Healing with Quartz Crystal Points
green phantom quartz healing crystals
There are many ways to use crystals in healing for self and others. I have not used some of these fixed methods for quite a while, relying on intuition and doing treatments differently each time.
In reviewing different treatment forms for the list I have found
that some methods do not always feel right to me. Some even produce a headachy sensation which I tend to take as a "warn off" indication.  I have not included several popular techniques here because of that.  Other people may find those same methods quite effective and pleasant. 

My suggestion is that we all explore many
techniques and share our experiences in order to develop a more definitive text on these methods.  However there will not ever be a uniform absolute system for doing crystal treatments.  We are all different and different things will work better for some than for than others and different people will need to find personal preferences for working with the crystals.

Before you use crystals in treatment remember that these are not substitutes for medical or psychological treatment when it is called for. Crystal healing is complementary and supportive of conventional treatments. All healing is self healing, we use the crystals as tools and companions on our healing path.

Crystals can transmit crystal energy, other healing energies and /or amplify chi or energies generated or tuned into by intention or intuitive reception. Many people use the crystal to amplify a healing intention by calling in love with the idea that any time you wish a person well you create a flow of healing energy.

Mental intention must follow the rules of affirmation, focus on the positive effect you want rather than the "problem ".  Do not attempt to will a particular condition healed by force.  Allow the energies channeled by the crystal to do the work. Use only positive terms in your intentions, affirmations, spells and healing prayers or whatever form you use, "be well" rather than "don't be sick" for example.  This is a critical point.  You must describe the desired healing rather than the problem. You can not force a particular result.

Methods of working with Crystals for Healing

The numbers below are just there so that if anyone has questions it will be a bit easier to tell us which method they are asking about.

1.  Sitting with and Holding crystals
The most usual way of working with crystals and stones is to simply
hold a crystal or crystals chosen intuitively for the desired purpose. When we choose from a crystal properties book we will still use our intuition. One method is to simply hold the stone you have chosen for ten to twenty minutes. Another is to  sit with the chosen  crystals and stones around you.
 Some sources suggest that if possible
you do this four times a day. Do not disturb your sleep to do a personal crystal healing treatment.  People often carry stones with them throught  their daily activities.

Quartz crystal points can be used to direct energy either toward or away from a body depending on where the point is facing. or by intending the direction of flow.

There are also many different ways to hold or move the crystals. Some healing session you may feel called to  move from place to place on the body holding the crystal still at each place. Others times you may  sweep through the entire aura in long strokes first down then upwards.  Others use spirals, circles or infinity ( figure eight) loops to move the energies.  Figure eight loops seem particularly effective in my experience.  Spiraling upwards over each chakra point or the place being treated and then spiraling inward is one common pattern. Usually counter clockwise is used for up and out and clockwise for in and down.

Some people painstakingly trace the meridian lines with crystal points, stopping over major acupuncture points. I had never had the patience to do this for years but have done so now. The book "Energy Medicine" by Donna Eden and David Fienstien  has simplified charts for meridian tracing.  It is easier to do this for otherr than for yourself.  I have sometimes self treated by holding a wand point over the pubic bone then up to just below the lower lip repeating three times. This is said to balance the conception channel.  People who have knowledge of acupuncture , accupressure or other method which uses these points or similar ones may wish to experiment with using crystals rather than needles or pressure .

Using a single terminated point, a laser wand or a carved wand.
You can visualize the point of the crystal as holding a sticky charge with which to pull out stagnant or congested energy and energy that does not belong to the person being treated. Intend that any such energy be automatically cleansed and restored to its proper place .
You can either change crystals or use a quick clearing method (such as shakti or breath) before going over the same areas with the wand in a smoothing and balancing stroke. You can run energy into any area that feels depleted .

You may want to hold one crystal in each hand. A clear crystal point in your dominant hand to use over body areas and another crystal in the receptive hand that represents the effects you wish to promote. Perhaps rose quartz for treating emotional pain and adding loving energy or rutilated quartz for nerve and tissue healing for example.
You then move the dominant hand crystal through the energy field from top down .
Some people prefer to start point out sweeping down in small cleansing swoops like combing or circles around the body from side to side and then return point in upwards in the same way.

Many systems seem to recommend that you start at the top and work down. I have found systems that work from the feet up too. I like working from the feet up a lot of the time but some have been taught that only work from the top down is "safe" I have had no problems with safety issues but would not use a modality on a person who was uncomfortable with the idea.

Ao circuit
This method follows the path of a set of energy centers used in the ancient Hawaiian Huna Traditions. It is effective for promoting spiritual, emotional, mental ,harmony.
Hold the crystal over the
 a. crown for a moment or two this is the
will center (ao)
continue from point to point holding the crystal over each point for a moment or two.
b. Move to over the right eye this is the time (ao)
c. Next is the right shoulder in and up from the armpit about an inch or two this is the venturing or ao of beginnings.
d. At the point where the hipbone joins the right leg - action
e. At the pubic bone
f. left hip- contemplation
g.- right shoulder -appreciation
h. right eye - justice
 i. heart - love end by moving up to the crown and move the crystal around the
outer body four times. 

Take a single point or wand crystal in hand, while it is more standard to use point in to give energy and point out to remove it you can also direct energy either way through the point using the intention combination of fill ,remove or in ,out or push pull or clean and seal .
Ground and center intend that your work be in the highest good and safe in all ways .
You might like to scan your body (in self treatment) or the receiving being first to feel for areas that are blocked , over or under energized or give some other indication that work is needed.

8. When you personally sense that you have congested energy.  One self treatment method is to hold a crystal point out in your right hand to the side and down put your left hand over your heart and allow the congested energy to flow out into the earth (where it is transformed and returned to its proper source) You then change hands and with the crystal point in allow it to bring in healing energy .

Seated treatment: Stand to the side of seated recipient with a receptive crystal in left hand held at back top of head. Projective crystal in right hand at front top of head. Move the crystals downward to each chakra. Move them in and out to stimulate and balance the chakra. These do not have to be a particular kind of crystal just designate one receptive and the other projective. Some people like to use a milky crystal as the receptive crystal  and a clear crystal as the projector.  Some use a rose quartz  (carved wand usually,  as natural rose quartz crystal points are usually tiny ) and a smoky quartz for this method. You can also use this as a chakra balancing method without considering either crystal as limited to projecting or receiving as either can push or pull ( suck and blow ) as needed to clear balance and harmonize the chakra and energy body.. This is cleanse and fill at each step.    You can also do this with the recipiant laying down.

10. Start at the crown, hold the point at the crown sweep the crystal through the aura in an upward spiral. Pause at the top and spiral back.

Clear quartz can be used to simply magnify all healing efforts. Try holding a point in your hand as you scan the aura (point facing out), Then face the point in as you send healing and harmonizing energy.

11. This healing technique involves the use two clear quartz points. Sit at the feet of the person put the point of the crystal in your right hand point in at the bottom of the persons left foot, and the point of the crystal in your left hand pointing out at the bottom of  the patient's right foot. allow energy to flow up through your right hand (persons left foot) and imagine it moving all through the body, up the left side, and through and down the right side and out the right foot. Imagine a continuous circle of energy going in and flowing out. visualize a smooth flow and balanced energy .Imagine all blocks breaking up and dissolving . All unwanted energies will be washed out positive energies are enhanced to restore vitality and well being .

12. You can sleep with a stone or two chosen to work on a healing issue. You can  put the crystal in your pillow or beside the bed some people tape the crystals to their hand or elsewhere'  You should preferably work only on issues that will not be likely to disrupt your sleep.

There are many more ways to work with quartz points in this kind of work but this seems like more than enough for starters. Please let me know if you have any questions and if these are directions clear enough to follow .
Laying on of stones is discussed in another article.

Peggy Jentoft ~ solarraven

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