groundedcatGROUNDING and Centering

There are many methods for grounding.  This is  a crystal workshop so we will feature   methods for grounding that use crystals as well as those that use energy work  . We will also be including some visualization and other techniques. When you are using crystals for healing your self or others it is important to begin from a well grounded state so that you will be able to be in the flow of the work.

What is grounding ?
Being grounded means  that you are solidly  anchored and connected in the present,
secure, calm  and alert .When you are not grounded you may feel  nervous or unfocused or unable to concentrate and more susceptible to being influenced by the energy and emotions in your surroundings.
Several methods for grounding follow . Many people like to begin the day by doing one of these . You can ground  whenever you want to.
People  often carry small stones with them of kinds that are known to be grounding or have a quartz crystal programmed for grounding, which will  assist with staying grounded during the day. Black, brown and red stones are most often used though there are many  stones that are grounding . One of my personal favorites  is agate . Holding a grounding stone and stilling your mind in order  to sense the Earth's energy and intelligence  often works.   Dark obsidian  or hematite are also popular for this use. Any clay item can also be used for a grounding connection provided that it is not decorated or dedicated  in  an ethereal  way. dark tourmaline , snowflake obsidian and onyx are other stones useful for grounding. Agate, Obsidian, Granite, Petrified Wood,  Tigers eye, Iron Ores  and Jasper are a few  more of  the stones  often used for grounding.   

When you have time there are a number of crystal layouts specifically for grounding. One crystal layout  is to place a small smoky quartz point downwards at your throat and another point down between your legs.  

 Any time you feel spacey or disoriented it is a good idea to ground and center yourself. The first step in many spiritual practices is to learn to ground, that is to connect yourself energetically to the core of the Earth.  Even when you wish to astral travel or meditate you will find that beginning from  being grounded will help you with inner focus  and with retaining information from such travel and meditation. Deep breathing  , keeping your feet on the floor and anchoring to the earth,  and eating are ways to ground. Activities like gardening and physical movement like stamping your feet  while breathing slowly and deeply.

    There are many techniques for grounding and it is wise to look  for those that work best for you. Try several methods because some ways will fit you better than others The essence of most methods is to relax and visualize yourself sending an  energy cord or light beam or roots  into the earth from your root chakra (at the tailbone) and allowing it to reach the earth core allowing you to get energy  from the Earth and return excess energy down the cord. The energy you  send down the cord that is not your own is cleansed and used
by the earth. Your own energy is cleansed and returned to you. There are spirit beings that thrive on clearing negative energy.  A classic form of grounding  is to  imagine roots growing into the Earth from your feet and spinal column or central energy channel . Some Traditions strongly  prefer that you ground   from the spinal center  and not from the feet. I do ground from the spine because I get leg cramps when grounding from the feet but  this may not apply to you at all.
I like to follow the tradition of asking  the Earth for permission and thanking her for her healing energy . Some people stop here, others also connect with the sky or galactic core
or  source UP as well as down, imagining a cord or beam of light rising from the crown.  This  will make an energy connection  into the spiritual   heart of the universe from your crown chakra. Do this  while intending that you become aligned with the highest soul purpose while staying well connected to the  physical plane.  That is, you are contained within your self and connected to Earth and  the physical and to spiritual source  at the
same time in a harmonious balance with the universe.

 When grounding with visualization I ground from my root chakra rather than  from the legs because  I got bad cramps in the legs when I grounded from   the feet. When You send a cord to the earth core   you can also  widen the cord into  a tube as wide as  your aura and
send negative energies down  to be transformed to usable energy for the Earth as well as calling up energies from Earth .  It is suggested that you ask the Earth for permission and thank her after you finish grounding.  You can reach  up to galactic universal center. Some
people feel best when they call the Earth energy up and call the cosmic energy down  rather than sending up and down.
Shakti or  specific energy frequencies can be used for grounding and invoking and running the energy of a grounding stone will often work even when you do not have a piece of the grounding stone with you . Blue or  white stones are often used for the connecting to sky part although there are others  that will work a white piece of quartzite can be used for both grounding spiritual connection and for centering too.

Grounding is connecting with Earth  and the universe around you centering is going within and finding balance within.

Most grounding methods work best if you actually have both your feet firmly placed on the ground or floor.

"Now and again, it is necessary to seclude yourself among deep mountains and hidden valleys to restore your link to the source of life. Breathe in and let yourself soar to the ends of the universe; breathe out and bring the cosmos back inside. Next, breathe up all fecundity and vibrancy of the earth. Finally, blend the breath of heaven and the breath of earth with your own, becoming the Breath of Life itself."

-- Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido


   It is being self contained having good boundaries and being in control of your own energy finding physical , emotional  and mental balance within yourself.   This is a way to self awareness and owning yourself and your energy. You place your attention at your spiritual and personal center  and become aware of your inner balance.  Call in your  energies and release any energy and programs that are not yours.

  This is a good  starting point for any spiritual exploration   knowing yourself and feeling your own integrity and wholeness . When you are centered you will be in a calm state and better able to be aware of your intuitive thoughts and feelings. Centering is done by focussing your attention within your body.

  To center yourself. Bring your attention and energies into yourself and   balance them within yourself, a spiritual  " Pull yourself together," as it were. You may bring your attention into  the center of your head and  visualize a sphere in the center of your  head. Many people prefer to center in the Hara,  a spiritual energy center about an inch below  the belly button. The Hara  is found at about your physical center of gravity.  Some   people center in the heart . The location you choose is the place where you  feel you are balanced and contained wherever you are steady and  firm in your awareness of self.

    I often use a specific shakti or subtle energy frequency for grounding,    essentially simply commanding grounding into the earth plane and also connection with the universal Spirit core (universal galactic center or seed,  throne of God etc.)
   You can run Reiki if you use it or another energy shakti with the intention  that it ground you  or assist you with grounding. Some energies work better than others for this  purpose .
There are a lot of Rock and crystal shakti that are excellent grounders There is a Grounding shakti in the attunements  for the Crystal Deva  Empowerment Energy Workshop . ( An Energy system I  received from the Crystal Deva and each)

  The visualization I most often use, when I use one, starts with dropping a   cord of light from the heart, and or solar plexus, straight down the spinal  channel to the center of the Earth. Or calling up a cord from the Earth  center, which some people find easier, and then flowing it up to the spiritual center (sometimes going through the Sun). then you can expand it to be a tube, encompassing your  entire basic aura.

   Negative energies, that is energies that do not benefit us, are offered to those entities who consume and transform such energies. Then ask and intend that the Earth be healed as the energies flow upwards and downwards. Also visualize all your  chakras firmly connected to the central   channel, and working optimally, as well as all my energy
channels    inside and outside my physical being, clear filled with light, and balanced   and harmonized, combining grounding with clearing and centering and   harmonizing .
One may also request grounding and centering from the Earth deva or angels or from the spiritual Identity you work with.

 You can sit quietly and simply be aware of each breath, imagine that you are breathing in from your feet  and out from your feet into the Earth.

Other ways to ground and center with stones and many  more stones to work with are in the  pages on  specific stone properties and  in the color healing pages .

You can place your fingertips together and  focus your attention on them breathing deeply  as you ground and center or hold your hands together in the praying hands position.

The Crystal deva Empowerments have functions which enhance the ability to ground     

Peggy Jentoft 7, 21, 2001

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