crystaltrayKeeping an Inventory
of your stones and crystals

I wish that when I first started bringing crystals and stones into my home I had kept some records.  It did not occur to me that this could be important and or useful.  I started small like most people  picking up some stones at parks,  buying  a quartz point or two at an expo, getting  a few stones whenever they  called to me etc.. Then after the Deva mugged me,  I began to study and  acquired  more stones as they found me.  When I found out that a person I  knew was selling off her collection I heeded my intuition to buy all her remaining stones. 

She had gotten them mostly as prop for her  massage and psychic reading studio or received them as gifts  and  did not have much information.  She could not remember what some were and  did not keep all the labels and information she did have.  I did not know that I'd  want to know things like where a stone was mined etc. .  

Some of the stones were labeled incorrectly or she misremembered  what they were.  Over the years I have identified most if not all of the unknowns.
 I  especially wish that  all the different quartz points had not been put  in the same box without note .  I can tell what the different formations are but often  don't know if a particular crystal is from China or Brazil or  Arkansas.  I do remember the provenance of a number of the  ones I got for myself  but  never inquired about many of them.

I know that some of the things that  she had paid high prices for were not what she thought she had bought and some gift stones were probably worth far more than she  knew.  Because I was not and probably never will be  involved in crystals as a business the idea of keeping  an inventory never occurred to me  for years and years.

On the good side when I started out I was not  influenced by the cost or mystic reputation of a particular stone .  If I had had any solid idea of what a particular  individual stone had cost I  probably would not have been able to  part  with as  many of the stones  who wanted to go with others.

 I work mostly with energy  and follow my intuition.  When I seek a stone or stones for a particular situation I ask  and  the stones kind of "light up" or vibrate to let me know. Sometimes  the ones that respond are not the ones traditionally associated  with the purpose and sometimes they are.

Each place has its own energy and the crystals and stones often  carry energy from the location of their "birth"  Knowing where they are from can help you tune into the energy  and mission of the stone.

My spouse keeps detailed records of his collections of coins and police pins and romance novels etc Perhaps the kind of detail would not be as important for your crystals  and some of the information is subjective and / unobtainable .

On the mundane arena It can be useful  to keep some kind of record of when and where  you got your stones and crystals how much you paid  for them  and where they are from  and any notable history Perhaps if possible some notation of what similar stones are being sold for.
When working with  stones  for healing and meditation it would also  be useful to note what work the crystal wanted to do and  how you worked with it  etc.   Someday someone might want to know the story behind some special mineral friend.

No I still don't have anything like a complete catalog or album of my crystal family.  I had started a  digital scrapbook  with some photos and notes  but  have kind of lapsed.  Much of the mundane information is not  available anymore  I  will probably never recall which piece of Dioptaise is from Uzbekistan?  Afghanistan? (somewhere in the former USSR anyway)  and Which is from Namibia ?  The details of the smoky tabby are lost in time.  I know I got the eight sided  tourmanelated quartz at a Fung Shui shop in Millbrea and paid  around $100  with tax  ( yeah, probably Way too much but I had to give it a home)  but I never asked where it came from and might not have understood the answer if I had .  There have also been times when I discovered that I already had something I had just been scouring the stores and web for.  Then There was the friend who returned from vacation and discovered that her mom had thrown out  "all those dirty old rocks" as part of a surprise house keeping.

I don't know how many of you keep any kind of inventory but  it  might be helpful  and while it may seem silly  when You have only a few  but there may come a day  when you really wish you had some kind of  records .  It will be easier to start before you  have a house full of crystals and stones.
Some things you might want a record of  include
Stone Name
Where did  you get it?
When?  from whom ?
How you work with it
channelled message or  guidance
traditional healing and other uses
personal impressions experiences
possibly a photograph
If you have a number of the same stone you might wish to have a page for stone type and a page for those specific stones you want to record more detail about . 
Peggy Jentoft   
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