Crystal  Healing Workshops
             Books of interest

    Lots of the workshop  material is from my own material  and or written from  notes from  study  and workshops I've taken  and from books and pamphlets that are  not in wide distribution.  I also on occasion, receive information from  crystal Deva.

 This is just a list of some that may be of interest   to you. There are no required  book for the workshops. 

                 I initially used  the book
"Crystal Healing  using the power of health and
    harmony "  by Simon Lilly as a sort of  rough course outline.  It is not a really great  book but has a page or two on most of the major areas involved with  crystal work so I started using  it  as a sort of  checklist so I wouldn't leave out a  major area but the workshop has  expanded way beyond that  initial outline.

 Most of these are fairly traditional books.

  "Color and Crystals a journey through the chakras " by Joy Gardner  which is a   good small book for beginners and I highly recommend it.  This was one of the first books on crystals I encountered.

Healing With Crystals And Gemstones: Balance Your Chakras And Your Life" by Daya Sarai Chocoran is another one of the first books I saw it has some very good basic layout information. On the other hand  it has many warnings and sets limitations  which I feel  are invalid. 

   " Love is in the Earth, a Kaleidoscope of Crystals" by Melody  and the pictorial supplements and "Laying on of Stones" by Melody
                 "Love is in the Earth" is huge and virtually an Encyclopedia of crystal
  properties   perhaps to the extent of   being  a bit overwhelming.  After about 500 pages it seems like every stone is good for  everything.
Melody is a metaphysical writer and does not have the most correct information about which stones should not be consumed.

                Three books by Katrina Raphael

                 "Crystalline transmission", "Crystal enlightenment" and "Crystal Healing  " May be rather New Age but has some good stuff  has some stuff  that is   completely different than my experience too.  These are  important sources of information about master crystal formations. An Ascended Master, planes and rays , Hyrarchy of Light type book.

"Healing with Gemstones and Crystals "Diane Stein very good material on some of the emerging chakra.
Her radical Feminist and Wiccan, focus  is not as over the top here as in some of her work.

Other books that you might find interesting include              
 Scott Cunninghams "Crystal Gem and Metal Magic"
      Una Silbeys "The complete crystal  Guidebook"

  Sela Randazzo's " I am Rock medicine " Has a very different   outlook and a system that is  based on the chemical content of specific stones.  Not a favorite but it is very different than  other crystal healing books.  New printing  titled "Rock Medicine" is in print.  Even though we come from completly different viewpoints  of Crystal healing this is an interesting  book.

 "Gemstones of the World" by Walter Schuman which has photographs and   information about  the technical stuff like where the stones come from  and hardness etc.  This is very useful


 Dael Walkers "Crystal Healing" I have a very old version of this. and it is small but useful.

                 "Crystal medicine" by   Marguerite Elsbeth is not really my cup of tea  but has a lot of  Alchemical and Native American info.

               One called  I think "the Power Stones" I can't find at the moment to check the author  has some good stuff and   some that is so completely wrong (imo) that I almost scream  at the book.  

Another book that is interesting is called "The book of Sacred Stones"
  written by Barbara G. Walker.  ISBN 0-06-250921-7. The author thinks the whole concept of crystal healing and energy is the stupidest idea ever and it  is intended to thoroughly disprove and denounce everything about crystal work. She covers just about everything each stone has ever been thought  to effect and give the chemical information etc.  So its a pretty good reference if you can ignore the    stridently hostile preaching  She opens with a rather lovely crystal meditation visualization too.

There are also  a large number of books that are on related subjects or
have sections about stones that I may refer too.    I also consult a lot of material on energy work,  Spiritual healing , meditation,color healing and metaphysics.    I have a fairly large assortment of books (actually when we moved in 1998 by weight  we had  6000 pounds of books  according to the moving company) so I don't think anyone need try to catch up. 

    I have gotten a number of new Crystal books  that i need to write up since I wrote this and hope to update the page soon .


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