before I began to work with crystals disappeared early on). The Process is very harsh and  does not seem like a nice way to treat a friend .  These stones do feel burnt, dry and over stressed . I have known them to shatter and dissolve into tiny pieces.

    I did once feel guided to give a dark aura geode to someone in strong need of  a stabilizing energy and it seemed to work well with and for him.  ( But this was someone who had been through as much trauma as the stone) The only people I personally have known  who  seemed  be drawn to work with Aura stones  them were those whose lives had events of horrible  trauma  (People whose drug addicted parent prostituted them  for drugs when they were small children  for example( and thats an example that is not too horrific to share here). These were people who themselves were so damaged and abused that  they simply did not at first resonate with any natural or undamaged stone.  I  do believe that the healing was from the  original spirit of the stone.  I feel that people  who do not feel discomfort of dissonance from these stones  are usually closed or suffering from major dissonances themselves

  These crystals do seem to often find their way to people who have very deep issues and to people work work to heal or deal with these issues.  The people I've known who seemdrawn to or not distressed by the Aura enhanced stones  seemed in general to have the kind of life history that you usually read about in true crime  tabloids. I'm sure that if there were no  abused stones that the abused people would still have been able to find help from the crystals.
 Some  of the ones I have encountered myself
since I began seriously working with crystals  belonged to other people  and were not happy and after I treated them to restore them to harmony  several  have brocken or  disappeared .  I presumed they had gone to Earth to Heal I do not work with these  except to offer love and healing shakti to the crystal.

It is possible for us to be effected by publicity or hype about a stone  and we may ignore our own inner guidance.
Some people also find it difficult to be objective where significant profit is involved.

Other than Aura stones which  sometimes almost seem to "suicide", I rarely find  a stone that is so burned out or abused that it  has to return  to Earth by being buried.  Most, possibly all of the stones that have needed to return to the Earth have been modified or "enhanced" in some way. Heat treated , dyed stones etc.  are much more likely to need a long  rest  than natural stones .
Stones that have been "stabilized" to prevent crumbling also seem harsh and to lose energy quickly. Crumbling and other natural changes are part of the life cycle of the stone and should be respected .

There are natural untreated stones  available  which can and will assist with whatever work is needed. The Deva or spirits of  stones and crystals will help you by transmitting the correct energy frequency if and  when you sincerely request their help. 

The primary work  that you can do with treated or modified stone is energetic repair and healing of those stones and crystals.  This can be done with energy work and with apology and blessing , thanking the stones for their gifts and holding the intention of restoring the stone and offering your love.  However it would be better if stones were not tampered with  so I encourage people to refrain from knowingly purchasing  these. Naturaly respect your own intuition and  guidance from the stones .

 The crystal Deva Empowerments  include a shakti which the Deva make available to us for the purpose of healing and restoring  the energy of stones and crystals. Clearing methods and  various intention and effective prayer methods also are used for  helping with healing  crystals with damaged or distorted energy.

It can be very difficult to find some stones that have not  been modified. Tourquoise and Citrine for example  are commonly modified.  We now would rather do without than get a modified stone or crystal and though we do not discard those we have we try not to get any more.

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