Properties of  Some   Stones by Color

colored stones
~ Red ~  stimulates ,activates and energizes   it is associated with the first or base chakra action ,
activity, practical skills,  survival, motivation, protection.
There do not seem to be all that many commonly available red stones

Garnet:  a speedy energizer  increases energy  and tends to enhance the activity of other nearby stones
Invigorating, fertility, menstrual concerns, cramps ,improve circulation, devotion and  commitment.
balancing the energy field ,warmth and understanding can help heal excessive grief and provide comfort
during times of sorrow

Red Jasper: grounding and gently activating, Nurturing, promoting safe astral travel, stabilizes and cleans the aura Healing,  protection, endurance, healing, beauty, helps us accept  responsibility, helps us realize our life lessons, protects in situations of danger , said to help heal tissue deterioration,disorders of the kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver and stomach.

Ruby: energizing and balancing a major heart healer as well as  a stone of survival , restorative.
strengthens physical body, emotional healing , love, confidence, vitality, stamina, courage,  strength,
leadership, stimulates circulation, earth healing .

~ Pink ~ is a gentler octave of the red mixed with white and  related to both the first chakra and the
heart chakra It is a subtle mover causing action without overt force  Pink helps to bring emotional
balance and sensitivity into daily life.

 Rose quartz : calming and reassuring powerful effect on releasing repressed emotions
gently nurturing and protective, bring in  love energy, increase self-love ,balances yin-yang energy,
promotes  peacefulness, nurtures relationships. helps healing of the heart. helps us recognize  beauty in
art, music , gently removes negativity, helps the ability to give and receive love, effective for  treatment
of depression.

 Rhodenite:  is a salmon pink often with black areas works with the practical aspects of our feelings and
has a greater grounding effect than other pink stones, Helps expression of  confidence , love , calms ,
protects against   nightmares, eases stress, heals the emotional pain of  loss , said to assist healing and
acceptance of hearing problems
 and enhances vocalizations such as  chanting, toning , singing ,mantras. increases optimism.

Kunzite: is  a pale pink -and or violets stone  shifts emotional debris , helps open the  Etheric heart on
the Hara line, opens you to awareness of Spiritual Love  and helps self expression.  calms, increases
ability to give and receive love, helps with forgiveness aligns the heart  ,throat and third eye chakra,
dissolves negativity and raises vibrations in the surrounding area

Rhodocrosite: often  a banded stone, helps improve self image and self worth helps mental & emotional
balance,  loving stone for heart center, helps with giving and receiving love,  for loneliness,  fear,

~ Orange ~ is a mix of red and  yellow and combines energizing with focussing qualities.  associated
with the second chakra and with the flow of  energy and information throughout the entire being
Creativity Artistic expression tribal or group identification  flow

Carnelian: a stone of vitality of value in healing, warming and energizing Protects against being overcome by fear and sorrow, helps physical strength, sexual   energy, love, dispels apathy, used to treat allergies , colds, gall and kidney stones ,spine ,to heal cut and   abrasions.

Orange calcite  encourages potential orange to uplift the spirit and bring joy

Dark Citrine  gentle grounding balanced stimulation  brings out creative skills.

Topaz : clearing ,  mental clarity, focus,ease worries, fears ,mood swings, insomnia,

Copper revitalizing

~ Yellow ~ relates to Solar plexus Chakra  the nervous system digestive and immune systems . ability
to discriminate and identify.  stress, fear, happiness, are effected by yellow
Amber: beneficial to the nervous system  and self healing  promotes healing by  transmuting negative
energy into positive energy it is calming and cheering and promotes active intellect in  harmony with love
and  compassion in daily life. and is used to promote honesty and purify and clear  rooms.

Rutilated quartz :good for moving healing energy  and working to heal  broken or damaged tissues

Tiger's Eye:  speeds up energy flow and anchors subtle changes into the physical body

Citrine:  helps keeps the mind clear and focused ,balancing and aligning chakra , mental clarity,
memory, personal power,  group unity ,  problem solving, will power, optimism,
confidence, self-discipline, digestion, reduces anxiety ,fear , depression.

Iron Pyrites: "fool's Gold"  cleanses and strengthens, calms digestion, repels  negative energy, protective
of  physical, etheric and emotional wellness, can be carried for protection while doing dangerous work,
helps develop love, friendship,  strengthens
bones, helps the immune system against  infectious disease.

~Green~ heart chakra  middle of the spectrum  Emotions and relationships are balanced  growth and
personal awareness are encourages by green

Green Aventurine:  heart balance,  helps easy expression of feelings, balances male female energies,
activates and clears the heart, protects against psychic  vampires”, enhances creativity,  and  pioneering
spirit, unconditional love and for the heart , lungs ,muscles and emotional  healing. of “heartbreak”

Malachite:  digs out deep feeling,  break unwanted patterns, stimulates physical vision, psychic vision,
concentration , lungs, immune system,especially effective with azuriteand/or chrysocolla for all healing,
relief of  pain , inflammation, protection from negative energies .

Bloodstone:  green with red flecks for  an active balance of energy and calm ,stimulates emotional
growth, benefits the heart and circulation, being in the now, centering and grounding , blood disorders,

Amazonite: calms and balances the emotions  and helps throat and lung problems helps calm the
emotions and soothes the nerves, helps the throat and heart chakra

Moss Agate:  supports lungs eases breathing difficulties  and helps release stifled emotions ,  brings in
the energy of the Natural world. Improves self-esteem, emotional balance, strengthens positive traits .

Peridot:  cleanses the subtle bodies,  motivates growth and needed change, growth, openness.
strengthening,  prosperity,

Emerald: helps you find personal direction  clarity to emotions,  and calm to the heart, successful love,
sensitivity and loyalty, opening the heart chakra, clearing negativity
from ones life , abundance, peace, harmony, patience, honesty, for  easing depression, insomnia,
peaceful dreams, spiritual healing, breath.

Dioptase: clears and stimulates all chakra to a higher level of awareness and action promotes ability  to
live in the moment a   very powerful and beautiful soft emerald green stone for spiritual attunement and
releasing past life trauma also   for pain relief and cellular healing.

Jade:  fidelity, remembering dreams, inner peace, wisdom, problem solving

~ Light Blue ~
Throat Chakra, communication of all kinds using sight ,voice ,color taste ,smell all senses, your
thoughts, our ability to express and understand emotions .

Aquamarine:  stimulates healing  improves confidence and the ability to stand fast, helps the flow of
communication, stimulates the intellect and  stabilizes the emotions , helps
 connect with the higher self and Spirit, aligns chakras and the energetic system, for self
understanding, compassion,  understanding and tolerance, communication, glands throat teeth , and
vision, throat  chakra.

Turquoise :supportive and protective, strengthens the subtle body,  heals the spirit, soothing,  increases
contentment,  grounding during  meditation and spiritual activity, used to protect against accidents. a
talisman of  strength and protection for astral travel and spiritual journey, A powerful healing stone for
emotional, mental and physical problems.

Blue lace agate:  soothes and calms, speeds thought processes, helps one to reach high spiritual
awareness and has an inspirational  effect.

Celestite  dream work lifts   mood  helps throat problems and with spiritual communication.

~ Indigo ~ brow chakra ,perception, understanding and intuition are qualities promote deep peace and
spiritual connection.

Lapis Lazuli: powerful stone, releases stresses, enabling experience of deeper peace,
stimulates the mind and higher understanding ,.assists in receiving access to sacred mysteries and
understanding them. expands awareness energizes the throat and brow chakra , protection, courage

Sodalite: calms the mind and allows new information to be received,  communication ,writing , logic,
balances energy , enhances working of   thyroid, pituitary, lymph glands
relieves  insomnia, cooling  for infections.

Kyanite: moves blocked energy, reduces inflammations,  calming, clearing, restores equilibrium, aligns
all chakra automatically ,with conscious direction can open the chakra and align the subtle bodies,
tranquility and calm, facilitates meditation

Azurite: frees up difficult  long standing blocks in communication,    reveals what is stopping us from
living to out fullest potential , stimulates memory and recall,  Insight, spirituality, psychic abilities ,
communicate with spirit guides, and clears blocks in
the energy system.

Sapphire: relaxes and improves the  mind balances all aspects of self

~ Violet ~ associated with the crown chakra,  Inspiration, .imagination ,empathy and the sense  of
service to others  rebalances extremes with in the body
Amethyst :A very useful all purpose healing crystal  and good for meditation calms  and allows higher
perception gentle, and powerful protectors against negative energies.   increase common sense, remove
unwanted  energies, heal skeletal  disorders, and for hearing problems, for sleep and for headaches
while it calms most   people, it can over stimulate  some people such as A.D.D. children also used to
help in overcoming alcoholism, and for   psychic opening.

Fluorite:  integrates subtle energies to integrate with normal consciousness ,helps with coordination
brings order to chaos , impartiality, discernment and aptitude, increases ability to  concentrate ,and
mental clarity ,   stabilization, helps in relationships .

Sugulite: helps with resolving conflict  personal difficulties and  helps group harmony
Iolite increases imagination and intuitive creativity

White crown chakra  universality ,clarity  wholeness and reflection  clarity cleansing and purification

Clear Quartz: strengthens, makes energy more coherent,  enhances all subtle energy systems of the
body  conducive to harmony
Herkimer Diamond:  enhances communication and understanding of strangers who must work together,
helps spontaneity, stimulates

Iceland Spar: (optical clear calcite) helps you relate to the world in a balanced and productive way,
Memory, spirituality, bone and muscle problems, amplifies and
 clears the energy field .

Moonstone clears emotional tensions  aids the digestive system  and fluid balance

Selenite: removes emotional turmoil and confusion clarifies awareness and help you reach higher states
of consciousness

Diamond: brings out loving qualities and is a symbol of the process of enlightenment helps connect  with
angels and Deva .

Black absorbs light  reveals hidden potential solidifying and manifesting , grounding

Smoky Quartz:  grounding, protective, helps dissolve negative states, does  deep cleansing of negative
thought forms,  balancing,  can be a valuable meditation stone, release emotional blockages,   helps
maintain  protective energy  shields and filters ,
eases  congestion, and  helps  relieve pain in the hands and feet.

Obsidian: reveals the hidden

Tourmaline:  Schorl (black) protective ,grounding , realigns physical problems involving skeleton and

Hematite:  Healing, grounding, mental attunement and calm. helps with assimilation of needed minerals
and energies, supportive
 Iron:  mental and emotional balance helps one to release old issues and learn from
experience .
Onyx : grounding and protection , helps align and harmonize the basic self with the High self keeping
you grounded and in body while in contact with Source spiritual even while journeying,  Can help with
communication with earth deva and your own consciousness of the  nurturing support of the Earth.
Helps with concentration and focus on responcabilities. A very good stone for those who tend to
"space out" helps with receiving intuitive guidance and interpreting its practical application helps call in
needed energies for you. also used for treating health  issues involving  bone marrow ,soft tissue, the
feet.  has a reputation for absorbing deflecting negative energies and needs to be cleared often.

Multicolored stones
opal  harmonizes chakras  promotes emotional balance

Azurite Malachite helps with expressing emotions  and needs  clears deep imbalances

Labradorite  deflects unwanted energies protects the aura ,helping to keep it clear ,it facilities the
transformation of  intuition into intellectual   form allowing action ,helps transcend the limitations of the
past and move to meet  your destiny

Hawks Eye throat , brow ,chakras enhances flow of information and energies
Ametrine balances mind  and the emotions

Crystal properties by name   Crystal properties by purpose  Crystal properties by color

Birthstones  day, Chinese year, month & hour stones   Rune and stone corespondenses

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