RockwalkwayStones And Crystals In The Yard And Garden

Quartz crystals are often used in a garden grid to help with the growth and health of plants. One common  way this is done is to place quartz   crystals at each corner  of your garden plot and one in the center.  You can divide a large area into smaller square segments and grid each section separately.  Embed single point crystals in the soil  with  the point of the crystal just  above the soil level. Boji stones are sometimes placed in gardens and allowed to disintegrate into the soil. Many of the standard soil amendments  that garden books suggest are minerals, shells  and stones .

  All crystal work begins with cleared and charged stones. Use meditation and   intention and ask  the crystals to work with the deva of the garden and plants for maximum good.
You can even place a quartz point in the soil at the foot of  a single plant. You may like to get some quartz  crystal chips  and just scatter them on the soil for sparkle .You may even find that this glitter confuses some predatory insects.

Small river pebbles and stones  can be used to provide an  energetic boost  for your garden  plants and as a rule they bring in a very calming and tranquil energy to the garden area as a whole. They can be used as a decorative element and in quantity even can work as a mulch or ground cover of sorts. You can make symbolic stone beds for streams to invite the water energy into your garden. You can include stones as part of a real water element, Perhaps a small pond, or a bird bath. Place a piece of black plastic along a slightly hollow area and cover it with a pattern of flat and round  stones with some spaces. This should  just be deep enough to retain a slight amount of moisture after you water the garden. This creates a place for thirsty butterflies  to  rest and drink.    You can make a small circle of stones for a real or symbolic hearth or fire circle for the element of fire and  wind chimes will   invite the air element to bless your garden. Many different forms of ritual space, altars and meditation areas can be defined and created with well placed stones.

I have read of an old celtic custom of placing buttons or bricks or small pretty stones under some plants in Spring  to make a tiny patio, or wall for a fairies bower where you would place  gifts and offerings for a bountiful crop.
Many people  place a small bottle with an  assortment of stones  or a single dedicated  stone in each corner of their property . This marks  the boundaries and anchors a protective dome of energy  around the  land. Some people prefer to make small cairns or piles of stones  to mark special  areas of the garden or dedicated to affirmations and current goals or to commemorate special events and personal milestones.
  Cairns are often used as memorial altars or even as grave stones for deceased animal companions. 

 You may want to place guardian stones at your entries.  These can either be small and hidden or larger  stones that define the entryway .  A well chosen stone can fill in a missing area of your home's Fung shui too.
You may want to hang a few crystals from a tree to catch the light. Do be careful of potential fire hazards when placing the crystals. Nice wind chimes are sometimes made with slices of agate or obsidian needles. These can have a lovely bell like tone.

If you have a sloping area in your yard or a place to build your own small mound of stones and soil you might want to make a classic rock garden. These rocky slopes  with plants set among stones can be pleasing to all the senses.  Depending on your climate alpine flowers,  herbs or succulents are popular choices for a rock garden.

If you have a yard where you can see the point where the Sun rises on an Equinox or Solstice  you could mark that point with a stone as a way of honoring the cycle of the year. There are several web sites where you can find directions for making Native American   medicine wheels with the correct spirit and dedication  if they are part of your spiritual path.

There are other forms of stone wheel that can make a meaningful part of your garden. The Buddhist Wheel of the Law  or a zodiac garden wheel are among the possibilities . Some  of the forms suggested in the page on crystal  grids can make suitable garden features. If you have a lot of small boulders available you can make stone borders or even paths and walls.

The classical Zen Garden of raked sand  and carefully placed stones  may require more esoteric wisdom than most of us  have at hand but  begin by entering into a meditation in your garden and seeking the guidance of the land the deva and the energies. You may be guided to create a stone  garden that maximizes the energies and harmonies of the land.

   Stone Medicine Wheels, stone calendars or star maps, Zen meditation gardens and large rock gardens  may be beyond the practical scope for  most of us, but  even a few stones in the  garden can bring in great healing energies and can create a pleasant  and magical place of rest .

  If you do not have a yard or have only a small garden you still might enjoy some of the pleasures  by making a miniature stone garden in a container. You could then keep this in what garden you do have or even keep it indoors. You choose a container suitable for your garden and fill it with an appropriate soil less mix or other base and then place small stones, crystals, pebbles, and possibly  mosses, sticks and plants in a pleasing pattern to create a tiny garden of your dreams. Some people use these small gardens as meditation  sanctuaries using their imagination to visualize themselves inside  the garden to meditate and begin and end journeys.

Peggy Jentoft  March 21, 2002   Protection

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