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    Book reviews  Crystal Healing Books
Here are some of the comments and reviews members of the crystal healing workshop have offered
for  some books published about crystal healing 

    "Crystal Energy, 150 ways to bring success, love, health and harmony into your life "by Mary  Lambert

 This book Inhabits a world between crystal healing and crystal Magick  and  the subtitle is accurate.   Each page has one  method  for  working with one stone ( and some alternates ) such as Preventing accidents with Moss Agate  page 43 and attracting a soulmate  with Rhodocrosite page 66 for a total of 150. I enjoy this one a lot though I usually prefer  a more traditional organization. This book is kind of like the crystal healing/magick  equivalant of  a box of assorted chocolates, interesting mix lots of surprises and quite a bit of fun.
 from Peggy Jentoft
 "Crystal Power, Crystal healing the complete handbook. " by Michael Gienger 

As far as book reviews, out of all the books I have bought and read I keep coming back to one in particular. That would be Michael Gienger book, "CrystalPower, Crystal healing the complete handbook."  He has compiled in one book
so much information it is just incredible. Michael starts with discussing the origins of the minerals everything from rocks and healing to applications and formation of principle to healing. then he migrates to crystals from their discovery to their crystal structures. he goes over mineral forming elements clear to color and healing techniques. he has a whole section full of color photos and descriptions about each stone. this has to be one of the most incredible books I have. Michael has come out this year with a new book called crystal massage for healing and health. so far I am very impressed.

reviewed by Angelina Thelin

"Crystal Enlightenment" by Katrina Raphaell (1985)
I recently went back to the classic Crystal Enlightenment by Katrina Raphaell (1985) after working a bit with Vol II. I devoured it in a day, and truly enjoyed much of her commentary about how stones are mined and polished, and how the stones react to it- the joy of finally reaching sun light, and of having their beautiful cultivated and honed, much as we all are trying to do with ourselves. A very positive book. It is periodically very important to return to those texts that helped start a revolution.

Angelina Thelin
   The Three books by Katrina Raphael

  "Crystalline transmission", "Crystal enlightenment" and "Crystal Healing  " May be rather New Age but has some very  good stuff  It also  has some information   that  is   completely different than my experience too I do not experience Obsidian in the way she reports at all for example.  These books  are  important sources of information about master crystal formations. An Ascended Master, planes and rays , Hierarchy of Light type book. Many of the recent  Metaphysical writings about  crystals and crystal healing stem from these works.

Peggy Jentoft

"Color and Crystals: A Journey Through the Chakras" by Joy Gardner

This is still one of the best foundation books for getting a basic understanding of Color, crystals and the chakras. This was the first book on crystal healing that I ever got over a decade ago. Its not flashy, it does not try to cover everything, what it does cover, it covers very well. It is a small book but adresses the basics in a clear useful way.  I have taken part in one ritual workshop of The Authors' many years ago and once spoke with her on the phone. She seems like a very fine person as well and a good writer.

"Healing With Crystals And Gemstones: Balance Your Chakras And Your Life" by Daya Sarai Chocoran 

Another one of the first books I saw, it has some very good basic layout information. On the other hand  it has many warnings and sets limitations  which I feel  are invalid. 

"The book of Sacred Stones"  written by Barbara G. Walker.  ISBN 0-06-250921-7.

Another book that is interesting though strange .
The author thinks the whole concept of crystal healing and energy is the stupidest idea ever.  This book is intended to thoroughly disprove and denounce everything about crystal work.
The Author  covers just about everything each stone has ever been thought
  to effect and give the chemical information etc.  So it is  actually a pretty good reference if you can ignore the    stridently hostile preachingShe opens with a rather lovely crystal meditation visualization too.

The Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide to Crystals, by Judy Hall
A Useful Crystal guide but not very exciting or deep,  This is a Useful book for people who want a standard introductory guide to some ( mostly)common crystals and stones for "New Age" uses and crystal healing. Each stone has a page with a picture and brief standard description of attributes and information about use for healing . There is a very tiny section in the back about the aura, chakras and methods of crystal healing. This includes a bit about use of gem remedies,grids and Laying on of stones but is way too short.
This is a book of crystal properties rather than instrutions on applications. There is not much here about magic/kal uses but much could be deduced. The information is assembled from many other sources and is mostly the same as you find in almost every other crystal book. The book is quite useful if not exciting or really connected with the evolving energy of the crystals. It presents Crystals more as objects and tools rather than as living spirits and partners or connectors with spiritual and healing energies and intellegence. There is nothing particularly original in this book but it is well done if somewhat  limited. It could  be a useful reference and is small enough to carry with you when you shop.
It should be noted that regarless of my somewhat tepid opinion of this book  it is very highly rated by many reviewers and has become  a favorite of many readers.
Peggy Jentoft

"Healing with Gemstones and Crystals "Diane Stein
Very good material on some of the emerging chakra. Her radical Feminist and Wiccan, focus  is not as over the top here as in some of her work.

"Crystal Healing  using the power of health and   harmony "  by Simon Lilly
 This has a page or two on most of the major areas involved with  crystal work
and  some interesting photos.  A pretty good "Tasting menu" of crystal  healing practices.
   " Love is in the Earth, a Kaleidoscope of Crystals" by Melody   and the pictorial supplements
 "Love is in the Earth" is huge and virtually an Encyclopedia of crystal
  properties   perhaps to the extent of   being  a bit overwhelming.  After about 500 pages it seems like every stone is good for  everything.
Melody is a metaphysical writer and does not have the most correct information about which stones should not be consumed so caution is advised on making elixers .  This is almost the Desk reference of  many crystal Healing practicioners.

Love Is in the Earth: Laying on of Stones  by Melody
More like Crystal Grids for Adepts.
Melody is probably the most well known expert on crystal properties. The advanced practitioner will probably enjoy this book. This is not her best work for beginners. This is really a book about crystal floor grids around people rather than classic laying on of stones. Many of the patterns are rather complex for most practical applications.  Very elaborate esoteric grids are probably best suited for really advanced formal metaphysical and crystal practitioners. Many of these Layouts are better when a huge supply of crystals of all kinds is available.  Some would be better to apply if one had assistants to help with the layout because the elaborate patterns and large number of stones would otherwise take a lot of time to layout.  I do not think a lot of people actually use many of these lay outs.

Beginners and people who want to learn some simple laying on of stones patterns for work in crystal healing and meditation may not find the information in this book clear enough to follow easily.
If you are an advanced practictioner of esoteric Crystal work or metaphysics then this book may bring you great pleasure. It could become a valued addition to your references. If you are a beginner or prefer plain language You will probably get more value from other books on crystal healing.

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