dragonwall Singing Bowls
Crystal and metal singing bowls

There are two basic kinds of singing bowls - the traditional Tibetan singing bowls which are made of a combination of metals, and pure quartz crystal singing bowls. Both kinds of singing bowls can produce an enchanting, peaceful sound with therapeutic effect as you circle the rim with a special usually suede covered striking tool.

Chakra balancing singing bowls are available in many sizes and price ranges, and quickly capture the attention of all who hear them. It is said just a few minutes playing or listening to singing bowls restores and revitalizes you, gives you a s
healing inner massage, improves your insight and intuition, and quiets the mental chatter.
You do not need to consciously be aware of chakra balancing or crystal healing. It just happens, as your whole being moves into relaxation and meditation. You just ride the sound waves of the crystal singing bowl or Tibetan bowl to become aligned with your high self and inner self. A singing bowl helps you quickly reach a balanced tranquil place. Vibration or sound are aspects of the force of creation and involution a principle element of all existence When We say that all there is is energy we could also say that all there is is sound or vibration .singing bowls are one way to begin to tune in to the crystalline music of
the universe .

Use quartz crystal and Tibetan singing bowls to enhance meditation, intuition, relaxation, chanting, toning and bodywork. They are powerful for music therapy, chakra system balancing, emotional release and clearing of people and places.
Singing bowls are used in many forms of ceremony, celebration and ritual, as well as providing great enhancement for working in nature with the Earth and Air.

The metal bowls are very effective for chakra balancing  and clearing the energy body and in general healing work.

  Hearing occurs with more than ears. Sound is vibration, and that vibration moves throughout our body. With singing quartz crystal or Tibetan bowls, we feel the sound as much as we take it in with our ears.

They are used as tools in complementary therapy, holistic healing, and alternative medicine by many massage therapists, acupuncturists, energy healers, counselors of all types, and holistic doctors, dentists and chiropractors. Quartz crystal bowls are used for sound therapy, musical performance, group meditation, and workshop processes.  

Though I am fairly familiar with other forms of music and sound therapy and toning and have 2 metal singing bowls. I do not have much personal experience with  the crystal bowls.  I have been present when they were used only a few times so I am posting this from Ryan Hopkins which he sent a while back and gave permission to share. .

Crystal singing bowls come in various sizes, and are made from quartz crystal which has been crushed to a powder and fused into the shape of a tubular bowl. They come in various sizes, and originally have been used as crucibles for the doping process of manufacturing silicon wafers upon which microchips are made. Apparently, somewhere along the line somebody stuck one on the side, and it made a neat tone. Bowls that had slight defects in them (ridiculously minute tolerances) that would be rejected from the electronics process, then began selling on the metaphysical market. Today there are bowls in many sizes available. The smallest one I have seen is a 4", and the largest one, a whopping 24 inch bowl (these things literally THUNDER with resounding vibration!). The one which I personally own is a heart chakra-tuned 12" bowl. When I tone it, I feel it deeply within the center of my being. It has been said that when these bowls are played, a wave of energy beyond our comprehension is released into space time. I believe that wholeheartedly (literally :), since I often play this bowl while sitting on a giant boulder in the woods, and it has the capacity to vibrate the entire boulder.
by Ryan Hopkins (thanks, Ryan  - pj).

There is some concern with the way crystal bowls are made.  Some may be made with more care and spiritual integrity than others . Some are made as commercial objects and some are made with spiritual respect. It is probably best to select a crystal bowl in person so that you can be aware of the energy and know that the tone is resonant for you.  Most quartz singing bowls are made with   man made  quartz.

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