pendulumsPendulums and Dowsing

 Pendulums are used as a  tool for finding and evaluating information, for helping to  make choices, for scanning the energy body  to guide you in energy work and crystal healing, and for divination. Divining with pendulums is called dowsing.  Pendulums are one tool for dowsing, several kinds of  L rods, bobbers and  y-rods  are also used for dowsing. The most familiar use for dowsing is probably locating water or mineral deposits with the aid of a dowsing tool. Pendulums are a very useful tool when used with respect.  They respond to  energy and have the effect of  magnifying  the vibrations of subtle energy  so that they can be more easily  noticed. 

The pendulum is not a fortune telling device. While they can help you find answers to questions it
  cannot predict the future because the future is not absolutely set in advance but changes  constantly.

  Pendulums are often used to find missing items, locate water or minerals , in helping one choose medications, crystals , foods, essential oils and essences and determining what area needs healing, if Chakra are functioning well, etc. . They are often used in bringing clarity to personal psychological  or spiritual issues or in helping to clarify broad social and political issues.  Use in Healing therapies is mostly divination rather than fortunetelling.   When people do ask questions concerning therapeutic outcomes they may be addressing fairly predictable issues or issues which have great variables . 

As for fortune telling , in general, attempting to predict the specific future with any  divining method or device of any kind has certain limitations. First among them  being that the future is not fixed and immutable, second being that the universe, spiritual source, definition and outlook  on  some issues  may differ hugely from that of the querant.Yes of course you can do a reading  in effort to know the future , BUT one can rarely depend absolutely on the answer of ANY foretelling method . The future  is not completely fixed.  Free will, collective intention, etc. are also in play. Some outcomes are more likely than others .

Pendulums can give you a good idea of potential outcomes provided you energies and intentions are neutral when consulting the pendulum, providing that you  or some other cause does not make changes which alter that probable possible outcome. People often misread pendulums ( and other methods ) from out of personal desire.  Sometimes a question will be answered correctly but the time frame is not what the querant answer question for which there is no single definitive answer. People often ask the wrong question  throughout history  oracles have been consulted  have given valid answers as to future outcomes  and have been completely misunderstood by the questioners. asking a question related to the future is not the same thing as expecting a set calendar of fixed events .
the quality of the question is also a factor  in getting a clear answer  usually when I do ask questions about the future I get valid and clear answers provided  I have asked the right question and that  factors do not change .

 It is very important not to become over dependent on them, If you find yourself dowsing to decide between the turkey or the Blt at lunch then you are over doing. The pendulum is a tool, not something that takes the place of mind and will. People who become over dependent on them will often lose their pendulums frequently. After one has used a pendulum for a while they may discover that they can feel the movement patterns of the energy on the palm of their hand so that they can do the readings without the pendulum.
 Many different metals, woods,  stones and crystals are can be made into pendulums. Any gemstone pendant, many  key chains, even pencils hung on a string can be used.  Almost anything that can be  dangled will work in a pinch.

Many dowsers prefer to use a quartz crystal pendulum. Others like hematite for its grounding quality which they feel helps keep  readings clear. I had been using a  top shaped brass pendulum on a nine inch beaded string  when I first wrote this but can work with anything that dangles or  with an imaginary pendulum.

For the purpose  of practice,  begin by selecting a stone or metal pendulum  that  you are intuitively drawn to. There are a number of inexpensive kits that come with a book or charts and a simple  pendulum. A standard length for the chain or cord or string from which the pendulum dangles  is usually around six to ten inches long .

Whatever kind of pendulum you decide to use, it is very important that before you begin dowsing you spend a few minutes tuning in to the pendulum and your higher consciousness.

Pendulums, especially those of  stone or crystal  should be cleared with intention or some
other clearing method and  be dedicated / programmed to give neutral readings.  You also tune into and set the intention for the particular kind of reading system you will follow.  Uncleared pendulums might lose  some accuracy.  Clearing these and crystal balls is more about removing influences from previous work than about  clearing the crystal itself.

Begin your work with the pendulum  by first determining what kind of motion  indicates what answer  for you. Later you may want choose  work  with one of the established systems or  to use the system you develop intuitively. It is usually possible to choose the system by specifying /intending   which one you wish to use.

We always begin by checking the pendulum to establish the yes, no,  search and uncertain or inappropriate question, movement patterns each time.  These can change from time to time or from pendulum to pendulum. We also check that it is appropriate to dowse and set the intention that  the answers will serve the highest good. We ask if the issue can be dowsed for and if it can if we may dowse for the answer at this time.

There are many different systems for working with pendulums and many different systems of interpreting the information from the movement of the pendulum.

    There is a lot of discussion about whether the left hand or the right  hand / or dominant, non dominant hand  is preferable for holding the pendulum. Some people  definitely prefer one over the other for all work . Other people  use the non dominant  hand for questions concerning intuitive matters  and the dominant hand for more material questions.
Use whichever hand feels right to
you .

A classic holding position is between the thumb and index finger with about five  or six inches of  loose cord, extra cord is held back in the other finger of the hand. The fingers holding the pendulum may point straight down and they line up with the freely hanging cord and pendulum rather than being angled . However you do hold the device you should be comfortable. Do not twist or strain to try to achieve a "perfect" position. You may rest your elbow on a table or other flat surface.
For your dowsing sessions try to use a  quiet room  away from electrical equipment such as
televisions and computers because  electromagnetic energy fields  may influence the
movement  and possibly  alter the  answers received from the pendulum.

First you will  need to establish the base responses for you and the particular pendulum. Many dowsers find that  the pendulum will swing in a clockwise circle for 'yes' and in an counter clockwise circle for 'no'. But it is very important to make absolutely certain which way your pendulum is going to swing for each   before you start dowsing.

When I use a pendulum the yes is usually back and forth and no is side to side. We need to go through the routine of establishing basic response  before every new dowsing session because, it is possible that a pendulum will alter  its usual patterns.

First ask the pendulum to show you its ready or search state. It may remain still or it may move up and down or in small circles, not every dowser uses a search state or ready mode but if you feel favorably about using  this mode then you will always begin by starting with asking  the pendulum to begin in this pattern.
Ask the pendulum to show you a yes pattern. When it has moved in a pattern that may indicate yes then ask a question  that has a yes answer to check the motion.  Ask the pendulum to show you the no pattern.  Ask the pendulum to show you its pattern for  unable to answer or wrong question.  Now you are ready to begin to practice using the pendulum .

Ask your pendulum questions that can be answered with a 'yes' or 'no'. At first, this can seem difficult as few questions are limited to only two choices. But with a little practice you will become skilled at  phrasing your questions . Your state of mind  may effect the answers which you receive. This is why it is often difficult to get clear answers to questions  you have a lot of emotion invested in .  Try and  remain as detached and neutral as possible towards the results of the dowsing .  Rather than asking a question you can make a statement  and allow the pendulum to inticate whether this is tru or false or unknown. 

With some questions  the pendulum may refuse to move in any direction. Or it will move  in the unable to answer direction if you have established one .  This often occurs when it is inappropriate for you to know the answer or when the answer is as yet undetermined.  

Another method of using the pendulum is by reading the leading edge of   the  pendulum.  The leading edge is used by following the direction of the furthest swing of the pendulum away from you . This is used for locating things.
After a question is asked the pendulum will swing away from you  The end of the initial swing away is the leading edge as the pendulum continues to swing the edge may continue around in a circle but  when it comes to a stop and just swings back and forth the leading edge will probably point toward the item you seek.

Arc reading. You can also read the answers as though the words yes no and maybe were written in a half circle or arc in front of you. Usually  the center position is maybe, or no answer, and the far left is yes .the far right is no.
Check for yes no and maybe  before asking questions another way. The arc is sometimes read is from right to left  yes no and maybe  reading from right to left is done to engage the intuitive mind.

Crystal Healers and Energy Workers  often use pendulums to assist with  scanning  the aura and chakras  of their clients for information about the basic condition of the chakra. The pendulum is also used to scan  for blockages and active or depleted areas or areas needing work. 
As the pendulum is held
over each chakra in turn, it will move in ways that describe the condition of the  chakra,

The most common reading sets for scanning the aura are  fairly sophisticated.
Generally the motion and direction of the pendulum and how circular the the path it follows are read as  echoes of the condition of the chakra.

In the system I use,  a still,  or almost motionless pendulum would indicate a mostly closed or inactive  chakra. Generally clockwise circling  is thought to be an indication of an  open or active  chakra  and counterclockwise is thought to be indicative of  imbalance. The width of the circular motion and the speed of the movement  gives a direct indication of  the state of the chakra and the areas that the chakra "rules".

 Ideally all the chakras would be open and  have about the same degree of activity . a typical circle might be 5 to 8 inches in diameter.
Some systems  however, accept periodic alterations between clockwise and counter clockwise motion as normal. They may interpret clockwise as being a state of projecting and dispersing energy and counter clockwise as a state of receiving and storing  energy . The degree of variation from a circular motion may indicate areas of damage in the chakra, degree of yin /yang or male female balance in the energies (left is more yin, right is more yang). Distortions in the pattern can indicate blocks or imbalances in specific areas of the chakra but few people have the skill and  sensitivity to identify the specific vortex or petal of the chakra that is affected by the movement of the pendulum alone.
Barbara Brennon's book  'Hands of Light" has a chart and detailed interpretations of  her
method of reading the chakra with the pendulum.

You can ask yes and no questions to check your interpretations.

Once the healing session has been concluded the practitioner  will use the pendulum again  to scan and compare the two readings.

You can use the pendulum over your crystals to help you determine which is appropriate to use for treatment though I strongly urge you to practice developing this specific intuition without the pendulum as you  usually can receive more detailed information from direct intuition. It is possible to purchase gemstone charts for the pendulum  but  there are many more possible stones that might be appropriate in a treatment than will fit on a chart.

Another way pendulums are used is to find missing items or things like hidden pipes in the yard or walls. The question is asked where is the item and the leading edge of the pendulum movement is watched usually the pendulum will begin to swing in an arc with the direction of the outer edge before it returns to center  shifting as it swings until it is going toward the sought item.

 You can also use your pendulum with  charts  or even lists there are several books which contain pendulum charts. There are aromatherapy charts, for choosing essential oils Nutrition charts  to help  determine what supplements and foods are needed
Charts for helping with emotional issues . There are a great many different charts and you can make  your own or use a list.
The list of possibilities is almost endless. Many dowsers use pendulums over maps to help find oil deposits, houses, missing children, where to go on vacation etc. . I do caution people not to become dependent on using a pendulum for everything.

  Rock and pendulum chakra balance

One thing to do with a pendulum and your chakra set of stones is to use the stone as a proxy for your chakra.  You line the stones up in chakra order by color and hold the pendulum over each chakra in turn asking that you be shown the true state of the chakra.  The motion of the pendulum will give you an idea of the state of the chakra. I  keep a set of chakra aromatherapy  oil  blends at hand and take a deep open mouthed inhale of the appropriate oil after checking  the chakra .That is often enough by itself to open and balance the chakra  but you can use any method you want to clear, balance and charge  the chakra.
 You can buy fancy expensive kits
of pendulum, stones and oils  in beautiful wooden boxes but putting a set of chakra oils  together yourself to use with your own stones and pendulum is quite easy .

This is just a taste of the possibilities for working with  your pendulum.

Peggy Jentoft  

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