Toxic Stones
Some Stones that should not be used for Conventional Gem Elixirs

Liz Gunther from the crystalfolks2001 list Has  put together a list of some Stones that should NOT be put in water to drink and has given us permission to  share this on our list files and  web site and to edit and add to it as new information is confirmed .

 This  is a list of crystals which are  NOT suited for elixirs etc. Before you put any stone in contact with food or make a water to drink or gem elixir you should make sure that it is safe to do so. This  is only a few of the stones that should not  be ingested .There are a lot of  non contact ways to create elixirs and because there are toxic stones and some stones are easily damaged by water the non contact methods are prefered. Many of these are copper containing minerals (copper is toxic to our bodies), but there are also others for instance, rocks that contain Lead or Arsenic, Cadmium, Aluminum, Barium or Mercury. (There are a lot of other stones and substances  that should not be put in water to drink these are just some of them (not kidding!).   Don't let babies  suck on stones. 

Amazonite - use with caution, the color is a result of traces of copper,
which is toxic)

Atacamite - poisonous (copper)

Auricalcite - Poisonous (zinc and copper)

Azurite - poisonous (copper)

Boji-stones - unfit - (contains some sulfur) There is some secrecy re it's contents - which  means you really should not drink it. (Would you take a pill you did not know the contents of?) 

Bronchantite - unfit and poisonous (copper)

Chalcantite (AKA "blue shit") - poisonous (copper)

Chalcopyrite (peacock stone) - poisonous (copper and sulfur)

Cinnabar - poisonous (mercury/quicksilver)

Conicalcite - poisonous (copper)

Copper - poisonous

Crysocolla (AKA Venus-stone) - poisonous (copper)

Cuprite - poisonous (copper)

Dioptase - poisonous (copper)

Gem Silica - poisonous (copper)

Galena/ Galenite - poisonous (almost 90 percent lead)

Garnierite (AKA Genthite/ Falcondoite) - Contains nickel

Halite - will dissolve in water ( Halite is Salt)

Hematite - will rust

Lapis Lazuli - poisonous (the pyrite inclusions, that is.)

Magnetite - unfit (Iron, will rust)

Markasite - poisonous (sulfur) (marcasite has the same chemical make-up
as pyrite)

Mohawkite - poisonous (copper, ARSENIC etc.) (Keep away from children!)

Psiomelan - poisonous (barium)

Pyrite (AKA fool's gold; Inca-gold) - poisonous (sulphur)

Realgar - poisonous (sulfur and ARSENIC) (Keep away from children!)
Orpiment -an arsenic 

Stibnite  (has Lead, Antimony)

Smithsonite  (AKA Galmei/Zinc spar)- poisonous (zinc (may also contain

Ulexite - The rock will loose its luster when in contact with water

Vanadanite - Poisonous (lead)

Wulfenite - Poisonous (lead and molybdenum)

The general rule is:
Avoid making elixirs and massage oils of any stone/ mineral/ crystals containing any kind of metal (lead, copper etc.).
If you don't know the chemical make-up of the kind of rock you have - avoid any blue or green stone, because most of the blue and green stones get their color from its copper contents. (Especially the bright colored ones.) Also avoid any shiny, metal-like stone, because most metals are toxic to humans.

And one last, general warning:
Stones containing arsenic (like Realgar) and mercury (like Cinnabar) should not even be worn nor handled without protective gloves etc. because of its extremely high toxicity.

Some stones such as Uranium should be avoided because of Radioactivity. Chocolate colored Tiger's Eye may have been irradiated .
We do not have a list of  radioactive stones. I think that in general crystal healing practitioners will be better off not using radioactive stones in their work at all. Certainly you would not make gem elixirs or do laying on of stones with these.

You are not likely to come into possession  of these stones unwittingly ,unless you live in an area where some of these might be found locally. I have come to feel that it is best to work with energy and other non contact elixirs methods  the quality of energy is equal or better to conventionally made elixirs.  There have been cases where some stones, Chocolate tigers Eye for example have been irradiated  to obtain a particular color.  

Frank, from Atomic rocks Has given permission to copy his Radiation Safety General Safe Handling Considerations
his site also has a list of radioactive minerals.

        Radioactive minerals emit various forms of radiation. If proper safeguards and precautions are  followed, the dangers from radiation are minimized and even amateur collectors can collect without   worry.

        Some guidelines for radioactive minerals:

Handle specimens as little as possible; if they are touched, wash hands with soap and water.
Never store specimens, even the smallest of size, in an inhabited room.
   Store specimens in a well ventilated area.

        Keep all specimens out of children's reach.
        Never eat, drink, smoke, or sleep near a radioactive mineral.
        Label all radioactive specimens as radioactive.
       Don't carry radioactive minerals in your pocket or wear them as jewelry.
       Try to keep radioactive minerals in a plastic display case or some other container with a lid.
       This helps to control small pieces that may break off during handling.
      A boxed radioactive  mineral keeps you from directly touching the specimen, which  helps to
       minimize radiation exposure to your skin.
Clean up small particles that may break off of radioactive specimens with soap and water.
  If you collect lots of large highly radioactive specimens,  then I would consider a lead,  lead glass or concrete shielded box for storage, in a well ventilated area.

So - YES - you may use this list in whichever way you want to (including making additions) - no copyright needed. This benefits us all -

If you have additions please send us an E-mail with the information  so that we can expand the list.

Love and Light
 Liz Gunther   and Peggy Jentoft

Several people have challenged some of these because they are not listed as toxic in books by Melody or Gurudas or Edgar Cayse or Archangel Michael etc. . Metaphysical writers usualy  write about metaphysical qualities. Many of the metaphysical books on crystal healing fall seriously short in the area of  reporting the  toxicity of stones.

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