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Debunking Crystal Conflicts
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Do some crystals negate or oppose each other ?

People often ask about what crystals go together and what crystals conflict with each other. I have seen lists that say never wear or carry amber with pearls or emerald with obsidian or whatever. There are dozens if not thousands of these "rules". Some stem from the jewelers trade and really mean don't wear soft easily scratched stones next to hard scratchy stones.
I really have not had experiences of crystals conflicting. Certainly not in a way that can be categorized into lists
of absolutes. My experience is that if a crystal or stone will not benefit you it will remain inactive when you wear or carry it .

If you need help from two or more stones at the same time they will harmonize with each other and be supportive of each others work. Think of crystals as intelligent compassionate beings not things. The stones can work out their own differences if they have any which usually they don't. Sometimes it may seem like some stones are conflicting.

This usually has more to do with our needs and lessons and focus than with any conflict of the stones and crystals. With crystal healing as with energy work and other healing we cannot expect to be comfortable trying to work for too many different goals simultainiously or trying to do too much at once. If we hope that one crystal will help us with having more energy and another will help us sleep and another will keep you alert for the test and are trying to work with them all at once we are likely to feel that the combination is not working.

The problem would not be in the stones but in our confused goals or in some issue that we may need to explore. When you have a personal dislike about a combination of two elements this may mean that for you at this particular time you do not benefit from working with that particular set of energies and the issues they help with at the same time or in combination. It may mean that you have not resolved some issue say for example between the masculine and feminine energies and are not comfortable with a combination because it does promote awareness harmony attention to that area.

 Not all healing and spiritual evolution feels good. Sometimes the work brings about an awareness of our own imbalances that feels uncomfortable and we may interpret that as due to some outside "negative" reason such as conflicting stones rather than because we are dealing with change.

Now there is a tradition in Vedic Astrology that different crystals belong to different "camps" or "teams"

of planets, the Devakula (family of the Gods) and the Danavakula (family of the Anti-Gods). The teaching is that gemstones ruled by planets in one family will not work well with gems ruled by the other family.

The "teams" are:
  Family of the Gods:
Sun -- ruby, garnet
Moon -- pearl, moonstone
Mars -- red coral, carnelian
Jupiter -- yellow sapphire, citrine
 Family of the Anti-Gods:
Mercury -- emerald, aventurine
Venus -- diamond, quartz crystal
Saturn -- blue sapphire, lapis, amethyst
Dragon's Head -- hessionite, smoky quartz
Dragon's Tail -- cat's-eye, turquoise

Under this system for example it is thought that pearls and corals work well together and that Rubies and emeralds will NOT work well together. My experience differs from this tradition as outlined above and I don't practice Vedic Astrology so these tradition does not influence my work. I'd found out that rubies and emeralds work together wonderfully long before I learned of the vedic "rule".
( Len /Black Lotus gave me the original information about Vedic astrology and Gemstone Conflicts)

Peggy Jentoft

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