Laser Wand Crystals

Katrina Raphael  has been the primary source of channeled information about many specialty formations of crystals and or Master crystals and her information is widely accepted.  I often feel guided to use the laser wand Crystal formation both in accord with and in slightly different ways than her teachings.  Not all crystal healing systems use the specialty formations as a guide. There are other crystals which will be in accord with whatever work you might be called upon to do.   The information reads as accurate to me with the exception that my experience with the Crystal Deva is that the laser crystals will not do harm or inadvertantly cut the aura if pointed across the aura. When we allow the crystals  their own free will rather than forcing them to work as tools  they will only do good.

Laser wands are common and useful for many different purposes.
lasar wand crystal
Laser Wand Crystal – A long slender crystal that tapers inward from base to termination is called a laser wand. They are used to clear negativity, create protective barriers, focus healing energy to self or others, assist in performing psychic surgery on the energy body and to remove attitudes or energy blockages and intrusions that may be causing
disease or distortion.  They can be used as a psychic laser as a cutting , dissolving, healing and sealing tool.

They can also be used to fill areas with healing energy or spiritual light or as a focused energy vacuum. They are used in retrieving sacred  information and in focused programs.   Laser wands can be used as the charging crystal when making crystal grids. Small laser wands are often favored as directional links in grids.

 They are often used in healing treatment as a healing wand to direct energy, remove blocks, fill treated areas with light and seal leaks.

Laser wands can direct energy in a powerful focused beam which could be activated as a cutting tool or as a sealing tool or a suction or filling tool. The function is directed by your intention.

It is important that you have a firm commitment to do no harm.  Some people think it is possible to damage the aura with carelessly directed energy from laser wands. When I first started using them on my own energy body this did seem to be true, It seemed like the Aura could be cut with the laser, subsequently I have discovered that when one first sets the intention to do no harm,  allows the crystal  energy to work as it wants without being pushed with the personal will, there will never be overcharge or unwanted cutting.  There can sometimes be a feeling almost as though there is a mild  burn when the wand is used to treat areas of physical blockage but I find that rather than being damage this is just a resonance from positive change.   Think of your crystal wands as being the most sophisticated partners with  built in safety features, wisdom and self control. 

A form of Psychic surgery with laser wands is done by using the laser wand directly on the person being treated, concentrate on bringing the universal energy down into the crystal and directing it through the persons  chakras and energy body as needed.  You can visualize a beam of intense light being directed through the laser.  You can use this energy to put a protective energy field around any person or object, point the beam away and around the object or use the wand to mark a protective boundary.

A straight motion is often used to disintegrate negative energy forms vibrating the hand swiftly is sometimes used for sealing with a laser wand. Some people like to move the wand in an infinity symbol figure eight type motion when treating large areas. Some people suggest specific ways of holding the wand such as between the index finger and thumb or inserted between fingers.

You can imagine /intend that the wand have a sticky or suction effect  which will pull out  extra and negative energies  Follow up with filling with healing light after you have pulled things out. I often use a Laser wand in my general healing treatments.

Some people like to hold one over the brow chakra briefly  to open it before meditating and they are often held while meditating  they can be used to help focus  attunements or bring in information from the Akashic record  in meditation as  well .

We Have received permission from Stuart Schmitt of Sweet Surrender Crystal Mine
 60 Mary's Eagle Trail Mount Ida, AR 71957 (870) 867-2443  to use  his  laser wand photograph on this page.

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