family clusterCrystal Healing  workshop
by Peggy Jentoft
           This list as offered as  information and folk tradition.
The Crystals and their Deva are living beings. When your intuition suggests a different purpose for a stone than is listed in guides go with your intuition .  While stone properties lists can be a useful guide Each individual situation is different  do not linit yourself to traditional choices for healing stones and crystals.   It is beyond the scope of this   page to mention  more than   a few  crystals.  I am not a doctor or medical  consultant. Crystal healing is a complementary practice to be used to support traditional medical treatment.  The chakra pages  have some gemstones which are traditional for working with each chakra.
Agate: Balances and harmonizes the Yin - Yang, male - female energy and works to balance the   physical being with the  etheric ,emotional, mental and causal bodies of the aura. Also for transmutation,  acceptance, stomach issues . Providing for Grounding, strength, courage, healing,  There are many different kinds and colors of  agate which each have specialized gifts.
Agate is innately a great grounding stone. All agates whatever the kind, color and other properties are grounding. Agate is a great choice for those who may find the Black stones often suggested for this to be too oppressively grounding. Agate will ground without weighing the spirit down in any way. This grounding facility is in addition to the other properties of the particular agate. The grounding functions of the agates are of great value when working with those forms for the more spiritual, esoteric, purposes as agate will allow you to soar and transcend while maintaining a "land line" so to speak.
mossagateAGATE/MOSS - Emotional priorities, mental priorities, colon,  circulatory, pancreas & pulses, blood sugar balance, agriculture. All purpose healing  connection with nature and forest spirits   Typically with green moss inside.

AmazoniteAmazonite : Helps calm the emotions and soothes the nerves, lung problems  helps the throat and heart chakra. a  blue green or turquoise colored stone   solar plexus centers, healing. throat, thyroid, nerve and brain conditions , reduce self damaging behavior, addictions, posture ,increases  clarity and insight. peace  and calm,   aligns the physical and astral bodies, a general all purpose healing stone, may help with Motor Neuron disease and other similar progressive diseases ,health maintenance, pinched nerves, spinal difficulties , for bursitis.  communication, prophecy , truth self esteem. I "get" Amazonite also as a thymus chakra stone,this is  the emerging chakra at a deeper level between the heart and throat chakra which has to do with integrating ourselves into the whole and recognizing the innate divinity of alll things.  It is a chakra of higher commpassion. Amazonite does have to so with owning your own power embracing spirit.

 I admit to a huge weakness for any and all of the aqua colored stones. I just found out that no Amazonite has ever been found near the Amazon river but since this stone was known to the ancient Egptians Ithough maybe the name refered to the Amazon Warriors of Greek legend amazonite is called a stone of marriage so that would probably not be . Soothing ,strengthening, thinking ,balancing creativity etc.  The funny thing which may say too much about our society even among the "officially" spiritually focused people is that because Amozonite is more common and is available more inexpensivelythan many of the other blue green stones it is kind of looked down on by some.Some Metaphysical leaders among crystal healing folk almost ignore it in favor of the rare Gem silica etc. To me the message is that even when you actively seek the treasure of spiritual wisdom you may idnore it in favor of some far awy perfect precious thing when all along the true treasure is at your feet or close at hand.
amber Amber: This fossil resin, (tree sap) is most often golden yellow or brown, it promotes healing by transmuting negative   energy into positive energy it is calming and cheering.  Promotes active  intellect in  harmony with love and compassion in daily life. and helps to promote honesty and purify and clear  rooms.  Beneficial to the nervous system  and self healing.  Amber is one of the stones that is often imitated or reconstituted or altered so one must be very careful when buying it. Who can resist the frozen honey and golden light of AMBER ? it is natures stone  and the stone of ancient memories and connection with the animal and plant spirits  it is a stone of fluidity echoed in the flow patterns of the pertrified tree sap.One of the Sun stones a power bringer in a  way amber embodies the elements Fire Because Amber will burn  and is the essense of   light, warmthand flame, Earth, because it is the pretrified product of ancient trees  existing because of natural growth, water because sap is the equivalent of blood and the river of life in a tree as water is the essense of life to the land and air because of the fragrance  memories preserved within the flesh of the stone.
Amber is a stone which is a great All purpose and general  healer and is traditionally called upon for treatment of  a great number of diseases and conditions. I wore Amber for a long time and it did seem to help me with heart issues both emotional and physical, It did not however seem to have any effect on my varicose veins, another condition for which it is often listed.

Amber has long been used for treating stubborn infections and inflammations.
I have added it to a grid and made  a pouch  for pain particularly back pain   and surgical / post surgical recovery.

Amber is perhaps the first stone I ever "worked "with. I can't have been more than four. My grandmother had a long strand of amber beads which I was told would be mine when I grew up. Apparently when I was measured someone must have said that I "grew up" because I went and retrieved the necklace from where it was kept, took it outside and apparently " gave it to the fairies" taking it apart ( it may have broken) and scattering the beads in the garden and in the creek in back of grandmothers' house. Grandma was actually pretty mellow about it but my mom was really mad!
Amber is often faked  or manipulated so please be alert when selecting  amber .

amythstclusterAmethyst:  These violet, purple and lavender quartz stones are both gentle, and powerful protectors    against negative energies. used in meditation, to calm and center, increase common sense, remove unwanted  energies, heal skeletal  disorders ,and for hearing problems, for sleep and for headaches while it calms most  people it can over stimulate   some people such as A.D.D. children also used to help in overcoming alcoholism, and for  psychic opening. sixth and  seventh chakra . A very useful all purpose healing crystal  and good for  meditation calms  and allows higher perception gentle,  increase common sense,  
The cool violet purity of this stone may not effectively maintain sobriety(as legend holds) but it does in a way embody a seriousness Purple is Passion and Royalty and Amethyst invokes those energies of empowerment and entitlement. Violet/purple is one of the intence healing and purifying colors so amethyst is a great part of personal cleansing and empowerment / purification rituals . Bathing with Amethyst   has the cleansing spiritually effect without the potential for increasing nervousness that occasionly happens when purple color is added to the water or intense color treatment with purple.

Ammonite: an ancient fossilized sea animal , A protective stone , bringing structure and stability into  your life . helps the birth  process, and with all survival issues and instincts, Dreaming , prophecies , remote viewing , healing , time management and practical knowlege , finding joy, bringing forth creative projects


angelite Angelite: Protection, telepathic communication. brotherhood, love and light. raising   consciousness and for clear communication,
 Angel work and meditation , sleep and dreams , spiritual comfort , assistance in alleviating emotional pain

aragoniteAragonite  : second chakra work, general aches and pains, stomach problems, dispels anger,  helps in stressful situations , a spring tonic, treating ovarian cysts, to protect from EMF. peaceful meditation; uplifts emotions. centering,   patience. Balancesyin yang. Eyes, brain, Central Nervous System, heart  

Apophyllite: can sometimes give one a real spiritual shock treatment. It can act as a powerful almost cathartic awakener of spiritual awareness. Apophylite helps you see your true self and recognize and release your previously unrecognized shadow issues. It enhances the ability to meditate, can increase Clairvoyance and assist with remote viewing. A stone for unification of the Spiritual consciousness with the physical,mental and emotional being it helps one recognize and accept ones own wholeness.

aquamarine Aquamarine: The color range of this stone is from light blue to green, it stimulates the intellect and  stabilizes the emotions , helps connect with the higher self and Spirit, aligns chakras and the energetic system, for self  understanding, compassion, understanding and tolerance, communication, glands throat teeth , and vision, throat  chakra. stimulates healing  improves confidence and the ability to stand fast, helps the flow ofcommunication.

aventuraAventurine, green :  Balances male female energies, activates and clears the heart, protects against ”psychic  vampires”,  heart balance,  helps easy expression of feelings,  enhances creativity,  and  pioneering spirit, unconditional love and for the heart , lungs ,muscles and emotional  healing. of “heartbreak”. Aventurine is usually green Mica flecked Quartz. There are also other colors, red, white, peach, gray ... it is the mica sparkle which makes it Aventurine though some stones have much more than others) but the green stone is the touchstone for reducing anxiety.  This is an all purpose healing stone that is particularly beneficial for emotional soothing, calming the racing heart,preventing or reducing panic attack and relieving fear.

Azurite: Insight, spirituality, psychic abilities , communicate with spirit guides, and clears blocks in   the energy system.  frees up difficult  long standing blocks in communication,    reveals what is stopping us from living to our fullest potential , stimulates memory and recall. Azurite promotes psychic awakening and insight. Azurite is specifically used in ritual and meditations for meeting and communicating with spirit guides. It can be used for calling spiritual dreams and is probably the stone most often recommended by Edgar Cayse for spiritual development in general. This stone will clear blockages in the entire energy body and clear blockages to communication in general but also specifically to higher self , angelic and spiritual guides of all kinds. Azurite is so strongly associated with spiritual development that is it a very popular name choice for Publishing houses, spiritual centers, in book titles, products,and even practitioners specializing in the subject and teachings of spiritual development practice.

 Bloodstone: Being in the now, centering and grounding , blood disorders, detoxification.

  green with red flecks for  an active balance of energy and calm ,stimulates emotional
growth, benefits the heart and circulation, being in the now.


bluelace agate Blue Lace agate:  soothes and calms, speeds thought processes, helps one to reach high spiritual awareness and has an inspirational  effect. Blue Lace agate: helps one to reach high spiritual awareness  throat chalr spiriual and angelic connection while remaning grounded,  Alieviating pain and for inspiration'  Blue Lace agate   will provide a grounding connection without closing off spiritual and emotional flow.  Blue Lace Agate is one of the best stones for calming, mental clarity, pain relief and for gentle mood elevation and promoting patience and determination. All of these qualities are valuable for treatment and easing the discomfort and pain of Fibromyalgia. One of the few stones which can effectively address both the pain and the mental fog typical of this chronic syndrome. Blue Lace Agate is one of the essential stones which everyone should have for crystal healing. and one of the best for clearing up energetic congestion which may be a factor or element in Fibromyalgia.


orange calcite  Calcite:   Comes in many colors, Memory, spirituality, bone and muscle problems, amplifies and  clears the energy field, green calcite helps heal and prevent infections.amplifies energy, chakra clearing and balancing, creativity, awareness of nature, a wealth stone, healing, pain relief, mental clarity.  Blue Calcite is notably calming and also contributes to a stable, secure, sense of inner peace. The soft ,cloud like,  stone helps one find that true inner peace whatever the situation. Blue Calcite can help Peace Officers with maintaining order in volatile situations and they may carry the stone or be assisted by it with grids and or spell work. I've often called on Blue Calcite in ( mostly remote) work to help during political Protests and crowd control situations.


carnilionCarnelian: Protects against being overcome by fear and sorrow, helps physical strength, sexual   energy, love, dispels apathy,  used to treat allergies , colds, gall and kidney stones ,spine ,to heal   cuts and abrasions. a stone of vitality of value in healing, warming and energizing . Works on  the second chakra, creativity, reproduction ,stability.   lower back problems, ease arthritis, female reproductive issues, increases fertility,  encourages curiosity and enthusiasm and is sometimes used to ease the fear of death and allow acceptance of death. A motivation stone for sales people. freedom, independence, adventure  and travel.

Celestite:  dream work, lifts  mood,  helps throat problems and with spiritual communication.  It has also been good for entering meditations and for fairy work and so forth. I've heard of it being used in sex medicine and sex magick. This use is probably more because it can open people up to deeper intimacy and communication.


chrysocholla  Chrysocolla:  Ease heartache ,Earth healing, calming ,inner strength. PMS ,menstrual   discomfort, relieve allergies, treat  ulcers, digestive problems, arthritis ,  lungs and thyroid,  enhances the metabolism. psychic ability, prophetic dreaming, trance,  increase the ability to love, improve home life and strengthen relationships.  Chrysocolla Is known to be a gentle stone helping one clear subconscious blocks and imbalances. Chrysocolla allows us to connect with our subconscious wisdom. It releases impairing emotions without the kind of violent emotional catharsis triggered by some other stones.   It is toxic because of copper content but it is a luscious lovely pretty stone. Do have to be alert for chysocolla that has been dyed to be more deeply blue. I love the way this is both a very grounded stone and a very etherial and celestial stone. This comes in an opaque form and a more translucent or even transparent form which is a combination with Chalcidony  often called gem silica which has become rather pricey but a small bit found its way to me as part of a Malichite, Azurite, Chysocolla end slice and broke off. The Emerging Thymus Chakra, midway between the heart and the throat chakra is resonant with this color and stone. this is an excellent stone for pain relief and dealing with PMS and other menstral issues.


Chrysoprase   Chrysoprase:  Meditation, mental stability.   Vitality, Chyroprase  Can be very healing and has stepped forward for major Heart chakra work all purpose healing and for communication with nature spirits and realizing your own harmony with nature.This is also a stone which can help in work settings,  keeping one clear headed and on track , healing interoffice conflicts, promoting  good work and a pleasant work enviroment.  calming and revitalizing  at the same time. A stone of joy and inner peace and menatl acuity.

Citrine: Yellow to amber quartz, balancing and aligning chakra , mental clarity , personal power group unity.
helps keeps the mind clear and focused ,  problem solving, will power, optimism, confidence, self-discipline, digestion, reduces anxiety ,fear , depression. gentle grounding, balanced stimulation  brings out creative skills. Citrine boosts physical energy and assists  with digestion and blood circulation. It helps detoxify the kidneys and liver, assists with back problems and promotes restful sleep. Citrine is said to be a stone that does not hold negative energy and  may not require cleansing. It is  a money stone and can be placed in the purse, cash box with financial papers or in the abundance corner (Fung Shui) of the house. : Citrine corresponds to the solar plexus chakra.  Citrine is a stone of will, prosperity, intellect and optimism. It is a broad based Tonic stone for total health and a healing companion that dissolves and transmutes negative energies without absorbing them. Citrine may be effective for treating and easing the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and similar chronic conditions because it promotes deep healing, removes energetic fibers and mucus which serves as a template for the disease and promotes stability and and strength as well as being a mood elevator and enhancing personal power on all levels of being and can promote the ability to take needed actions. Natural Citrine is essential for the most effective work on this condition. Heat treated Citrine simply will not carry the full range of true Citrine frequencies and is no where as effective as natural Citrine for this work.. Natural Citrine may be less physically attractive, harder to find and more expensive than heat treated amethyst that has been turned bright yellow with heat but it is well worth the extra effort to find.

Copper:  Revitalizing, helps fight against restlessness, excitability, lethargy and laziness Works to instill attributes of optimism, diplomacy, initiative and independence  helps with the  recognition of obstacles in ones spiritual path. Can stabilize blood flow,  increases circulation and helps treat arthritis, bursitis and infection

Diamond: Brings out loving qualities and is a symbol of the process of enlightenment helps   connect with angels and Deva . fidelity, truth. Diamonds are useful in treatment for enhancing mental functions, brain activity enhancement , helping to bring forth and clarify  ideas and for dream work. The meditative function of Higher self connection is also related  in a way to the mental healing attributes of diamonds.
Diamond is one of the classic immune system strengtheners and purifiers. I do not often have access to physical diamonds in my work but have often run the Diamond shakti energy  and worked with the Diamond Deva  when compromised immune systems  were at issue as with HIV positive people and people who have had major organ transplants.

Diamond is a functional support and contributes positive energy in great quantity  for bone alignment issues to the point of producing seeming miracles in some cases. One client  had  a condition which caused bone deformation in her legs  when she was a small child  and another fractured a vertebra. both have recovered remarkably   and we do feel that diamond energy was a factor  in these healings. Diamond also steps forward for cases of Scoliosis.


 Dioptase: Clears and stimulates all chakra to a higher level of awareness and action promotes
  ability to live in the moment a very powerful and beautiful soft emerald green stone for spiritual  attunement and  releasing past life trauma also for pain relief and cellular healing.Like most Green stones Dioptase is usually considered a Heart Chakra stone but it also clears and stimulates all chakra to a higher level of awareness and action promotes ability to live in the moment. a very powerful green stone for spiritual attunement and releasing past life trauma also for pain relief and cellular healing. Uses of this crystal for physical healing include use to strengthen the the heart and cardiovascular and central nervous systems and as an aid for aid for ulcers, nervous stomach, heart troubles, blood pressure. Dioptase is a Tonic stone in that it strengthens and vitalizes balances the body and mind. can be called upon for Emotional stability , peace of mind. Excellent for use with healing and affirmations. Abundance, prosperity, progress, health, well being. Heal childhood trauma, shock help with teaching Dioptase gem elixir is recommended For those who deny themselves emotionally. Do not make conventional elixir with Dioptase because of the copper content. Dioptase often steps forward for uplifting the spirit and for all purposes of healing and meditation both vitalizing and restful. It is also known for helping with the connection to the higher mind of nature Spirits.

 Eilat Stone: Helps one develop wisdom ,cleanse negativity from the environment
, Environmental and Earth Healing , All purpose healing and spiritual connection
Emotional comfort, sleeping and dream work, Helps one "rise Above" petty issues and move ahead calmly, inspiration and creativity are enhanced as well as aiding in the development  of skills and abilities of all kinds

emeraldEmerald:   successful love, sensitivity and loyalty, opening the heart chakra clearing negativity  from ones life, helps you find personal direction, adds  clarity to emotions,   calm to the heart, successful love, sensitivity and loyalty, abundance, peace, harmony, patience, honesty, for easing depression, insomnia, peaceful dreams, spiritual healing, breath improves the intellect and memory , subtle body healing, strengthens Heart Chakra , abundance, growth,  fidelity, heart, lymph nodes, blood, thymus, pancreas (blood sugar rebalance), labor/delivery, eyesight, and etheric field. Excellent general healer. Ancient blood detoxifier and anti poison.  Emerald was once a much more common wedding stone than the diamond, a harbinger and bringer of love. Many spells and meditations for finding, keeping and being able to give and receive love call upon the energies of Emerald.  Emeralds are great for helping with mental and emotional clarity and sometimes are used in a spell bag for court magic when seeking justice to ensure that truth is seen and justice prevails. You would only use emerald for court magick when you were sure of your causes honesty and rightness and that justice should be on your side. Were you a judge or arbitrar Emerald might be a good choice to wear to dispell confusion and bring truth into light. Emerald a great stone for heart related issues and in those traditions that keep green as the premier Healing color Emerald is THE great healing stone and also the mender of wounded hearts . All true Emerald is flawed there are no perfect flawless emeralds.

Who could ever have too much perception and personal power  Attuning for improvement, awareness, abundance and healing sound like great ideas too. Wonder why it is considered a Gemini stone? I found one list of proprties that makes epidote sound almost like an emetic for cleansing represssed emotions forcefully and finally. T Epidote is a stone of increase and will tend to increase anything   it promotes patience and helps stop  Panic attacks and strengthens the immune system.

fire agateFire agate: grounding ,sexual endeavors. It may also be beneficial in healing problems with  the stomach and endocrine system. helps take the edge off intense emotions.

A Master healer with color therapy, enhances all essences, grounds and balances, sexual & heart chakra binder, burns energy Empowers the will . Typically white with red, red orange . Fire Agate will ground while awaking passion and vitality.  Fire agate is associated with Love in the physical and passionate sense to assist with bringing vitality and fire into a relationship and also to calm and increase security and trust in loving relationships.


blueflourite Fluorite: brings order to chaos , impartiality, discernment and aptitude, increases ability to  concentrate ,and mental clarity,  stabilization, helps in relationships . comes in many colors integrates subtle energies to integrate with normal consciousness ,helps with coordination. Fluorite is said to enhance communication on the astral level and to aid in communication with fairies and elves. In addition to its help with these mystical and metaphysical communication Fluorite may be carried to enhance communication during contract negotiations and during discussions that require clear and logical interactions. Multicolored and blue green fluorite may the first choice for spiritual communication and clear, violet and darker blue fluorite may be the first choice for those situations where mundane logic needs most enhancement.

 Garnet: Invigorating, fertility, menstrual concerns, cramps ,improve circulation, devotion and  commitment. balancing the energy field ,warmth and understanding can help heal  Excessive grief and provide comfort   during times of sorrow. A speedy energizer  increases energy  and tends to enhance the activity of other nearby stones. 
Invigorating, fertility, use for menstrual concerns, cramps ,improve circulation, devotion and  commitment. balancing the energy field ,warmth and understanding .
  It will increase energy wherever it is placed. It will also tend to activate other stones placed nearby.   Because most Garnets are small they are sometimes glued or wire wrapped to the face of a singly terminated clear quartz    point or wand to amplify their energy and   to make it easier to hold or place them in treatments.   Garnet is warming in the sense of helping increase physical vitality, promoting sexual passion, and love in the warm nurturing sense. Strongly associated with blood and with the life flame strengthening the blood and for help with womens physical needs particularly concerning Menstruation. Garnet is known to facilitate Kundilini rising in a more gentle way than some methods and This "serpent fire" energy is a primary agent in psychic heat which enables some of the legendary Lama, Yogi and Shaman etc. to perform feats of endurance.

Gem silica /Chrysocolla : all purpose healer,  heart chakra stone, soothing power , release stress ,balance the emotions, treats  ulcers, digestive problems,  arthritis,  lungs and thyroid, helps instill patience, compassion, tolerance

        Granite : Helps you see and understand the whole issue ,open mindedness, cooperation and diplomacy has been used to help  manifest wealth, and for protection

 Galena: Grounding and centering alignment of energies, harmonizing stone assists holistic
          healing intuitions.

      Hematite: Healing, grounding, mental attunement and calm.
    Herkimer Diamond: enhances communication and understanding of strangers who must work together helps spontaneity stimulates clairvoyance, can assist in telepathic communication

Iceland Spar: (optical clear calcite) helps you relate to the world in a balanced and productive way, Memory, spirituality, bone and muscle problems, amplifies and
 clears the energy field .

Iolite increases imagination and intuitive creativity

        Iron:  mental and emotional balance helps one to release old issues and learn from
Iron Pyrites: "fool's Gold"  cleanses and strengthens, calms digestion, repels  negative energy, protective of  physical, etheric and emotional wellness, can be carried for protection while doing dangerous work, helps develop love, friendship,  strengthens  bones, helps the immune system against  infectious disease.

     Jade:  fidelity, remembering dreams, inner peace, wisdom, problem solving,  kidney complaints and bladder trouble. Wisdom , digestive issues, to aid with sluggish digestion or with acidic conditions and with difficulty with digestion of rich foods. Jade can also be very useful with fertility issues and  with problems with menstruation and or PMS and most other female issues. Jade is used for emotional balancing,  reducing negativity and for building courage.


Jasper: Nurturing, promoting safe astral travel, stabilizes and cleans the aura Healing,
 protection, endurance. Red: Protection, healing, beauty ,grounding and gently activating, Nurturing, promoting safe astral travel, stabilizes and cleans the aura Healing,  protection, endurance, healing, beauty, helps us accept  responsibility, helps us realize our life lessons, protects in situations of danger , said to help heal tissue deterioration ,disorders of the kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver and stomach. Green: Healing, sleep, compassion
Brown: Centering, grounding
          Jet:  Dispel fear, reduce depression, stabilize finances, protection grounding, allieviate grief and depression
       Kunzite: calms increases ability to give and receive love, helps with forgiveness aligns the heart , throat and third eye  chakra, dissolves negativity and raises vibrations in the surrounding area. A pale pink -and or violet stone  shifts emotional debris , helps open the  Etheric heart on the Hara line, opens you to awareness of Spiritual Love  and helps self expression.  calms, increases ability to give and receive love, helps with forgiveness  aligns the heart  ,throat and third eye chakra, dissolves negativity and raises vibrations
in the surrounding area .
    Kyanite: Opens 3rd eye and  blue/throat Chakra. Does not accumulate negative energy, aligns all chakra automatically , with conscious   direction can open all the chakra  and align the subtle bodies, tranquility and calm, Facilitates Meditation  moves blocked energy, reduces inflammations,  calming, clearing, restores equilibrium.  Enhances psychic imagery, foresight, consciousness,   communication. helps with receiving information psychically  helps with manifesting things into reality via thoughts, visualization.  Kyanite is a vibrantly powerful stone of awakening, which can help you achieve the inner peace of the avatar. The peace you find through kyanite is not the transient wimpy kiss, kiss kind, it ultimately leads to the peace of absolute clarity from the position of seeing the truth unhindered by your own and others fears and delusions.

  Labradorite: protects the aura ,helping to keep it clear ,it facilities the transformation of   intuition into intellectual form allowing action ,helps transcend the limitations of the past and move to meet    your destiny. Helps us transcend the limitations of the past and move to meet our destiny. We have done Angel and Fairy meditations with ladradorite and it can also help one tune in to Dolphin messages and energies.  My middle daughter, when she was around 10, found a small labradorite pebble on a sidewalk in front of a pet store in San Bruno Ca. miles from any place one might expect to find it she still has that stone and feels that it helps her with communication, she is somewhat hearing impaired and appreciates the help a lot.

  Lapis Lazuli: assists in receiving access to sacred mysteries and understanding them.  expands awareness   energizes the throat and brow chakra , protection, courage,  powerful stone, releases stresses, enabling experience of deeper peace, stimulates the mind and higher understanding , expands awareness. A grand element for protection aumlets,talismans and charms I've found that children are often drawn to it. It is listed as a mans stone though that does not lesson its value for women and its said to promote mental clarity and precision. It is also said to connect one with celestial realms and God energies all Gods. expands consiousness The indicator is throat and third eye chakra but I feel strongly that lapis is also a stone for the entire energy body and unified chakra it is a powerful stone which releases stresse enabling us to experience of deeper peace. Lapis stimulates the mind and higher understanding ,assists in receiving access to sacred mysteries and understanding them, expands awareness energizes the throat and brow chakra is good for protection and helps up with courage

 Not all Lapis is sprinkled with shining Pyrite like stars in the night sky but that is the classic stone , sacred to Isis used as a cosmetic and paint from ancient times. Some sellers will sell inexpensive sodalite as Lapis. Sodalite is lovely in its own right but it is not Lapis. Lapis is a brighter more royal blue than sodalite which is a darker true indigo blue in good light it is fairly easy to tell them apart. Some Lapis is so full of tarnished Pyrite that it looks like blue jeans and may be offered as Denim Lapis . I have recently received a Lapis heart which I use in laying on of stones and in grids and just to hold my other and oldest personal Lapis companion is a small rough chunk that looks a bit like an arrow to me it is an arrow of truth which placed on the throat helps one speak from spirit the blue and Gold of Lapis is also an ancient stone of Healing and rebirth helping us to a personal resurrection of spirit and a key to entry into the mystic planes at at night.

Larimar: clarity, finding inner wisdom, manifestation, and purging unwanted entities from one's environment.

Lepidolite: A purple Lithium containing Mica stone ( and/or visa versa). Lithium is used extensively in psychiatric medicine for it's calming properties and particularly for treating Bipolar disorder. In Crystal Healing Lepidolite is a powerful and effective anti anxiety stone and will help reduce symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress and decrease anger and depression.

Malachite:  digs out deep feeling,  break unwanted patterns, stimulates physical vision, psychic vision, concentration , lungs, immune system, especially effective with azurite and/or chrysocolla for all healing ,relief of  pain , inflammation, protection from negative energies . treat asthma, toothache,  irregular menstrual periods, and improves one's eyesight.

Moonstone clears emotional tensions,  aids the digestive system  and fluid balance improves intuition, used for women's issues.  Moonstone is also frequently called upon for  spiritual work and assistance facilitation of Meditation and High Self connection, Goddess, Moon and Water Spirit, Dream work and visualizations. . A quintessential Womans' Stone and is called upon for treatment of virtually all female specific conditions including issues of  Menstruation, Menstrual cramps, PMS, and pregnancy issues from conception to morning sickness  through labor and birth and for Menopausal  issues such as Hot flashes and night  sweats Moonstone is a birthing stone in both the physical and the metaphysical sense.
A traditional stone of the Mother and the Mother Goddess it has long been a part of amulets and medicine pouches for ease of childbirth and post birth recovery. It is also used in work to increase nurturing and care taking abilities and to strengthen the mother-child bond. Moonstone is also a birthing stone in the sense of spiritual transformation and re-birthing for assisting with life changes and for creativity and self expression it assists int he work of moving projects of all kinds from dream into reality.   Moonstone is also a primary mood balancing stone assisting with emotional balance and  dealing with stress and anxiety. Moonstone is  called on for cyclical and reoccurring issues whether they are mental. emotional. physical or spiritual.


mossagateMoss Agate:  supports lungs eases breathing difficulties  and helps release stifled emotions ,  brings in the energy of the Natural world. Improves self esteem, emotional balance, strengthens positive traits .

Obsidian: reveals the hidden .grounding,  protecting,. Obsidian is used in pouches and grids to help bring on visions and psychic insight but the most well known way of working with obsidian for divination is the scrying mirror. The scrying mirror a usually convex surface ideally made of polished black obsidian is gazed into/ upon while one seeks to receive visions or information about issues, the future, a present situation or to foretell events , discover hidden knowledge , prophecy, or perception by intuition and instinctive foresight.

Onyx:  grounding and protection , helps align and harmonize the basic self with the High self keeping you grounded and in body while in contact with Source spiritual even while journeying,  Can help with communication with earth deva and your own consciousness of the nurturing support of the Earth.  Helps with concentration and focus on responsibilities. A very good stone for those who tend to "space out" helps with receiving intuitive guidance and interpreting its practical application helps call in needed energies for you. also used for treating health  issues involving  bone marrow , soft tissue, the feet.

Opal:    A white crystal which forms in microscopic globules with a high water content   creating an amazing interplay of color, Opal develops joy, intuition and  creativity, diversifies or scatters, amplifies traits, balances energies ,works with the
emotions, beauty of spirit, can enhance the gift of prophecy (due to a Sir Walter Scott  novel is sometimes considered a unlucky stone except for those born in October ). Oregon Opal will assist with communication of all kinds and levels. A subtle stone which can help you find and express your inner knowing and facilitate communication between the different parts of your being letting you know and resolve your own hidden secrets. Oregon Opal is a teachers stone and may be kept in a classroom to help with the communication and understanding of information between students and teachers. Oregon Opal promotes flexibility and open mindedness and helps one understand all sides of an issue and see solutions to conflict.

Peridot:  cleanses the subtle bodies,  motivates growth and needed change, growth, openness. strengthening,  prosperity,  indigestion, heals hurt feelings, helps bruised eyes  and repairs damaged relationships. Peridot is used to facilitate the birthing process for stimulating contractions and encouraging the opening of the birth canal.

Quartz: All purpose ,amplifies other energies, strengthens, makes energy more coherent,  enhances all subtle energy systems of the body conducive to harmony.  Quartz crystal balls are the traditional device of fortune tellers and everyone has seen images of crystal gazers reading from the crystal sphere. Quartz has the capacity to assist seekers in scrying and other divination. The specific shape of the ball and the technique of scrying /gazing is part of the myth and mystique but the quartz adds energy to the process. Crystal balls are in effect meditation tools that are used as a focus to help reach the mental openness  that allows the reader to perceive information. 

The absolute essential, Most all purpose crystal of all time. Quartz crystal You da Man! Any the other kinds of crystal must be identified by name. When someone just says crystal, quartz is the crystal they mean.
This is the real deal, not cut glass imitations though those are cool for fung shui, Energy medicine and color healing work. One is not enough. Though one may often be plenty. Individual quartz points are the most worked with.
Each crystal whether a single point or a cluster is an individual with its own story and mission. One crystal may move through the hands of many people and share information and energy with each and for each have a completely unique sharing. Some Laugh at the idea of consciousness in the crystal and the consciousness of the stone is different than how we ephermal illusions of embodied humans experience it. One single crystal may give one person an instant of joy, of discovery one person the promise of abundance, another a vision that may explain to that person their own history in terms of eternity then pass to a child to offer laughter and calm, may then be held in passing by some one who needs and receives healing , then move to another child and awaken her gift of seeing and hearing the spirits teaching one the value of gifting along the way and another of science and form, then be given to comfort the grieving at a deathbed and from from there move on to gift and bring light and healing or meditations focus to many other for here as this single crystal which once I held passes from person to 
person. All the crystal that have come out to be among us may have as many and more stories and missions and healings to share.

Rhodenite:  is a salmon pink often with black areas works with the practical aspects of our feelings and has a greater grounding effect than other pink stones, Helps expression of  confidence , love , calms , protects against   nightmares, eases stress, heals the emotional pain of  loss , said to assist healing and acceptance of hearing problems   and enhances vocalizations such as  chanting, toning , singing ,mantras. increases optimism. Can help us in  becoming aware of suppressed feelings and thoughts  which impede us from living in unconditional love and calmness.

Rhodocrosite: often  a banded stone, helps improve self image and self worth helps mental & emotional balance,  loving stone for heart center, helps with giving and receiving love,  for loneliness,  fear, insecurities, self-forgiveness.  Rhodochrosite is a premier love stone, bringing love and compassion into relationships this is also a stone which promotes divine love and self acceptance. A more grounding stone than many stones used as love stones Rodochrosite helps keep love real and supports deeper relationships that endure beyond the first blush of infatuation.

For years I just was not very interested or attracted to Rhodochosite, it never called out or spoke to me. It just was a more solid love stone than called out to me I worked more with Rose Quartz , Kunzite and jade.

Sometimes a person would come over and be drawn to work with the piece or two I had Other than holding one stone occasionally because it carried some memories of someones' sea side stroll and was one of the easiest stones to demonstrate clear and restore functions with I left it alone. Over the last year and a half Rhodochrosite has more actively come into my life. I got the call from three lovely pink CRYSTALS, then a lovely free form cabochon and a small holed piece came with an expanded healing set . The crystals are deeply healing and cheerful in their energy .Quite different in feeling and personality than the massive ( type not size) stones I'd always encountered before.   I think one of the reasons they have come forward now is because my youngest daughter has passed through the active healing of her fractured 4th Lumbar vertebre but sometimes has pain in her leg and back from the minor nerve damage that did occur . The Rhodochrosite in all its forms has been dramaticaly effective for ending pain and is very soothing whether we do actual layng on or use holding one ofthe remote methods. We are also working with these stones on bringing stability to some relationships and to deal with some transitions in everyones lives


clear rose quartzRose  Quartz  : calming and reassuring powerful effect on releasing repressed emotions gently nurturing and protective, bring in  love energy, increase self love ,balances yin yang energy, promotes  peacefulness, nurtures relationships. helps healing of the heart. helps us recognize  beauty in art, music , gently removes negativity, helps the ability to give and receive love, effective for  treatment of depression.

Ruby: energizing and balancing a major heart healer as well as  a stone of survival , restorative. strengthens physical body, emotional healing , love, confidence, vitality, stamina, courage,  strength, leadership, stimulates circulation, earth healing .

Rutilated quartz :good for moving healing energy  and working to heal  broken or damaged tissues. Rutilated Quartz acts as a dynamic force to root out out inner negativity and fill the space with light. Very good at preventing and removing depression and increasing self reliance. Strongly protective, amplifies the effects of other stones repels and shield against negative energy May even dissolve and transmute it. Rutilated Quartz also stabilizes the energy body and immune system.

Sapphire: relaxes and improves the  mind balances all aspects of self. helps promote inner peace,  soothes grief and  emotional distress. helps with the opening of the higher spiritual intuition, connects with divine light. 

Selenite: removes emotional turmoil and confusion clarifies awareness and helps you reach higher states of consciousness used to protect against EMF. treat cancer, pain-relief ,anti inflammatory, stabilize epilepsy, mental focus, growth, luck, immunity, kundalini. keeper  of ancient information.

Silver: has been associated with the Subconscious and with the mysteries of the moon and water since ancient times. Silver is a symbol of astral travel and the emotional body, a link to the dimensions of fairy and a guide to help us reach and retrieve our subconscious wisdom and connect with the ambient wisdom of the beings and universe around us. 

Sodalite: calms the mind and allows new information to be received,  communication ,writing , logic, balances energy , enhances working of   thyroid, pituitary, lymph glands relieves  insomnia, cooling  for infections.

Sapphire: relaxes and improves the  mind balances all aspects of self

Smoky Quartz:  grounding, protective, helps dissolve negative states, does  deep cleansing of negative thought forms,  balancing,  can be a valuable meditation stone, release emotional blockages,   helps maintain  protective energy  shields and filters , eases  congestion, and  helps  relieve pain in the hands and feet.
  Stibnite:Years ago I got my first peice of Stibnite at a rather odd little pawnshop in San Bruno Ca. It was and is a cluster of blades that reminds me of a full rigged sailing ship of yore. For a long time I had this by my computer as it is one of the stones that is a mentor and protector of communication and modern technology as well as being a lead containing shield and one of those stones that is both grounding and an anchor to lead to deeper states of meditation and spiritual travel while remaining and retaining and the ability to navigate the planes and find your way home without falling prey to the hazards of navigation.

Sugulite: helps with resolving conflict  personal difficulties and  helps group harmony

Sunstone: reduction of  fear of all kinds ,   re-vitalizing  life force energy, mental and
          emotional clarity , experiencing joy.

Tiger's Eye:  speeds up energy flow and anchors subtle changes into the physical body. grounding , tonic, combines  sun and earth. promotes optimism, insight, personal  power, used for protection, solar plexus stone, eye problems, improves  perception,  courage, promotes  transformation and  inner knowledge. manifesting. Tiger's Eye is one of the most well known stones for grounding and protection, The shimmering patterns of golds and browns in yellow or golden tigers eye are evocative of the warm stable energy of the Earth. These stones are grounding in a warm substantial way that bring us into harmony with the Earth and the Animal and nature at harvest and rest as in Summers' end and Autumn. Tigers' Eye gives us a sense of security and abundance with its stable and honest and confident energies.
Tigers Eye is often used to bolter the spirit,  increasing  will power, courage and self assertiveness  by and while reducing fears and anxiety. These attributes also make it useful as an adjunct to treatment of drug issues.
    Tigers Eye can be called on for help with various respiratory conditions from simple congestion to asthma and allergies through such severe conditions such as  Emphysema and Cystic Fibrosis. Tigers Eye is a stone I have used for spinal issues both for bone and disk mending and for neural strengthening  promoting spinal cord nerve damage limitation and  recovery . Tigers Eye seems to work particularly well in remote work  which makes it a strong asset  for many challenging conditions.

 Blue Tigers Eye is  a great de-stressing stone, I guess it is grounding and it definitely does help with intuition and psychic development . I think of this as an "age of aquarius" and Mercury stone, even if that is not an official corespondence. There is something about BTE that contributes to the ability to remain calm while dealing with many different complex tasks . It is a stone I sometimes call on when I need to finish an article or work my way through a legal document. To me there is something about it that facillitates the translation of mystic and obscure information into clear more easily understood form. Blue Tigers eye also feels very sophisticated to me, evocative of the ambiance of an evening in Paris or some romantic jazz age rendezvous.

Topaz: clearing ,  mental clarity, focus, ease worries, fears ,mood swings, insomnia. Topaz : protection,  highly energizing and warming,  stimulates  intellect and aids abstract
  thinking  helps reduce negativity, exhaustion, and tension.  increases blood circulation,  used to treat liver, kidney, gall bladder , endocrine glands, sexual dysfunction. can  relieve   pain associated with arthritis and rheumatism.

Turquoise : supportive and protective, strengthens the subtle body, heals the spirit, soothing,  increases contentment,  grounding during meditation and spiritual activity, used to protect against accidents. a talisman of  strength and protection for astral travel and spiritual journey, A powerful healing stone for emotional, mental and physical problems. hypersensitivity , mental calm ,general meditation

Tourmaline:  Schorl (black) protective ,grounding , realigns physical problems involving skeleton and muscles. Black Tourmaline is one of the most well known stones for shielding from negativity in surroundings and emotions. This stone is said to absorb the negative energy rather than repel or transmute it therefore it should be cleared often.

Tourmalinated Quartz :  Creates a balance of light and darkness, breaks negative habit patterns, transforms  negative energies.

Vanadinite: I've only seen Vanadanite in tiny crystal druse on matrix yet even these tiny crystals pack a real punch for warming in both the emotional and physical sense. One may hold a stone with this and invoke the warmth of fire to call in energy that will help with physical warmth. Emotional warmth is addressed by its ability to improves and facilitate sociability. Vanadinite also helps conserve energy and enhance the function of the lungs.

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