Becoming CALM with Crystals

Ok we get over excited , we get stressed, the boss is hyper.  The principal is insane, the spouse wants to buy a boat  and somehow you have agreed to complete two or three huge projects  by an impossibly early deadline ARRRRGH!!!

One of the most frequently sought after things are calmness , stress relief and inner peace.   We seek  a whole range of relaxation , inner peace and mellowness  . There are many different kinds of conditions which fall under the general category of  stress . There are all kinds of methods for relaxing and restoring calm.

 We don't always have the time or opportunity do a whole spa like relaxation treatment.  A  facial , a massage, a long soak in a scented bath,  aromatherapy,    gentle music , meditation.  These are good and helpful methods sometimes  not   practical .

  Stopping to smell the flowers will often help especially if the flowers are Lavender or Jasmine . We need to make time to take time to relax and relieve our tensions.  It  need not take as long as you may think.

 We all  need  to   step back sometimes and grab a moment to restore our inner calm . A cup of tea, whether  regular green or Chinese tea or an  herbal tea, such as  Chamomile  or  Lemon Balm , Linden and Passionflower are good choices for moderate stress, tension,  nerves or over anxiety. Chamomile tea is the classic for kids but they don't like it as much as a nice lemon and mint tea, slip a bit of lemon balm in if you have it.

 There are several commercial blends of stress relieving tea  and  most   work well for mild to moderate stress .   A heavier duty tea for reducing stress might also  include  Valerian.  There are other  formulas  for a  tranquilizing effect . If you need something  strong  in order to get   relief  more than occasionally,   You might be well served by  learning various  relaxation exercises and even consulting a specialist.

The Bach  flower essences   have  many formulas which will  contribute  appropriate energies some suggestions are Aspen , Chamomile, Lavender and Rescue Remedy.   

There are many different aromatherapy oil  blends  available for calming . These include oils for infusing  and for the bath as well as massage oils .  you may put a drop or two of an oil or oil blend  on your pillow. Chamomile, Dill, Lavender  These  also are very calming in  blends .

A very popular  blend when you want to relax is a  combination  2 drops each of  lavender, orange, and cedar wood. A good calming blend that is suitable  for children is a combination of 10 drops of lavender with 5 drops of chamomile. Other oils which help release  nervous tension include bergamot, melissa, frankincense, and sandalwood. Lavender ,tangerine and rose oils are among calming scents for kids

 Music and or ambient  and nature sounds  can be extremely powerful for relaxation and there are a multitude of possible choices.

Exercise of many kinds or dance  can also help especially  when part of the issue is due to an excess  of energy . Practices  such as Tai Chi and or Yoga  or meditation can help promote stable calm and inner peace  over the long term and reduce one's susceptibility to  stress.

Pink, green, sky blue  are among the most calming  colors.  Wearing or surrounding yourself with these colors and looking at  colored objects or using coloring to tint your bath water one of these soothing colors.

There are many meditations and visualizations done with green as the dominant color and influence.  Visualizing sitting by  a verdant pool in a forest clearing is a common meditation for calm and for bringing in ones  awareness of being part of nature.  Another similar   visualization is to imagine yourself on a tropical island  with the warm aqua  sea lapping a white sand beach and the soft breeze carrying exotic scents to you as you hear the gentle calls of song birds .  You can extend one of these visualizations in as much detail as you want and set up a key word or gesture to return you to the imagery to use to return you to the image and  the relaxed state it induces  quickly.

There are quite a few stones which can be held, carried  or used in various treatment forms for helping restore calm and equilibrium .

 Smoky quartz  can pull out  tensions  and help bring mental focus into present time awareness.

Clear quartz points can increase clarity and quiet  excess mental activity.

 Rose quartz  is probably one the most well known stones used for connection with calming and peaceful energies It is  reassuring and helps with  releasing repressed emotions in a  gently nurturing and protective way .

 Rhodenite works with the practical aspects of our feelings and has a greater grounding effect than other pink stones. It helps with the  expression of   love and self confidence,  calms eases stress , increases optimism.

  Kunzite is another  stone for calming and for  creating  inner peace and tranquillity  it can  ease  the heart,  reducing stress and healing nervous conditions. A pale pink -and or violet stone which  shifts emotional debris, helps open the  Etheric heart on the Hara line and opens you to awareness of spiritual love and  increases the ability to give and receive love.

Lepidolite is one of the most famous of the calming stones  This  form of mica  has  lithium content . Lithium is used in medications for maintaining emotional equilibrium as well as being strongly soothing as an energy form. It has calming affects and relaxes the nerves.

Emerald can also be soothing and calming. It  helps with  peace, harmony,  easing depression, insomnia, peaceful dreams, spiritual healing. 

Jade:  fidelity, emotional maturity, inner peace, wisdom.

Turquoise  heals the spirit, soothing,  increases contentment,  grounding, supportive and protective,   A powerful healing stone for emotional, mental and physical problems. hypersensitivity , mental calm and general meditation

Chrysocolla:  Ease heartache  calming, inner strength. PMS ,increase the ability to love.

  Amazonite : Helps calm the emotions and soothes the nerves, increases  clarity and insight. peace and calm,   aligns the physical and astral bodies, a general all purpose healing stone

Aquamarine: calms nerves, relax es the body, stimulates the intellect and  stabilizes the emotions , helps one  connect with the higher self and Spirit, aligns chakras and the energetic system, for self  understanding, compassion,   understanding and tolerance.

Blue lace agate:  soothes and calms, helps one to reach high spiritual awareness and has an inspirational  effect.

Celestite   lifts  mood 

Azurite: clear your thoughts, reduce personal stress

Coral: physical safety for the ,balance the body, relax the emotions,

Sapphire: relaxes and improves the  mind balances all aspects of self

Amethyst : A very useful all purpose healing crystal  calms  and allows higher perception  While it calms most   people, it can over stimulate  some people  Paler Amethyst is  especially  calming particularly  the flower or pressed formation Amethyst.

Fluorite:  integrates subtle energies to integrate with normal consciousness ,helps with coordination brings order to chaos , impartiality, discernment and aptitude, increases ability to  concentrate ,and mental clarity ,   stabilization.

Hematite can also be grounding and calming for some people very protective and useful for shielding empaths  from unwanted reception of energies.

Some other stones that can help with calming and relaxation are calcites. especially pink , petrified wood, Bronzite, Howlite, Jet, Cobra Jasper, Phylite My favorite rocks for calming are often those unnamed common stones that just call you from the ground when you are wandering about.

Other stones many people find useful for stress relief include Lepidolite, Alabaster, Dioptase, Gold, Howlite, Labradorite,  Picasso Stone, Staurolite, Sunstone,  Dolomite, Argonite, Gold, Peridot, Azurite-Malachite. Sometimes just playing with your collection of stones is the best way to relax and unwind .

This is just a tiny sampling of some possibilities  of calming stones and methods.
Peggy Jentoft

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