Remote healing treatments with crystals and crystal energy

Distance treatments

 There is a common tendency to think of distance healing work as requiring great effort as though you have to personally  throw the energy across the distance. In fact it requires  no more effort to send healing energies  across the ocean than it  requires to send it through your hands as you touch  someone, or as you put crystals on them or do other work.
Just as in direct treatment you activate energy or use crystals and allow the healing effect  to flow to where it is needed . Distance does  not interfere with reception.  A recipient must be willing to accept the treatment or the energy will not effect them.

Most  remote work  is directed by intention. Simply intend to send healing to the person where ever they are and send the treatment.  There are several ways to make this more effective. It is quite normal to be uncertain at first that this is working after a while you usually develop  a sense of connection and know when you are doing an effective treatment
whatever   method you are using. Start from being grounded and centered and connect with source or activate a shakti or do a crystal layout with focused intention.  Whatever you do  for an in person treatment.

The Crystal  Deva Empowerment attunements  include a remote function which will work with any energy healing system and with crystals which is activated by intending to do so with a mental command.

There are different ways to work with crystals and directly with energy as shakti and by invoking or calling on spiritual assistance such as deva or angelic healers.  Some people find that their work is more effective or easier if they begin with a few deep breaths. Traditionaly in some systems women visualize drawing energy up from the earth and men visualize drawing energy down from the sky (its a yin yang type thing).

.Here are some basic remote methods.

1. You can use a photo or drawing as a focus. You can send energy or place a healing crystal or crystals on the photo or drawing. If the drawing is large enough you can actually place your stone layout on the drawing with the intention for who and
where  you are sending. A meridian chart or a  reflexology chart  can also be used as a proxy image.   You can also use something that belongsto the intended recipiant or an image or an object that symbolizes the recipiant to you.

2. You can  lay out a chakra set of crystals  intend they represent the person to be treated and use a pendulum or crystal wand or your hands to scan the chakra and aura and to send energy through the chakra  crystals to the person.

3. Use a teddy bear or doll as a proxy or put a pillow on your lap to represent the recipient. you can put your stones on this proxy  or not as you choose.
 4. Intend it. Know that the healing  will reach your intended recipient automatically .

5. Write the person's name on a piece of paper and hold that piece of paper with the name           on it between your hands and send healing that way.  Set a programed crystal on the name or put the name in a box with your charged healing crystals .

6. You can visualize the person as though they are right in front of   you and just do a treatment. or imagine that you are in the same place together.

7. Another technique is to substitute your body for  theirs doing the treatment  on your  own body and intending that the energies run to them in those places. You can also do a "spot" treatment on an organ or other body part just visualize the part and go for it.

8. Some healing systems use symbols. Many people do find it easier to work with a symbol particularly people who are visually oriented. Here is a link to a symbol I  often use for remote healing work there is no required order to draw or visualize  the elements  of this symbol .  it does not have a name other than representing the concept of  "as Above so Below".  This is used in several energy work and metaphysical systems. You might call it a generic distant healing symbol. just imagine or intend or mentally draw  this symbol in the air or on your hands or above your crystals and /or above the person you are treating.  Any attunement you might need to activate it can be called in by intention.

9.Sending remote healing with a shakti
With the crystal empowerment shakti you just run the energies you choose with the remote function to the person place or group you are treating. 

10. Thumb as Proxy
When you are sending energy you can use your hand as a proxy  either designating your

thumb as the proxy and wrapping your fingers around it to send , or hold your left hand as the proxy with your right hand sending ( can reverse this if it seems right to you).
The remote function will work with shakti from other systems .

People often program a crystal to transmit a  healing energy like Reiki or another healing
shakti  for this  they run  the  energy while holding the intention that the crystal transmit the
energy usually to a particular person. you can give or send the crystal to the recipient or
keep it yourself setting it  in a location (sunny if possible ) where it will not be disturbed .

11.Asking a crystal for remote healing

Once you have selected the right stone and sensed agreement. Ground  and center yourself specify who and if you know it where the person is as well as the purpose of the healing.  Set the intention that all work be for the highest good of the
person. Clarify your intention, hold the stone in your dominant hand or in both  hands. Large stones can be touched  rather than held.  Focus your intention on the stone. Clearly state in your mind or out loud  Who and  what it is you are asking the stone to transmit the  healing  energy  for. Visualize or state  the desired result as  clearly as you can.
To ask/program a stone to broadcast  an intention  ,prayer ,desire or affirmation or healing
energy you just intend that it do so.

  One to five minutes  is the standard time to hold the focus. though it can be shorter continue until you feel that the crystal is attuned with your intention. Using a shakti can also shorten the time  (you would run it as you hold the focus)
The program vibration is now set in the crystal.
You may add an ending  intention/ request  that the program is locked in and will stay until  cleared .
Some people breathe deeply and exhale strongly over the crystal  while they focus on the program.  intend that the crystal continually broadcast or transmit as  needed.  This does not interfere with nor override the inate purposes of the crystal.

12. Using a grid

Crystal Grids   are  arrangements of charged crystals dedicated to a particular purpose such as sending healing energy or focusing a manifestation or For Earth healing or to bring in or broadcast specific frequencies of energy into a certain area. Grids are a  way of creating a continuous flow of energy for a specific purpose on a larger scale or in more detail than by
just programming a single crystal. They are often used to send remote healing to others.  You can make any style of grid and charge and activate it with the intention that it transmit healing energy to the intended receiver. Lesson  about  grids is here.

You may also  place the crystals on a paper marked with a diagram of the layout for the grid or with a traditional sacred form such as the star of Solomon, the Sephiroth , the infinity symbol or on or around an image of a symbol such as the antakarana or a Goddess or  an emblem of your spiritual path..

 A piece of paper with the purpose and/or elements of the purpose for which the grid is being created and activated written on it is also common.  Some people place a small note under the central crystal. For a remote healing grid people may place the  name of a person who has requested healing energy or prayers under a stone in the grid. They may dedicate each of the secondary stones in the grid to a specific individual or aspect of the intended purpose. I often use stones in the outer ring of the healing grid for specific parts  of the healing  such as one for pain relief, one for muscle repair, one for emotional healing, etc. with the center crystal being the transmitter.
The most common grids are square or  circular  with a center stone. They may or may not have linking crystals. Linking crystals  are usually small clear quartz points placed between the other stones in the grid to connect the stones and direct the flow of  energy . They may be used pointing either inward or outward from the center and are also often placed between stones in the outer "wheel" or  or other form of the grid. Sstones are usually placed  and removed in a clockwise direction.

 Stones are cleared if they do seem to need it before being used in a grid and charged and dedicated as placed and after placement. Intention is always used to set the purpose and activate the grid. After the grid is created it is
activated  and the individual crystals are linked energetically. This is often done with a crystal wand, generator point or laser wand crystal or can be done with another kind of wand . Many people follow a carefully laid out order for activating the crystals in a grid with a wand. You may wish to choose a specific "master crystal" or wand for each of your grids and and keep it with the grid or you may use the same crystal or wand to charge many grids. The wand or master crystal
is meditated with and charged before being used to activate the grid.

Grid  activation can also be done with intention or with shakti.

You may hold a transmitter crystal , a laser wand,  or other crystal of your choice and sit in meditation with the intention of sending a healing treatment to your receiver. You can intend that the person receive the benefits and energies of particular stones holding the stone and "beaming the energy.  You can hold a crystal to amplify and help direct an energy treatment .

Some people like to use a candle as a focus and set crystals around it.

Some people like to begin a treatment by saying the name of the recipient out  loud three times  often a ten to 15 minute period is  used for a remote treatment  but this is not set in stone.

These are just a few of many possibilities  for sending  remote  healing with crystals 

Peggy Jentoft ~Solarraven
12 20 2001


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