Exploring   Crystals, meditations and exercises 
quartz cluster

One of the first things to do whenever a new stone has come into your life is to explore and meet the stone to discover it and connect with the energy and wisdom of the stone or crystal. Here are a few methods for exploring and attuneing with the crystals and stones.

Look closely at your crystal in every way that you can think of, examine every angle.
Close your eyes and hold the crystal in your hands for a moment or
two. Turn the crystal over in your hand feel the entire stone with your hands and fingers. Pay attention to any impressions and thoughts you may have.

Hold the crystal near your solar plexus and as you breathe out imagine your breath  passing over the end of the stone then on the in breath imagine your breath entering the crystal passing through it directly into your abdomen continue this cycle to build up an energy circuit then relax.

Sit quietly for a while with your eyes closed and the crystal in front of you then open your eyes and look at the crystal in front of you for a few minutes . Close your eyes again and pickup the crystal are there any changes in the way you feel or in the way the crystal feels?

Hold the crystal in your left hand for a while then in the right hand switch hands several
times. Place the crystal on your chakra centers, the most sensitive are usually the solar plexus heart and brow

Place the crystal close to your body while you are lying down place it on either side of your body move it around and see if there is a difference in the way it feels in different locations .place the crystal near your right eye ,your right shoulder, your right hip , your left hip, your left shoulder, your left eye , what impressions do you get ? does the energy of the
crystal feel different in different places ?

visualization for exploring crystals
Sit in a comfortable position and hold the stone in both hands focus on the crystal for a few minutes
Let your awareness slowly float down into the crystal until you feel you have reached a resting place
Explore the energy of the crystal through your inner touch is it warm ,damp, smooth, rough, how does it feel to you?
relax and turn your attention and listen for any sound associated with this crystal is there any tone ,pulse, tune any high or low sound? listen for a while. relax Take a few deep breaths imagine that you a re breathing in the crystals energy.

What smell and what taste if any does this crystal have ?
Relax with your inner vision imagine what the energy of this crystal looks like the quality of light , let any images play out before your eyes just watch do not analyze.  Now become aware again of the crystal's taste (don't taste stones which may be toxic  if you are not sure  do not taste it),s mell. ,sounds and touch .

Gradually bring your awareness out of the crystal and return it to your body and become aware of the world around you . You may wish to take some notes to remember this crystal experience.

Another way to explore a crystal is to speak for it or rather allow it to speak through youHold the crystal or place it before you. Quiet your mind and enter your meditative receptive state allow thoughts to form as though you were the crystal and speak them as the crystal.
You as you may also converse with the crystal ask it to tell you about itself and listen for the answers some people like to use a tape recorder for this.

1. Find the rock, stone or crystal you have that attracts you most at the moment and look at it use all of your senses to explore it (except taste some  stones are poisonous)  and write about it and  what you experience with it , what attracts
you to it  now.

2. Just off hand from what you know right now  what stone would you keep if you could only have one?

3.  Go outside or somewhere where there are rocks, stones ,pebbles  and find one  just a plain ordinary wild rock in the street  that attracts you in some way and study it look and meditate on it and describe it  tell us what you think about
it.  Do you get any sense of what it could be used for ? where its been ?

Have fun with these there are not any wrong answers

Peggy Jentoft                  Deva

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