Healing, Wellness and energy
Basic concepts of healing for crystal healing practicioners

    The word Heal is from the same root as the word whole, and refers to health and harmony
of mind, emotion, body and spirit. It does not mean the same thing as the word cure.

    Crystal healing is one way people can learn to act as catalysts to help connect people and other beings with  their own ability to make themselves whole ,healthy, harmonized and in tune with the universe etc.,. This wholeness may or may not include physical wellness.

    Our focus here is on the working with crystals as helpers , first in the work of making ourselves whole and  then as channels to help others.  Working with crystals is a way of accessing spiritual and vibrational energies, connecting with spiritual guides such as Angels and Deva and other  healing resources. Crystals can also help accelerate our ability to work with  colors,  herbs other healing and spiritual energies. They help us to listen to inner and outer voices.

Crystal work is one of the gateway methods for developing our connection with spiritual source and healing energy. You may learn to access the same energies and functions without the physical presence of the crystals after a while. You  can also become attuned to them with the help of attunements which facillitate these abilities.

Unconditional love is the greatest tool for healing. We can use crystals to help clear our blocks to giving and receiving unconditional love and to help us raise our personal vibration to a more loving level.

    The person acting as a healing facilitator has no power other than that ability to connect  with and transmit some of the energy that we all need to heal ourselves.  This is augmented by information and skills gained in study and practice.

 Healing is never passive. The first thing any one needs to do in order to be healed is want to be well. Many times the first work that must be done is learning what benefit our ill health or spiritual imbalance is bringing us and removing the
elements that keep us out of harmony and wholeness.

    Wellness is not only physical health but is spiritual, emotional, mental wellness too. Every one can benefit from and enjoy energy work, meditation and other spiritual healing the benefits extend far beyond just health improvement.
    You can explore any reasons that may hold you in disharmony, keeping foremost the focus that it is important that you be kind to yourself as well as to others. You can not force another person to heal or to change. You can help them connect with tools to create their own healing and personal spiritual evolution If they want to do so.

Crystals have a structure and energy and hold vibration and light which can in effect work as a tuning fork. They give us a means of retuning ourselves to inner and outer harmony.You may wish to find one or more crystal that represents personal healing for you .This crystal will assist you in your personal healing by bringing in the healing energies you need or to help enhance your wisdom about your own needs .

  Some Basic Healing  Stones  

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