Speechless, Sorrowful, numb with despair or just numb.
When  Children kill children we run in circles
rooting in the dirt and asking why ? Why, why !
pointing fingers  seeking to blame, seeking to shame
 some feel a rush of excitement,
that may or may not be  a better thing
than feeling  nothing at all .
Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
We   have perfect vision in reverse ,
we think we understand underlying cause
yet if we did surely we would prevent these
destruction's & devastation's  large and small .

There was an energy, there is an energy shaking the world
these eruptions of vileness and violence
break out like pimples all over the Earth.

 There is no point in seeking the answers psychically after the fact,
too many people too many minds have mucked up
the energy with their attentions and intentions .
Notice how almost everyone has an answer
a reason to declare and exclaim,  bad Parenting ,
fluoridated water ! working mother s!
movie violence ! vast right wing, left wing,
Christian, pagan, communist  Satanist conspiracies
pick your symptom of ill and cause of this harm.
 notice how each persons answers come out of the
dark field of their own fears and prejudices.

Why I think this horrible thing happened
has no bearing or relevance to the real
reason or reasonlessness of the actual events
but has an immense bearing on my understanding
of myself and my own dark shadows
as does your opinion reveal yours
spiritual people are no less likely than others
to be swept up in post event hysteria's
but we should be among the first to become aware
that by feeding the fears and sensationalizing
and criticizing  we can create an atmosphere
that feeds the dark drive of the kind of sad
fools who are susceptible to these acts.

There is an interconnectedness
a thread of intention and energy that seeks
and finds an outlet a weak point somewhere ,
any where in the world .
 dark acts wherever they occur
 are essentially one event not many.

How is this dark force created that manifests in evil acts?
Am I ? are You? in any way  to blame for these  tragedies?
have I, have you ever sought revenge? complained bitterly ?
hated ? feared another for reasons of skin or faith or other ?
celebrated another's bad fortune?
badmouthed, put down, rejected another,
if we have, and we know we have
then we in some way have added to the dark hunger
that has manifested this way now.

Yet what now ? can we, have we, prevented such acts?
have we loved , been thankful , thoughtful
kind, forgiving ,merciful found joy in another's good fortune
,if you have ever taken a moment to listen to
someone's troubles  or to compliment them
even silently in thought  you are part of the cure
not by shining a light that reveals the corruption
but by being a light and waking the wisdom
in yourself and in helping others
shining a light on the perfection of love
that is latent within each heart of each being

among the tragic lost are not just the victims
lives cut off almost in first bud
but the perpetrators , who also had the diamond within
that now will never shine .cry for them all equally
cry for us all equally for those counted among the good
and those counted among the bad
are all lost to us now and we must go on
and seek to refine and to define that one
phrase and thought and song from the heart
that each of us holds that will act on the matrix
of emerging reality to prevent these things
from becoming real ever again

we will each at some time in each life
have an opportunity to act or speak
 that will make a major change
in someone else's life for good or ill
the probability is that we will not know
what or when we have done that
or how it will effect the outcome of
lives and societies ,but it will.
make your every thought word and action
a conscious act of caring and compassion
and the seed your actions plant in  other souls
will  allow them to grow and bloom to beauty

Peggy Jentoft
this was written a few hours after the news broke
about the Columbine High school shootings

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