Meditation with Crystals

Not everyone makes clear separations between meditation, visualization, journeying and
visions and the distinctions are sometimes unclear. Meditation is usually centered on focusing and is not the same thing as zoning out or daydreaming though these can also have value.

Meditation often opens the way for journeying or visions and may include visual sensations.  Guided visualization usually refers to a relaxation or meditation form in which one is guided through a series of experiences in a story like form.
There is  also an  article on meditation  in  general in the crystal workshop pages .
Meditating with crystals is to use crystals in general meditation or specific meditations to enhance deepen or in some other way assist with the meditation.

Clear quartz and other crystals and stones have been used to assist and as a focus for meditation for a very long time .
Just focusing gentle attention on a clear quartz crystal can quiet the mind and help bring mental clarity for problem solving.

When you have a particular problem take a few minutes to think about and define the problem then gaze deeply into your crystal. Just allow your thoughts to come and go as your mind stills you may find a solution if not when you end the meditation just let the problem go quite often a solution will pop into your head later .

Select  single terminated crystals to help you meditate or to deepen and enhance a particular meditation form.  You can   enlist the help of ( sometimes called programming)  a crystal to help you reach deeper higher states of meditative awareness. This is said to greatly shorten the time it may take for you to achieve these states (these may still take years ) These states are not to be thought of as a  goal of meditation and if you meditate with a crystal for this purpose it is advised that you limit your use to about one third of the time you spend in meditation weekly.
Other crystals could assist you with meditation for relaxation or mental clarity and those to assist you in experiencing a particular spiritual state or plane such as bliss, or oneness with the divine, or unconditional love for example.
You can contract  with a crystal to enhance any standard meditation such as the diamond heart meditation in the files or other meditations.
You can ask a crystal to hold the energy of a particular Tarot card or spiritual passage and hold the crystal while meditating on that card or text.
(Crystal programs)

Sit with or hold a crystal chosen to harmonize with the form of the meditation
rose quartz or kunzite for love and compassion meditations for example, citrine for bringing your personal will into harmony with your soul purpose and recognizing that purpose ,
Green stones and /or amber or shells and fossils for meditations on nature.  There are many lists of  stone properties that will offer suggestions as to appropriate crystals  for directed meditations However your intuition is your best guide to the crystals.

You may also use a crystal or stone as a focus to gaze on while meditating.
Place the crystal at a comfortable distance so that you can easily gaze on or into it.
Relax and gaze into the stone, when your attention wanders just return it to the stone
if it feels natural after a few moments you may close your eyes and continue meditating
if you feel tension anywhere take a couple of deep breaths and relax again and continue
until you decide to finish by opening your eyes and gazing on the crystal again .

Some people will tape an appropriate crystal to their brow to enhance meditation.
You could  place the stone in or under a headband . Astring of beads or a pendant could  also be used.  You may prefer just to hold a crystal or stone to your brow for a bit and then hold it in your hand or in your lap or set it down nearby.
Clear Quartz and   many of the blue and aqua and violet to purple stones are commonly used  to activate intuition and spiritual connection but almost any stone can be meditated with, some more effectively than others  Some stones  that are not of value for you will be good for another person to use in meditation.

Generally it is a good idea to use your intuition to determine if it is of positive value to work with any particular stone at a given time this way. Do not use a crystal if it does not seem harmonious. (Though often if you dislike a particular kind of stone or crystal it means that it can help you with an issue you do not want to face yet.)

 Some people lie down to meditate and place crystals at the feet and crown or at various points on the body often over some of the chakra points. Many people like to sit within a circle of stones or crystals when they meditate.

On occasions when you find it difficult to calm your mind for a traditional meditation  you might find a variation of an altar or mandala making form relaxing and healing . Begin by takeing a large number of your stones and crystals and setting them in front of you . Then after taking a few deep breaths just move them around and form them into patterns
before or around you this is a form of active contemplation which can be of as valuable as  receptive meditations .

Crystal Haven
This combines visualization with a meditation, select a fairly large quartz crystal and begin with it in front of you or in your hands . Breathe deeply, a traditional chi practice suggests that women imagine the breath rising from the Earth and men imagine the breath flowing down from above.
Gaze into the crystal breathing slowly and deeply imagine the crystal
expanding and becoming larger imagine it growing to expand gently around you so that you are sitting within the safety of the crystal. The light coming into the crystal illuminates your entire being and fills you with peace and love, stay within the crystal breathing in the light for as long as you wish then allow the crystal to move away from you and return to its natural size.

Toning crystals are useful in any meditation form which uses sound such as chanting, toning, singinglistening, trance and meditation music or drumming. Toning crystals often look like small flatish laser wands.  They can be identified because they help you when you tone or chant perhaps by allowing you to hold notes longer or in some other way.

You may find a pair of singing crystals, often these look a lot like small lazar wand crystals.
when they are gently rolled together in your hands these would make a musical bell like sound that can help you enter meditation and deepen trance or visualization states.

Many of the crystal books have suggestions for specific  stones to use in different meditations there must be well over a thousand suggestions for meditation with crystals in the most popular books alone.
some suggestions are :
Celestite for Angel meditations
Fluorite can help with soul retrieval
Rainbow garnet for monadic contact (the all knowing oneness)
Selinite for access to akashic records
Other stones  recommended for meditation include Amethyst, Yellow Calcite, Celestite, Azurite, Labradorite, Chrysocolla, Blue Tiger's Eye, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise,  Blue Fluorite,  Quartz , Hawk's Eye, Apophyllite,  Geodes

We have separated meditating with crystals from the practice of meditating on crystals.
Meditating on crystals is to meditate directly on the crystal to find information about working with them or for some other directly crystal related reason. This practice is sometimes called Attuning to crystals and is very useful  for familiarizing oneself with the crystals energies and  ways to work with them.

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