Channeling Different Energies

     Almost everything can be channeled and Run as energy. While It can be said that there is only one  Universal Life force energy there are an almost infinite number of energy functions.  I use the example of the Prism quite often. Universal Life force energy is the whole and the many systems and frequencies  are the colors of the spectrum.

        You can run emotions, colors, herbs , prayers, sacred site energy, Tarot archetype energies , etc.. There are thousands of formal energy work systems. Most spiritual philosophies and religions etc. have elements that are or can be accessed effectively as energy even if that is not a formal part of the tradition.  Some are of more value than others.

    Real chocolate is much more satisfying than energy chocolate.  Chocolate as a sacred herb is a healing energy,  so is sugar cane.
    Reiki is one  popular and effective system of energy work emphasizing Physical, emotional and mental  healing.
Phoenix Rising is another system that focuses on physical vitality.    The Taras' Heart system has energies to instill Love, Courage, Zest , Faith , Joy, Compassion and Serenity.  Beaming the colors as energy was the very first form of energy healing I learned. Color energy healing was one of the most common methods used in the West before We all started to learn about Chi and Reiki and Empowerments. 

There are many systems and  frequencies or functions and sets of energies used for specific purposes. Emotional processing sets, Energy body healing and repairing sets , clearing sets, energetic massage sets, Attuning with high self , feeling your own soul energy . There are energy sets for clearing and expanding your nadi and other energy channels.

There are some energies that universe won't let me run under normal conditions Opium for example, But it came in gangbusters one time at the scene of an accident.

 Some energies have unforeseen consequences Someone had suggested I try "baby" energy when I first discovered my ability to run almost everything as energy. Everyone reacts differently to that depending on how they feel about new babies but its usually pleasant for most.  I was in my mid 40s then my youngest child was around five I think, after a few days of running "baby" every so often, my milk came back in.

The stack of basic notes on just the systems I've been formally attuned to is over a foot and a half thick. Some people have been attuned to many more energy work systems than I have been. 

 Your High Self and Solar (guardian) Angel can bring in energies for you according to your needs Soul purpose and Highest good When you ask / invite them to.  I think asking your High self and Solar Angel to bring or alert you to energy work that serves your highest good is preferable to being an attunement collector/ junkie .

In addition to running energy you can of course, sense energy too.  You can " taste" the energy of books, of teachers, of music in the disk, of foods. This can give you some insight into the quality of a training or an event and so forth .

For A while I was getting some really ugly mail from one of the hate groups ( we had strange relatives.)  I could feel that mail before the mail person even put it in the box.   I would open the door ,visually check the envelope and return it without ever touching the offensive mai . You do need to keep a pretty clear channel to remain neutral enough for a fair reading.
We can amplify energies if we are not clear.  Reading energy then checking on what you have read is a good way to learn to trust your intuition.

Energy Work  

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