Dolphin Messages

I was not going to put in a page about Dolphins but discovered that I was being absolutely bombarded with dolphin omens, pictures of dolphins fell on me at walgreens , the clerk at the Salvation army run into me with a huge platter of pink dolphin designs , I found a plush dolphin laying on the walk outside my house, the company I ordered a medieval women calendar one sent me instead a calendar with... you know then there were news stories ,book matches ,poems from my child's school ,found team jackets , etc. the final straw was when the Heater repairman the landlady sent turned out to be named... A. Dolphin and the PGE man who came to inspect the heater was Adolph Ng . So I put in a page about Dolphins.

Due to current (2003) efforts to reduce the protections  on killing Dolphins during  Tuna fishing  we hope that people will offer prayers energy and protections  in whatever form they can for our Dolphin Companions on Earth.

Most people have or can find a dolphin crystal which can be any clear 
quartz crystal that you feel is a dolphin crystal some do have dolphin
like inclusions but mostly its a matter of intuitive connection
these or any other quartz point can be used for meditation with and
for the Dolphin . pink stones such as kunzite can be used to offer
Dolphins healing for the emotional pain of losses in their communities
I also see an image of rings of massive dark holey stones forming a
protective wall around the communities of dolphins with out
restricting their movement or access to food . we can spend a bit of
time meditating to anchor this image. You may also want to create a
crystal grid from stones of your choice Sunstone and citrine along with
pink and blue stones may be among those that chose to work for healing
, protection and awakening of human consciousness to the true nature of
Dolphins . The Dolphin are remarkable beings with much wisdom to
share with us in our meditations and because of the work they are
doing in the healing and holding of the matrix or energy template of the
planet and assisting human kind in spiritual evolution they are not
able to dedicate attention to self protection

this page was originally written in 1997

The Crystal Healing mailing list members have been receiving many messages about and from the Dolphins and I feel that it is important to share these with as many people as possible some of the messages have been channeled by people who wish to be unnamed and some of the writers/channels are identified . I have not put everything from the list about Dolphins here.

This is the Call of the Dolphins...

it is guiding us to the NEW MILLENNIUM.

We must consider everyone around us as elements in universal harmony... we are all part of the plan....

channeled by Claudia McNeely ,white Dove

This Message about dolphins just channeled through.

As I was reading this it popped into my mind that the dolphins are VERY important to the energy shift we are about to go through. It feels to me that this shift is going to occur from December through March and has very strong Dolphin energy attached to it.

I am being told that we should all study as much about dolphins as we can and connect with the dolphin energy as well as our crystal energy to make this transition easier. I am being told that we all have in our possession at least one crystal that is connected to the dolphins and we are being asked to begin working with this energy to assist the planet and the dolphins in pulling in this energy.

We are being asked to meditate on the dolphin energy and anchor that energy into our bodies and into the areas where we live. This will create the grid work necessary for the transition. This energy feels like a very strong Pleadian energy and has something to do with new healing energies that will be brought onto the planet. New methods of healing.

I feel that there is more to this, but this is all I am getting right now. WHITE DOVE

and this part is channeled by Driftwood Dave

Aaah yes the dolphins.... the water brothers who have watched and helped and waited for sooo long... sooooo long.....,

we who carry the memories from long ago of all that was before ....

the gloriousness that was voluntarily ended in order to stop those who would pervert it...

we see that time and alll the times as since as they were yesterday...

do you see that when you look in our eyes dear ones... we are overjoyed that you are at last hearing us in the right way in the old way of mind-speach that communicates sooo much which cannot be said in clumsy words...

listen my friends/spirits.... hear us on the waves of ether and join in the grand circle.....

Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 03:38:38 -0800

From: Driftwood Dave &

More Insights, About Dolphins

Individually and as a circle we are experiencing the next raise in our vibrations ... individually at first and soon as a collective....

we will all be making more contacts with other high vibration entities on this planet and off of it... in this dimension and in other dimensions... these contacts are the sign that we are clearing our energy fields and raising the vibration of the energy that we manifest to a level that allows perception of these contacts...

the dolphins are an easy contact... they are seeking us to teach and to reacquaint with spirits that knew each other in physical manifestation long ago when we would arrive at home and walk the beach of white and red sand to the hall of crystal mirrors...

in those days most of us could take many forms both for pleasure and for more sanguine spirit work within this time-space realm....

we were not confined to time-space or this dimension but 'twixt lessons(lessons=experiences of knowing things) which we sought in those where/whens and the sheer enjoyment of the gifts that this place/time matrix has to offer we came here, some for many, many times...

enough reminiscing.... when the decision was made and the energetic sequences set into place and programmed it was necessary for many to stay and ensure that everything went exactly "by the numbers" right down to the last instant...

there are those of us who can access the memory of the waters closing over our physicallness and the choking cold of the brine as it was breathed into our physical lungs yet we could not break out of the circle of concentration to save those shells. We knew this... anyway... there was also a need for those who could watch over (guard is not the right word... " " is the word but unless you got that which was enclosed I can go no closer)

the work in the interim til people might be ready to work with these knowings again... thus came the mission of the dolphin souls and others of whom the words do not form ....

those souls took out a soul contract to watch over things...

at the first most of the energies that might attract a shell and use it to try and undo that which was done were in the deeps... trapped there by design .... to their great surprise I might add...

so those who contracted to watch and wait took ocean forms .....

[from DD--it is unclear in the feel here whether the dolphin form existed in the same form that we know as dolphin before the watchers use of it---]

They have all the memories.... as I said previously we of the dolphin remember that time as though it were just moments ago...

our consciousness does not experience time as the human consciousness must by it's construction and soul contract...

the pod holds the knowledge .... the group .... and were it to manifest in this way the last dolphin would finally hold it all...

we have watched and helped for long .... soooo long.... some have heard us and we have communed with those.... there are many more hearing us now as you of this " "

[DD again--another one that I can't translate the feel is the dolphin sound for a sacred working group---- can "tiospah" apply here?]

are finding out.... it is because of your raising vibrations to the heart stage and further taking in the high heart energies and letting those rays energize your beingness and illuminate your selfness as it is displayed in this where/when that you are hearing the call...

this is the connection that some of you have wondered about to those you call 'Anasazi' .... they knew us ... they heard the call... they were the last of the line of those who chose to stay physical when the great change took place... at the end they were able to raise their energies and leave this space-time dimension altogether... their final purpose was complete... they got your attention did they not? ....

well... it seems the contact I work with rambles somewhat and I/we/it that is who speaks find this guiding this message... the times have circled around and some human forms have again raised their energies to the golden place that allows access to the energies that were...

many of you are experiencing the.... attunement my contact calls it... to this energy... do not fear this and please don't fight it... it is just a change as the change of the young one to adultness....

there is no set length of time it will take for you to assimilate these new patterns... roll with their currents and let them take you to the heart of your selves...

remember now that which was set in motion many long ages ago to be recalled only at this time... you may have memories of what was... cherish them for what they are but do not be taken in by those visions ....

they are just a byproduct of the awakening of your contract from those times... follow what that contract asks of you, dear ones, I/we/it that speaks can only send you the mind talk of what will come of the plan as it unfolds... trust that it will be good

[DD--and the sense here in the contact is "wopila! good"]

trust in the wisdom of your wise old selves... yes! those who now hear the call are all from that where/when and made soul-contract to reactivate upon the passing of certain things ....

you need not know what those things were... you may remember as you activate dormant abilities and pieces of yourself...

as you extend and exert your new awareness of and contact with us your abilities will become more sure... the abilities will also broaden...

the din of contact may be deafening for a brief while as you begin to hear the glorious cocaphony that is all creation as it communicates with its loving self in multifold myriad ways...

you will learn to turn down that volume and we will help where necesssary...

ahhhh goood thought from my contact... many of you need the security of a familiar name to call us/we/it which speaks .... just ask in your own mind talk...

we do not use names in that way but we are aware of your needs darling ones... I/we/us/it which speaks to this one shall be known to him as T'shar'n ... end transmission....

How interesting .... that was looong... let me know what you think folks.... it is not that often that I do a straight channel like this... It's pretty neat!

On 8 Nov 97 at 10:36, Claudia McNeely wrote:

Hi Crystalites,

I have received some new insights that I would like to share with everyone.

I was loaned a book called 'We Are The Nibiruans'. It was written by a walk-in who used to live in this area. She went on to channel this book.

The main thing I learned from reading this book is that I am a walk-in. I had no idea I was. I feel that connecting with the dolphin energy the other day led to this discovery, and was to let me know that I AM a dolphin.

This is where we learn to speak our truth without feeling guilty about it.

we as a group are about to go through a > MAJOR transition. If what the dolphin told me the other day is true, it will be between now and March. I am really excited to see where this takes us. I still feel that there is more information to come through the dolphin, but the time hasn't come for it yet. . . Or is this it?

11/12/1997 Claudia McNeely wrote:

Hi All

I haven't been up to doing an actual channel, but I am asked to give you all a message. We are being asked to take baths in sea salt with our dolphin crystals. This will further align our energies with the dolphin energy to assist in the vibrational changes we are soon to go through. Also using ocean fragrances, like in candles and things like that.

Date: Thu, 13 Nov 97 10:27:55 PST From: "Claudia McNeely" Dolphin message

I was able to connect with the dolphin last night and get information for all.

"Prepare for the major changes that are coming. Sea Salt baths are very important for the next 2 weeks. There is an energy being beamed to the earth during this period from the Pleadies. This energy will raise the vibration of Earth only a fraction. The Sea Salt baths will help you tune your energy system so the changes will be easier to adjust to. The dolphin energy surrounding everyone will help also.

This is a very exciting time for us. We are finally reaching our time of activity in the Grand Scheme. Out time has come. Our energy will be very strong over the next two years. It will be a gentler energy than has been felt previously. It will be more of an emotional time -- one of great joy and pleasure for those who choose to experience it this way. The major emotional shifts you have all been going through has been a cleansing in preparation for the new energies that are to come.

These new energies are an opportunity to heal the emotional body in a way that has never been available before. This in turn will allow healing of the physical body. Many of you have been experiencing physical problems because of the increase of vibration of the emotional body. You are attempting to become accustomed to the new vibration and it is manifesting in your bodies as pains and tiredness.

The Sea Salt baths will assist in changing the energy structure of your aura to assist the healing of the emotional body. Most of you will notice improvement within two weeks. At that time, the energy will begin to level out and not feel as intense. It will rise at a much slower rate through March. At that time there will be another change of frequency. Allow us to work with you in the dream state. We can assist with your healing at that time. We will escort you to the underwater city of crystals where Master Healing Teams will be available to assist you."

Namaste, White Dove These links are probably out of date 

~v~ Claudia McNeely


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