You can Effect the World

    We often hear people express a belief that they are powerless to effect major changes in the world.
    I do believe that the efforts of one single person can help create tremendous changes  yes it is the collective will and actions  that create and carves new realities but just  as the ocean is made one raindrop at a time the small efforts and intentions of each single individual can indeed begin a great transformation.

What Rosa Parks did Was not give her seat on a bus to a white man, one of the things Mahatma Ghandi did was go to the beach and make salt.    I have known cases where one simple question or comment or act by one person ultimately had an effect on the laws of a nation.

We seldom know what power our words, thoughts, acts may have on the whole unfolding reality because the effects are not immediate  and just a that drop of water added to the flow can create the ocean that drop withheld may create a desert.
    Once I was very depressed and two separate people said nice things to me which was enough to turn my life around .
    I knew a man who did not commit suicide because a stray cat kept  leaping onto his lap just as he was about to roll his wheelchair into the San Francisco Bay.
He later helped  saved the life of a man who later made a  breakthrough in a medical area  which directly extended the potential life span of children with a specific genetic condition and which  may have a tremendous contribution in the future.

That our tiny causes  contribute to  great effects is a principle mission message of mine and I have been blessed with opportunities to see the connections in some cases.

Peggy Jentoft
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