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I wanted to write a practical article about wands and stones. I'd been attempting  to do this  for weeks, maybe months,  pulling out the unfinished   piece and trying to assemble a factual, solid essay on wands. Then finally it hit me,  I've been trying to demystify "magic" Real Magic,  and there is no way that I  can turn the truth about  wands of crystal and copper, stone, wood, energy and hope into the kind of  how to article you'd  write about a chain saw,  a  spoon or a flashlight.  Wands cannot be fitted into a rational, scientific  limited, intellectual  box.  Wands are objects made to move and remove the boundaries  between the mundane and the sacred.  They are objects of creation, of power, of  fantasy  made real.
I don't think any of us need to be able to turn a pumpkin into a coach  or a prince into a frog or toad. You  have to be a senior member of the Fairy Godmother's Guild to do anything like that, I think. Wands can still be a valuable part of your spiritual tool kit.

In general wands are used to focus and direct energy.  They  can be used to enhance focus, or  energy  while meditating ,  to charge grids and objects or water,  for healing and for massage or even to facilitate spiritual journeying.  They may be used to direct intention as in remote healing work or to empower affirmations and  elixirs or spells. 

Wands may  also be used to symbolically and  energetically cut or dissolve blocks and negative cords  things or to create and/or  mark   boundaries or  to vacuum up negative energies.   Some wands are used as symbols of authority.  These  are usually a smaller version of a scepter or staff which are traditional symbols of power, authority or  office.

    The Wand may on occasion be a substitute  for a knife, sword, scepter  or staff  which   are other objects which may be used in the same way as wands in some spiritual or social traditions.

 The energy projected by the wand replaces the  physical   protection or defense symbolized by  weapons.  Some people use wands as a kind of permanent crystal grid having them made or dedicated  for a purpose such as bringing in love or money or enhancing meditation.

There are a great number of different kinds of wands.  The same principles generally  apply to most kinds.  We will  focus on wands that are made with  crystal , metal or stone components.  Wands include  natural  and shaped crystal and stone wands, laser wands, Vogal  wands and constructed wands.

There are many  kinds of wands in which crystals are used in one way or another and there are wands made entirely of crystal or stone as well as those that use other materials  such as glass, metal or  wood, as well as crystals and stones. Wands are also made with feathers or horn or other material  and these may be adorned with stones and crystals as well.

Different wand forms include wands  tipped with crystals,  wands covered or decorated with  various crystals, stones ,shells or other objects,  copper and silver tubes filled with herbs and stones,  wands of whatever kind with stones set or glued or wired onto them.

You can buy a wand or make a wand for yourself.  The tools  and materials do not need to be complicated,  a rod or tube, some crystals, glue or   crimper for copper tubing.  If you want to carve or burn decoration or symbols into wood you will need a carving tool.  The wand can be as simple or as complex as you wish.

When you get a wand you  will probably want to clear,  charge and dedicate it  yourself.
Some wands have standard protocols and traditions of use for healing and massage  such as Laser wands, Vogal carved wands and some shaped wands and wand or blade formations of stones and crystals.

 Carved or natural  such as Selinite or Kyanite wands and blades  are probably  most often  used for healing work such as chakra balancing and  removing blocked energies conducting and directing healing energy.  Some of this work has been discussed in several of the  chapters about  healing treatments.

   The wand forms that have been carved to use for massage  usually have one pointed end and one rounded end.  They come in various sizes  and can be very  nice used for massage  or for using energy instead of needles or pressure in place of acupuncture or accupressure and other systems that use  trigger points of some kind.    I have a couple of these and my daughter  has  more but  I am not formally trained in massage or accupressure so cannot  go into detail about using the crystals in massage.  There are a number of books and resources  available for exploring these uses  in  detail.

Each wand will  have a unique energy,  many people have several wands each dedicated to a single purpose or area of work. Other people will use the same wand for all purposes I use several different wands. I have made some wands and some prayer or feather wands as well and have bought some.  I  use or have used   wands to meditate with,  to charge crystal grids and to do the clearing work and energy charging during healing sessions. Wands can be used to direct energy for room clearing and casting circles.

Wands are often  made with stones selected to strengthen the effect of the wand for a specific purpose . Chakra wands with stone of each of the rainbow colors are probably  among the most common . Some wands have a single crystal point  at one end, others have crystals at both ends,  some have a crystal point  at one end and a  crystal ball at the other .  Large wands generally are not any more powerful than small ones. The energy put into the wand as it is created and worked with is what gives the wand its  power, not the size expense, decoration  or elaborateness of the wand. In a pinch  you can even  charge a regular stick or even a flower and use it as a wand .

Wands may be given or received  as gifts and you may purchase one for yourself there is no traditional  superstition about this in most cases  though some people will want to pay at least a penny for any stone that has citrine in it    because of a belief similar to the tradition that knives will cut the friendship if they are given rather than purchased .

One of the best ways to  become familiar with wands and how they work and their ability to energize  is to make one of your own and work with it .

     Gather the materials for your wand carefully,  or buy one with equal care,  choose with your gut,  your heart  , your inner knowing and feeling,  not just from your mind and aesthetic sensibilities . This  wand, whether based on a selected wooden rod or copper tubing or other substance and  created with glue or metal or leather trim or stones of various sorts is  made  real, made useful, has value, only because  with your intention ,with your energy, and the energies of the sacred space, the spirit surrounding and permeating everything you make it real. Your wand can be a conduit for energy.    You connect and charge it with the ability to assist you in working with energy, with light and spirit, transcending the realms of the physical and nonphysica. While you make the wand  it helps to keep your mind focused on the purpose and  the spiritual values you wish to see embodied in the wand.

One  basic crystal wand type can be made by starting  with a hollow copper tube of around a foot in length and about three quarters of an inch in diameter. A clear quartz crystal perhaps  three inches in length and around three quarters of an inch wide, is attached to one end of the tube.  You can make a pair of lengthwise  slits (with a jewelers saw)  in the copper tube to allow the crystal to be slipped into the tube  and you can put glue  on the crystal to help keep it in the tube.  At least an inch of the crystal should stick out from the end.  Then the copper can be crimped gently around the crystal.  The other end of  the  tube can have a copper cap, another quartz crystal or ball or another stone.  Often  copper tubes are covered with leather or cloth  additional stones may be placed along the body of the wand  either single or doubly terminated crystals can be used at the ends.

Some people place small stones, herbs or symbols or prayers of intention  written on paper into the hollow tube.
If you are using a wrapping you would take a strip about three feet long and wrap it in a spiral  while gluing it at intervals around the tube.   After the wand is charged and dedicated with intention  it will be now ready to be used.

Generally unless a  wand is programed to project a program or field of energy at all times it is only active  when it is being held or focused on with intention.

You may want to help  focus the  healing energy by visualizing a beam of light being emitted from the tip or the crystal wand. You can move the wand in circles and use your intention to either project healing energy or to dissolve and clear negative energy.

    However you get or make your wand and whatever materials are in it, wands are dedicated  and activated by intention and connection . Place your wand  and yourself within sacred space even if only in your heart and mind  , Focus your attention and intention on the wand allow energies to flow into the wand , Summon  the energies  from your surroundings and spiritual sources and elements  not just your own energy.

  Use your dreams, plans, intuition, passion and gifts of spirit to guide the energies  into the wand and fulfill the potential to effect the areas to which the wand is dedicated and directed. Clarify and focus your intention to know,  define and accept  the purpose of this wand . This wand may be one you get and direct to a purpose of your need and choice or the wand may come to you already dedicated for a particular function.

When the wand is complete and dedicated keep it in a place of safety and respect, perhaps on an altar  though you do not have to be obsessive about  this.  One might suppose that something like  having a dog chew on your wand  might possibly diminish the effectiveness of the wand at least for a while ( on the other hand that might instill the wand with animal energy). 

 There are many ways that  wands may be used.  Some are simply held in the hand or on the lap  during  meditation.  Wands are sometimes used in the same way as Athames ( ritual knives)  often are, to  cast or define a circle of energy and protection  for rituals  or to mark the area of focused power and healing or meditation to be done within the circles bounds.

Wands are used to call focus, discharge, and otherwise effect energy.  You may feel an intuitive need to move your wand in circles or spirals  or other paths of motion while you focus and define the  intention to direct energy for a chosen purpose.
 When using wands  in healing work they may be moved through the aura and used for   pulling out  and releasing blocks and negative energy build ups and  forfilling the aura with healing or spiritual light and energy.  You may smooth or comb or enhance the energy body with the wand too. A gentle sweeping of the wand around the body of the ill or unhappy may provide a soothing healing and comforting treatment.  Allow your wands to be a channel,  an amplifier a projector of energy.

 These are a  tool of magic and healing and can  help you become aware of your sacred nature  and the sacred nature of the life all around you. Wands can be  a key to the door between worlds and planes and  between the mundane and the mystical they can help you in meditation to become more aware of your inner nature and of the beings and realms of spirit that surround you.
Sometimes You may feel an call to sing or chant or dance with your wand  as part of the mutual empowerment.  The best way to learn to use a wand will always be to get one and work with it Hold the wand while you meditate and  listen for  guidance and intuitions on the  ways and purposes for using your wands.

Peggy Jentoft
May 1st 2002  Crystal  Tarot divination   

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