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   Light boxes and color healing

Chroma therapy is healing with colored light. One version of this combines crystal healing energy with colored light treatment by means of a  crystal light box. Crystal light boxes have  a hole in the center in which a quartz crystal  can be placed over a small light bulb. the light shining through clear crystals lights up the crystal and projects  and intensifies the colored light and the healing energy of the color and from the crystal .

Light boxes are used with colored filters or gels.
Sometimes people can find or  make their own which use stained glass  for the color filters  . The kind of light bulb that is most like daylight is recommended. Ultra -violet or black light is not recommended for this purpose . Look for a design that allows you to change the filters safely and easily. Make sure that it does not overheat .
 Some light boxes are mounted on stands in a way that they can can be tilted or raised and lowered to allow for direction of the light others are fixed and may be used as a meditation focus rather  than being used to direct light to specific areas.

Light box crystals can be flat based, single generator crystals or clusters. The main requirement for  use as  a light box crystal is the ability to reflect  light from the base up through the entire crystal. The base of the crystal  must be relatively transparent not opaque, quartz crystals that have been cleared .The crystal is  placed on the light box over the  colored filter in a way that allows  the light to  be projected towards the client. As the light shines through the colored filter it makes the crystal glow with the color of the filter which you have used.

Crystals with veils and inclusions are often considered preferable to clear glass-like crystals. It is best if possible to clear a crystal that is used in a light box before  you  use it with another color. Some people like to use one special crystal for all their color healing work others will have a different crystal dedicated to each color that they use.
While specific methods and times for treatment  vary from individual it is best to be start out with short exposures  to the colored light  5 minutes may be enough at first, later up to 15 minutes is usually quite sufficient .

It is also very healing to place a crystal on one of the light boxes that rotates through the full spectrum of colors in order and meditate or just watch the changing colors.

Below is a very  brief guide to using  color and colored light for some purposes.    This is not a substitute for Medical treatment .

Affects the muscular system , Stimulates the sensory nerves.
Affects the adrenals and releases adrenaline into the body.
Good for circulation  and to increase  physical energy
Helps with colds.
Do not use red for inflammations  (blue is suggested )
Do not use in  cases of emotional disturbance. (can increase anger or anxiety)
Red is not recommended for heart problems   rose tones can be used instead

For rejuvenation,  calming and comfort
fertility issues
increase compassion

 Antidote for depression, loneliness and tiredness.
recommended for Vegetarians to give them energy.
for cramps and spasms, chest conditions,  rheumatism and asthma.

For the nervous system
issues of mobility , neurological issues
 for skin ailments and nervous exhaustion.
intellectual clarity (before taking tests  as an example)
Do not use   yellow  for nervous breakdown ,  use blue and green.

For the digestive system.
to  relieve  tension. for shock,
It helps to alleviate headaches
 blood pressure (light green for high blood pressure and dark
green for low blood pressure).
It relaxes the heart.

Turquoise (blue green or aqua)
Can help to calm hypersensitive children
mental calm
also a good color for general meditation

Blue (light or sky)
To enhance  antiseptic effects
It calms the mind and nerves.
 for throat conditions, stings, itches and bites.
Use for insomnia, teething troubles and inflamed eyes.
 cases of shock.
for cooling a fever
Use a blue light for measles, chickenpox and mumps.

Indigo  (deeper blue)
Removing  fear.

Purifies the blood stream.
for varicose veins, insomnia, boils, ulcers,  bruising.
Indigo heals the etheric body. (not for depression)

Can be Good for mental and nervous disorders and emotional disturbances.
(some teachers disagree try sparingly at first)
Maintains   potassium balance .
reduces  hunger.
Sedates and subdues
Purifies the entire  system.
Do not use for  depression - use green or blue.

I use light intuitively  and had little experience with crystal light boxes so this chapter is  largely  based  on information from  others Particularly  from Rhea Hansen of the Kindred Spirits study group  of  Daly City Ca.  The information has held up well  and the therapuetic uses of the colors will work with other means than light if that is not available.
There are several pages  on color and on  working with colored stones in the crystal workshop pages

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